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Here’s the Scoop! 12.09.08

Totally forgot to talk about Tracy and Luke yesterday. While I would be all for a Tracy/Luke/Laura triangle I am not so sure I am liking the latest storyline for Jane and Tony. I always love their banter but this is Luke Spencer, I feel like he should be doing more than chasing his wife to the Dominican to stop a speedy divorce. Although this has given me the opportunity to once again call out the GH writers. Remember when you sent Carly to the Domincan to get a speedy divorce from Sonny? We learned then that the Domincan is no longer your source for a quick end to your marriage. Now, I MAY be a little premature as the LATEST SPOILERS say that while Tracy tells Luke she’s already been granted the divorce, it’s a bluff and Luke SHOULD be getting the opportunity to call her on it.

Roomies! Yep Lulu and Maxie will be roomies. We saw Mac give Spinelli another piece of his mind yesterday. Love it when they bring John J. York out and dust him off but I loved the last time Mac gave Spinelli a smack down out of fear for Maxie. Now it’s just being repetitive. What we SHOULD be seeing next is Mac telling Maxie either stay clear of all things mob related or get out. And that’s exactly what she does. She moves out. Lulu wants her freedom as well and moves out of the Q’s and in with Maxie. Throw Johnny and Spinelli into the mix and maybe these four should go searching for their own reality show.

We’ve been telling you a Jasam reunion is on the horizon. Will Lucky and Elizabeth follow? I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. RUMORS say we’ll see some movement in LuSam’s relationship intially. BUT the writing SHOULD be on the wall for these two when Lucky feels he can’t keep up with Sam’s need for the rush of danger. You all know my love of Liason has me a tad upset over Frons’ need to play writer. It’s not my sole reason however. PROGRAMMING NOTE: Rebecca Herbst is going on vacay so we SHOULDN’T be seeing her the week of the 15th.

Yesterday I dropped a possible Sam dream sequence in the RANDOM and CRAZY section. It APPEARS that once again originality is not a trait possessed by the GH writing staff. Didn’t we just have an entire episode devoted to Patrick’s dream? And while these little dream vignettes have become part of Spinelli’s quirk, they are now starting to become overdone. Sam will have her dreams or what some are calling hallucinations while she is trapped at the bottom of a pit with her bum hip. Does Sasha know where Sam is? Will she play let’s make a deal with Jason?

Olivia is bleeding all over Sonny’s sofa and the latest Mrs. Corinthos is not happy about it. When Sonny wants to call Dante, Patrick tells him not to. I’m not sure how I feel about Patrick being thrusted into the mob set as he and Robin seemed to be the only ones unscathed by the all mob all the time mentality. Why would Sonny want to call Dante? More plot points because we all know what Sonny doesn’t? RUMORS say Olivia MAY be the next tenant at Greystone.

What will Jerry being doing when he pops back in? Torturing others. RUMORS have had him going after Sam and the LATEST is that he will put the fear in Claudia as well. He knows she was behind Michael’s shooting.

Jason and Sonny… Rivals? Friends? What will happen to what I like to call Guza’s greatest pairing ever? Be sure to insert sarcasm as needed. While the former partners and friends will be at odds it APPEARS that the deal offered to Jason will be one he turns down because he won’t turn on Sonny.

Scrubs… Wedding and Baby Blues. Robin and Baby Emma SHOULD be A-Ok soon.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Like I said, the writing’s on the wall. RUMORS have Elizabeth telling Lucky that Sam can not be around the boys as long as she’s running after the Russian Mob. These RUMORS say Lucky agrees. Matt and Elizabeth RUMORS still persist. That scene with Matt and Cam COULD have been a precursor to this. What about M&M? When Jason Cook joined the cast we all ASSUMED Frons was trying to recreate the magic that was Shawn and Belle on Days of Our Lives. M&M SHOULD still be teased and there are RUMORS that eventually Matt will be in a triangle with Spixie. Elizabeth in a triangle? That’s a RUMOR out there. Another Gala thrown by Nikolas Cassadine?

RUMBLINGS still say that Maurice Benard has re-signed with the show. Also still out there is that Megan Ward will be leaving in 2009.

