BREAKING NEWS: T.R Knight Wants OUT of Grey’s Anatomy!!

This just in. Michael Ausiello is reporting that several sources have come forward saying T.R. Knight has asked to be let out of his contract at the weekly shark jumping fest that has become Grey’s Anatomy! With Knight’s costar and real life besty Katherine Heigl’s future also in jeopardy, not to mention the bat shit crazy storytelling this season and reduced ratings, Shonda Rhimes’ show has quickly gone from azucar to fecal matter!

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    I agree, may be her evil twin is writing this year, because it is really not the same.
    George is underused.
    Izzy is in lalaland.
    Alex is boring.
    Mer-Der barely seen.
    Just weird!

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    Ever since Grizzie it’s been down hill for both George and Izzie. George was supposed to be the lovable loser that you rooted for not a philandering idiot and Izzie was supposed to be the intern w/ a heart of gold not a home-wrecking, heart stealing, ghost sex having, I Want My Emmy shrew!

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    This makes me a little disappointed in TR. I hate it when actors decided that they are too good for the show that made them famous, particularly when they do it in an unprofessional manner as this. Walking off the set, not showing up for table reads, etc. disrupts the entire production and makes the jobs of writers, stagehands, directors, etc. that much harder.

    I agree the show has not been that great this year (though I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s become ‘fecal matter’) but it’s not up to the actors who are contractually obligated to work on the show–and recently got huge pay raises to do it–to just decide they are done and put the whole production in a pickle.

    Not to mention I really hope TR knows what he is doing professionally. There are many examples of actors leaving shows like this only to have their careers disappear afterwards or at least go away for a long, long time (Sherry Stringfield and David Caruso, I’m looking at you both).

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    kerfuffles also had a post about it yesterday citing some other sources and Eonline had a blind item pointing to him last week as well, so I agree it seems pretty credible.

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    Courtney fan4life

    UPDATE: A Grey’s rep tells these rumors are not true. Says rep, “T.R. has never walked off set in the middle of filming. He attended the table read today and will be shooting this week, like any other week of production.”

    Hmm so I dont know but either way i wont care.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Yeah all sides are now denying the walk out, but now EW and Huffington are saying he is negotiating with Rhimes to be let out of his contract and she is likely to let him go. I love George, but he doesn’t make or break the show for me, however, with all the other bad press, the ratings erosion, the drama with Heigl and the ridiculous storylines, it is definitely indicative that there are major problems at Seattle Grace.

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    Regan Cellura

    The sad part about it all is that he’s a really good actor. I love him as George, I know some of you are not fans but I think he and Hiegl are both really good. It’s sad that this stuff tarnishes them for the fans.

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    Agree with Jamey, Ausiello is usually on the money about this stuff. If TR wants out let him go. I only wish he would take Heigl with him. They are both talented actors, but the character of George is grossly underused and I’m starting to not like him due his treatment of Lexie. Ms. Heigl just needs to take her attitude elsewhere if she can’t remember that the show is called Grey’s Anatomy. I’m right there with you kerfuffles. Let these two remember the name David Caruso. I bet he would have some sage words of advice for them.

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    Luke Kerr

    I don’t understand how TR asking to be let out of his contract is selfish. He’s not a leading man with tons of movie prospects. He’s not a McSteamy or McDreamy type “hunk.” Unless he already has something lined up, and in this economy and with a SAG strike as a possiblity this is career suicide if he’s just doing it because he’s not getting enough airtime.

    Maybe wanting more airtime is selfish but in comparison to his co-stars he hasn’t had as much. Now if this was Heigel, who I love, I’d say it would be selfish becuase she gets tons of air time and front burner storylines. George doesn’t.

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    I think Ken Corday is consulting.

    Funny I thought it might be Frons.

    Also, I can only imagine what David Caruso’s advice would be. Think twice before leaving a hit show or you might end up w/ a failed movie career and a job on the 7th spinoff of a popular crime show where all you do is put on sunglasses.

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    luke, put me in the minority, but i believe IW’s side of the story regarding the whole mess. i thinks IW made a butt of himself after the initial event, but i still believe him. so to have gone through that whole deal and now want out seems selfish to me.

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    Luke, my comments about TK were based on the article and the eonline blind item saying that he had been walking off the set and not showing up for line readings and generally acting like he was on strike because he wanted off the show. Though I did not specifically call him selfish, I think if these are reports are true then his conduct is quite inconsiderate if not downright selfish.

    Also, according to the eonline blind item, he was not getting much airtime because of his disagreements with writers, not the other way around. The writers were having to edit out his storlines because TRK supposedly was not cooperating. I’m sure TRK has is own side of the story, though, and maybe he has just cause for it.

    At the end of the day, I’m just bummed that George won’t be a character on the show anymore. He was one of my favorites.

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    Could you handle a Burke/Christina/McRambo triangle or would that just make your mind explode in awesomeness? lol

    It would be too hot to handle!:P Just as long as it’s a triangle that involves three living people.

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    “Also, I can only imagine what David Caruso’s advice would be. Think twice before leaving a hit show or you might end up w/ a failed movie career and a job on the 7th spinoff of a popular crime show where all you do is put on sunglasses.”

    Season, you forgot doing the ‘John Black’ stare too!

    The whole Izzie/Denny dead sex thing is a little weird, but how McSteamy and Lexie? Now THAT is some hotness!!!

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    you forgot doing the ‘John Black’ stare too!


    I loved Izzie and Denny before the whole death becomes him / I screw dead people aneurysm s/l. The jury is still out for me when it comes to Sloan and Lexie. I liked them in the beginning but now that they’re sleeping together I wonder. Although, the fall out when it finally comes out should be interesting.

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