The Young and the Restless Tuesday’s Preview

Jill really bet on the wrong horse when she had Cane as CEO of Jabot….. She really should’ve had Billy because the boy is sharper than cheddar cheese!

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    I like how the show has completely forgotten about those other Abbott’s, you know… Jack’s sons Kyle & Keemo. How come they’re never around when all this juicy Jabot drama goes down??

    The show should at least bring them back so they can back up their old man whenever those Newmans or whoever is against him!

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    Jillian Bowe

    Oh FierceBish, I do think that they should bring back Kyle and Keemo… I don’t get why they’d rather shove Eden and Noah down our throats than have Jack’s sons come on… This’s my tiny pet peeve of Y&R’s. They are firing on all cylinders lately but Jack’s missing children, along with Nate MIA, Scott Granger and the borefest of Noah and Eden are the only things that Y&R’s slow motioning on.. Can you imagine Keemo and Nick in the war with Jack and Victor?

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    I agree Luke…Billy and Chloe are awesome and I so want them to ditch Cane and Lily and hook with eachother. They are two little devious peas-in-a-pod and their sparring with eachother is so entertaining. They remind me a little bit of Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl. Billy and Lily bore me to tears–she just sucks the life out of bad boy Billy. Chloe manages to keep her spunk up around Cane, but I would hate to see her get all motherly nice with him. That would be such a waste.

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    I F’LOVE Billy Miller as Billy Abbott, whoever got the credit for casting him was a genius! Liz H. as well!! They were very much needed in this weak younger cast. If they’d only get rid of the Aussileen, then we’d have a much improved younger cast.

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