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    Can’t beleive it but I have nothing to say. GH is off my DVR, i did catch a liitle on soapnet last night when I couldn’t sleep, still say SB is way off, he is just not with it like he usaullsy is. Las t year when Jake was kidnapped and he held that baby it was great, yesterday he did not seem like he really cared. What do you guys think?

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    Sorry wasn’t on yesterday , I had a migraine, thats was so annoying………..
    Probably the reason was reading the Spoilers…….

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    Regan Cellura

    What’s coming up is migraine inducing IMO… LOL!

    In regards to Steve’s performance yesterday… I actually thought he was fantastic. I know people get annoyed with his acting with his eyes but I thought it was done very well.

  4. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    STEVE did a good job, his eyes watering on the car ride to liz’s house was so sad.

    Its like he was happy to have his son but than also knowing he was gonna have to give him up :(

    I HATE BOOZA !!!!!!!!! GH SUCKS RIGHT NOW !!!!!

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    I am sorry to say I am turning off the TIVO taping for GH. I was hoping the writers would go in a new direction. Instead of making Elizabeth such a wimp I would have hoped this would have sparked her into action. I was hoping she would get a backbone and really come out with a stronger personality. One that would match Jason and make them the “New Power Couple”.

    Why don’t the writers just change the name to “Shady Brook Inn”? Do all the females need to suffer mental lapses.

    There are plenty of places to go with Sam other than back to Jason. Who is her father? Why were all her past indiscretions dropped.

    Jason and Elizabeth could be together if she stepped it up. If one of my kids were taken – MOVE OUT OF THE WAY….. The whole story is becoming silly.


  6. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I think GH is the reason for our migraine’s!
    Do you think I can Sue GH’s Frons and Guzza for my migraine , I can ask Diane ………

    I Felt that Steve was graet with Jason holding his son , we know it will be the last time..
    So He did a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Profile photo of ahanshew

    “In regards to Steve’s performance yesterday… I actually thought he was fantastic. I know people get annoyed with his acting with his eyes but I thought it was done very well.”

    Regan, I ditto this completely. You could just feel the anguish in Jason. He realizes what a mess he has made.

  8. Profile photo of blackjack21

    not a fan of liz, but i think that picture of RH is just beautiful. stunning really.

    as a huge sam/jason fan – i don’t want them rushed back together. i want a friendship. i agree with liasonaddict (i know shocking). i could see jason commiserating with sam about not being with jake and sam feeling badly that she can’t shake her danger habit. that i want to see. not rushed romance for any of the four. open them up. that worked when courtney went with jax which ultimately led to carly and jax, who i like.

  9. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I know many Jasam fans have said the same thing… they don’t want it rushed. Unfortunately, that’s what I see happening. Remember, Frons is doing this because he thinks its what will improve ratings and I don’t see him giving their reunion the time the fans want.

  10. Profile photo of allikat

    This show is pathetic. They completely rewrote Liason’s history and dynamic yesterday……yes, Lucky, Jason is Liz’s “drug of choice”. Lucky is such a tool – I know he’s making up for the horses ass he made out of himself last time Jake was kidnapped and trying to be supportive, but was I the only one yelling to STFU? I’m over this whole thing. Migraines, hangovers, stomach ulcers – those are my Christmas presents from GH this year…..

    I obviously cannot speak for all Liason fans, but speaking for myself I don’t think that Sam is the reason that Liason isn’t happening. Liason hasn’t been “happening” for a very long time now and during that time Sam didn’t even enter the equation. The difference being now is that Frons has picked his flavor of the month, Sam, and she is being shoved back into Jason’s orbit which is a place she hasn’t been in a very long time. Liason isn’t happening because it would require more than plot point writing and for the writers to actual formulate a long term plan for Jason’s redemption in life, owning his actions and making an earnest effort to better himself for his family. It wouldn’t be simple, there wouldn’t be a grand explosion and there might not be the quota body count that we have come to expect from a Jason driven storyline. I think that scares the hell out of Guza. That a story might actually be driven by emotions and inner demons rather than a Russian with a gun or another child snatched or shot. It’s not flashy, it’s not over the top so I am assured it will never happen, at least not on this show. With ratings dwindling they are looking for a quick fix. Unfortunately the kind of story that COULD be told with Liason would not be quick, would require depth and would have to be dialogue and emotion driven something that GH as of late seems to be reluctant and uncomfortable with. Damn shame I tell you and this is just my two cents.


    Be kinder than necessary as everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

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    Regarding SB’s performance yesterday…He was amazing! You can see the pain in his eyes and how much he loves Jake. He kissed little Jake’s hand which was a nice little touch. It was all about Jason and Jake yesterday…

  12. Profile photo of McD720

    Steve knocked it out of the park yesterday. It was a perfect restrained performance. There was such a range of emotion displayed by his eyes and his facial expressions. I saw unbelievable relief that his son was alive combined with unbelievable grief that he can’t really ever be the father that his son deserves. Steve holding back the tears in the car ride was extremely well done.

    Yesterday’s episode was about one thing. Showing the connection between Jason and HIS son, Jake. I am not a fan of Sam but yesterday I was fine with her being a part of this. She was there to voice just how much that little boy is Jason’s in everyway. Jake is strong, fearless, loves adventure – just like his father.

    I still don’t know if this truly is the final ending for my Liason but yesterday it seemed to me that Sam is more distanced from Jason than she thinks. He is a different man now from when they were together. That little boy and his mother are everything to him. He has a family. They are his family. That changes a person forever. So if putting Jason back together with Sam is the plan, well I just don’t see how it will work. Sam will never fully come first in his heart, when Elizabeth and Jake are across town and likely always on his mind. And I think she would know that.

  13. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    This show is pathetic. They completely rewrote Liason’s history and dynamic yesterday……yes, Lucky, Jason is Liz’s “drug of choice”. Lucky is such a tool – I know he’s making up for the horses ass he made out of himself last time Jake was kidnapped and trying to be supportive, but was I the only one yelling to STFU? I’m over this whole thing. Migraines, hangovers, stomach ulcers – those are my Christmas presents from GH this year…..

    You were not the only one ALLIKAT that was yelling at the screen, LIZ should have stabbed PLUCKY in the neck he really pisses me off. I aslo agree with u reagarding the writers, they are totally rewriting LIASON history..I HATE GH (I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD EVER SAY THAT)

  14. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I agree Steve is one of the best actors on Gh!!!
    He does so well the sad part and the happy part , I just wish we will see him more in the happy part , I want to see Jason’s smile , he has the most beautiful smile…………………………..
    Also – I really think it’s stupid to Put Jasam together, What will be there future??
    How Jason after his feelings for his SON and the mother of his Child , can have feelings for someone else??
    It’s also not good for Sam, again she will be second best!!
    Do the Sam fans want ther favorite character to be allywas second best?????
    Also the same can be said for Sucky, after Liz has Jason’s son, and when she look at Jake’s eyes she will allways think about her Man= JASON!!!

    So do we really want LL2 AND JASAM????????

  15. Profile photo of blackjack21

    first of all allikat, thanks for addressing the fact that sam is not the reason the couple that refuses to be is not together.

    secondly, let’s all be honest, no one is ever going to replace carly and her boys as number one. the best anyone else can hope for is second place. let’s not forget the first jake kidnapping, jason went to meet carly instead of going to look for jake. he left sam at the penthouse when she was trying to talk to him and he left liz out in the cold because carly always comes first. not that i agree with it, it’s just the way it is.

  16. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    No Sam isn’t the reason, Frons is. Had he not come in and dictate who was to be with whom, we MAY still have seen some Liason possibilities. Would it have been what Liason fans wanted? Most likely no as Guza has been all about the angst.

    How about a little more GOSSIP… so some say that this whole Dante thing is turning into a big old mess. There are RUMBLINGS that because of this, Dante coming to PC in January will not happen. Instead, we MAY have a possible March Sweeps storyline that has Michael Corinthos III coming out of his coma.

  17. Profile photo of SusieQ

    Damn, this show sucks right now. I don’t even know why I am still watching it. I agree with you Regan about Luke – he should be doing more than just constantly begging Tracy not to leave or divorce him. This is Luke Spencer for crying out loud! I think Guza has just gotten completely lazy about writing around Tony’s vacations so instead of anything fun for Luke we get talking in circles with Tracy until he has to leave again.

    And Frons just needs to butt out of his soaps. The only thing he does when he tries to push storylines is make the show worse. I’m not a Liason or JaSam fan, and even I think this writing for either pairing is stupid. Never even giving Liason a real chance and then rushing to push JaSam together after they did a really good job of blowing them apart, really doesn’t make anyone happy. It’s just another thing on long list of how this show disrepcts it’s fans and makes us all want to tune out.

  18. Profile photo of blackjack21

    thanks regan for that glimmer of hope. i would much rather see michael/alan third awake than another kid for sonny. i hate that they so carefully structured kate and sonny’s background only have olivia be the entire reason they are together. how about liv lied about sonny being the father and dante need never show up onscreen? michael has more possibilites, besides we already have people on the show they won’t write for, why do we need another?

  19. Profile photo of samrocks

    Good morning everyone – thanks always for the spoilers Regan!

    Now, please don’t hunt me down like a dog and try to kill me – but Liason fans need to remember that IF this Speedy Gonzalez JaSam reunion happens, then Jason’s great love for Liz WILL be forgotten. It’s not because he doesn’t really love her – it’s because it will be REWRITTEN so that Jason “realizes” that Sam was the great love of his life, or something wacky like that.

    I say this as someone who is TOTALLY AGAINST a JaSam reunion at this point – there is too much that is unresolved on both sides.

    By the way, Steve was SMOKIN yesterday. Becky’s performance since the start of this kidnapping was fabulous, so it was nice to see him step up to the plate as well yesterday.

    ***Hey Lizard, it’s called karma. Look it up***

  20. Profile photo of allikat

    The name of the song is Silent Ambush and was sung by Rie Sinclair:)

    If you MySpace go to Bobby Hartry’s page and it is loaded into the player……along with Liason’s Touch Your Skin:)))))


    Be kinder than necessary as everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

  21. Profile photo of samrocks

    OT: Did anyone catch Gossip Girl last night?!?! The guy who plays Chuck was AMAZING.

    Maybe if the GH writers watched THAT show for ideas we wouldn’t have to gripe so much here. It’s really sad that, as a 28-year-old woman, I have to tune in to a show about rich high school kids to find compelling storylines.

    ***Hey Lizard, it’s called karma. Look it up***

  22. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    The only good thing about GH , is to see the montages!
    The songs choices of thers are the best!!!
    Friday’s montage with the song was the bomb!!!!
    Any one else think the same?????????

  23. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    More on the Megan Ward GOSSIP… it’s just gossip at this point but I always say, where there’s smoke there is fire and there seems to be alot of smoke coming from Megan’s dressing room. Usually these RUMORS originate from somewhere and it’s possible the latest GOSSIP could be giving us some insight into the origin.

    So…anyone remember those pestering RUMORS that Jax is finally going to get his baby? When those RUMORS once again made it to the surface and we heard the news of the Jate revenge sex OF COURSE the Kate is preggers with Jax’s baby talk started. So here’s where the LATEST GOSSIP comes into play. According to the CHATTER, Megan, who’s contract is up this Spring (according to sources) was asked to commit early to the show because they wanted to write the baby story. SUPPOSEDLY, Megan wasn’t willing to make that commitment.

    NOW… there is still talk about the budget cuts that should be hitting GH just like it did AMC. Possible changes to filming schedules is being talked about and yes, there is still TALK about actors being let go.

  24. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    MB said he resigned. Sonny sucks without Kate so really I could careless what he does.

    When and if MW leaves, I’m 100% done. It truly makes me ill to think what they have done to the character of Kate. Guza/Frons has destroyed every reason I watched, it just blows my mind.

    Megan Ward fan for life!

  25. Profile photo of liasontruelove

    Hi All…You know, I have to keep believing that Liason will survive. Regarding the studio scene and Liz’s breakdown, are the writers really sending the messages that dreams never come true, so there’s no point in following your heart and making your dreams a reality? If so, then that’s completely idiotic of both the writers and TPTB. And completely uncharacteristic of how they’ve built up both Elizabeth and Jason! Elizabeth especially has always been a dreamer, and an artist at heart. That’s one of the reasons she understands and accepts Jason in the first place, she has an artists heart. Seriously, what happened to the amazing writing from the summer of 06 through 2007 until Elizabeth quoting Randy Pausch…I really can’t believe that this is the message they are trying to send…they must have some kind of plan to bring them back…otherwise all the depth that went into writing these two characters was in vain.

  26. Profile photo of samrocks

    I had completely forgotten about the random insertion of the Randy Pausch reference! I remember doing a double take that day. LOL.

    ***Hey Lizard, it’s called karma. Look it up***

  27. Profile photo of blackjack21

    samrocks, i totally agree about GG – gh pay attention! i love that show!

    liasontruelove – i agree to a point. it made no sense to me that liz would destroy her paintings/her passions over jason. while the two have been connected over the art, so were she and lucky. the art is about her, not some guy. she should have gone to their makeout hideaway and destroyed that. tying her art into jason so completely was dumb. it’s a part of who she is as an individual, not as part of a couple.

  28. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    What was the plan when Randy Pausch’s words were used is no longer the plan…. Remember GH thinks it’s fans have memory problems and that we’ll forget what’s happened and just accept what they’re dishing.

  29. Profile photo of liasontruelove

    I agree the art is about who she is and not the couple. And I think we can agree that there was no thinking behind the writing in that scene. I personally don’t think Liz the adult (as opposed to Liz the teenager) connected with Lucky. As they developed the character and she evolved, it came out that Elizabeth would always care about Lucky the way you care about someone you’ve care about your whole life, but that she wasn’t in love with him. And if Elizabeth hadn’t felt that sense of obligation all those years ago, remember, she would have left with Jason back then. But her relationship with Jason has always been fiery and passionate, never out of obligation, but out of the fact that they inspire, ignite, and challenge each other to dream and live a life beyond what their actual reality is. That’s what made the writing really great…it actually had depth. Now…not so much.

  30. Profile photo of GH LOVER


  31. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Sorry, I wasn’t going to comment on the thread today but when I saw the reference to the Randy Pausch quote, I had to write something. I thought that was AWFUL.

    And that’s *not* a bash on Liason, if the writers had had Sam say that to Jason (or Kate say it to Sonny) I would have been just as annoyed. Not only was it awkward, but I think it was actually borderline offensive. Pausch was such an inspiration to so many people, and to use his words in a Mob Love story just felt completely inappropriate, imo :(

  32. Profile photo of dreasusq

    I used to love GH but now i would watch Jerry Springer. The story lines are weak and so are the characters(except SB, LOVE HIM). I enjoy JASAM, being friends but putting them back together is idotic. The way the two broke up was so hurtfull. Lets us not forget Jason threated to kill her. No woman can ever forgive that, do the writers at GH really want us to belive a character like Sam would. LIASON is so much better, thier momnets togather are great it shows a happier jason which is so much better for the show. A little more story line(U SUCK GUZA) would have been a great way to show SB depth as an actor. Even giving LIZ some more Kiss Ass spirt would make them a better star couple. Putting JASAM back togather is a huge mistake.

    I really dont like this mob pricess SAM. If she likes Danger So much make her a cop then her and LUCKY can go on stake out, it totaly not working for me. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DONT MAKE JASAM AS A COUPLE AGIAN. LIASON FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

  33. Profile photo of liasontruelove

    I think the writing around the quote was really good…it referenced brick walls and not just how to achieve the love you want by overcoming the brick walls, but the life you want too. I.e. If Jason really wants his family, shouldn’t he overcome his brick walls? Inspirational words can be used in many genres of writing.

  34. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I agree liasontruelove, inspirational words can be used in different genres, and had it been a cancer storyline, or another kind of serious “issue” oriented story I would have been okay with it, but using his words in a mob story…I just didn’t like it. There are times that real life stuff just shouldn’t be mixed in with fantasy storytelling. But that’s JMO :)

  35. Profile photo of kgbmc

    It is ironic that the song that played yesterday was titled Silent Ambush, perhaps Frons contributed the name. Certainly the title well describes what happened to many fans this sweeps period.

    Like the soap net fall promo, we have been again misled by TPTB.

    This was to be Elizabeth’s moment to shine with great material but that did not happen. Elizabeth was left behind literally and figuratively. Lucky will again retreat into his envy of Jason the hero and he will again lose his girl to Jason. For me as an Elizabeth fan, Jason is pathetic as he refuses to change to get what he wants. Yes SB hit the scenes out of the park but the character remains weak.

    This material was for Sam and Robert Guza misled fans when he said it was Elizabeth’s story. Why do that? Why cannot I not stop taking this personally? It is just a soap.

  36. Profile photo of samrocks

    Kgbmc…you’re entitled to take it personally because, as a soap FAN, you would like to think that TPTB care about what you are interested in seeing.

    Someone posted earlier that Liason fans do not represent ALL fans, and while that is certainly true, it is no excuse for “leaking” info FOR Liason fans only to do a complete 180 onscreen.

    So, while I know fans should be able to roll with the punches, I feel like in this case you are completely justified in your frustration (not that you needed validation from me, LOL). I also think this applies to SKate fans as well.


    ***Hey Lizard, it’s called karma. Look it up***

  37. Profile photo of liason4real

    Why do I feel that the marriage license that Jason had a few weeks ago, will be used by him and Sam for some reason? This will ensure really putting a nail in LIASON coffin, then low and behold, Sam is having a miracle baby and guess what?,,Jake is really Lucky’s because someone changed the paternity results…I need a drink, really, really, really, badly….JMO,,,thank goodness OLTL is the ABC that comes first with me…

  38. Profile photo of justliason

    I just watched today’s episode and i must say i am truly heart broken! and of course on my way to work all i could here on the radio was sad songs! So goodbye to my liason….TONIGHT I WANNA CRY!!!!!

  39. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    In all fairness to Steve I didn’t watch after he asked Scam how she got out, didn’t see that part you guys are talking about. Jakes is so cute, his little hair is so wild. So I don’t get a migrane, I’ve stopped watching but still checking in here for any glimmer of hope we might get. I’m also wondering if the state of the economy will factor in SB decision to leave, I can’t see many people having extra money for “the juice” and the cloths line he is involved in. Wouldn’t it be Liason fans luck if now that they are broken up SB decides to stay, well maybe I can watch the show the days that Scam is not on I need me some SB, he is so beautiful.

  40. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Regan I also want to say that if this breakup is meant to be, and it sure looks that way, I want RH to have a S/L, I just love her, Lucky isn’t it been there done that, didn’t work. I don’t want her to suffer while they push the Jason Sam thing. I really hope I can get over this and watch again. I can’t even listen to “Ours To Keep” now it makes me cry.

  41. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Wow now I wish I had watched the whole show, I missed Jason driving Jake back to Liz, no one does tears better than SB. I do agree with much of what is being said but like always the speacial place Jake and Liz have in Jason’s heart will be written and forgotton the way the writteres want it to be, that is the sad part, and I wouldn’t want to be with Jason knowing how he feels but Fronsie will turn the tables. That was my first thought yesterday when Liz was talking to Yucky, I so hoped allot of fans wouldn’t resent what she was saying about Jason. I will just treasure my Liason, Fronsie can’t destroy that for me even though he will try.

  42. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    I HATE GH too! I also never thought I would say that. I used to watch 20 years ago and loved Robert and Anna and left with good feelings, no big whoop. I would check in every once in a while but nothing ever really caught my attention until Kate Howard burst into Sonny’s office and I was hooked.

    But, in two months GH has completely rewritten their history as they have with Liason – its warped! I find myself not only not wanting to watch, but hating the show, daytime and all that is associated with it. So many broken promises. I’m not a Liason fan, but I have followed the rumors and promises surrounding this couple and to think of all that never saw the light of day. That short lived bleep of a proposal, and to see it end this way is just so wrong. I feel the same for more than a year I’ve read how much MB loves working with MW and how committed he is to SKate blah, blah, blah. WHATEVER! He obviously doesn’t care that much! A new toy to play with strolls into town and two old whores is enough I guess. Makes me soooo sick!

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