Has NBC gone nuts?

NBC is looking to save some money next year.  Here is a little breakdown on some of the plans:

Jay Leno is stepping down from The Tonight Show.

Conan O’Brien takes over for Leno on June 1.

Jimmy Fallon is set to take over for O’Brien on March 4.

So where does this leave Leno?    

It seems that NBC is going to offer up to Leno the 10pm hour.  Which 10pm hour you may ask?  Well Monday thru Friday of course.  That’s right, apparently NBC wants Jay to host a nightly talker in the 10pm hour instead of airing scripted drama or some other lame reality show or even another hour of news.

What do you think about this move by the Peacock Network?

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    Way to go, NBC! I’m SURE you’ll save loads of money having to pony up a pile of money to Leno for this nonsense. Really, are trained monkeys available to run this network?

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    I’m surprised to see all these complaints. Leno gets better ratings than shows at the 10pm hour in his current time slot comparatively. Out him in at 10 and he could potentially get even better ratings.

    His pull = worth the money.

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    Leno does get great ratings, but I was under the impression that they were getting rid of him to save money. Now, when they are publicly whining about how strapped they are, they’re going to hire him back at more than likely an inflated salary (if I were Leno’s agent, I’d make NBC pony up big)? That makes the kind of sense that doesn’t.

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    I’m confused! Is Leno stepping down?? I was under the impression that he was being “forced” out. Leno has always been number one in late nights, so I can’t understand why NBC would want Leno out. But it is NBC so anything is possible!

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    Luke Kerr

    Gossp Girl…Leno was being forced out in order to make way for Conan because NBC didn’t want to lose Conan to another network. ABC then started persuing Leno heavily. Today’s announcement still means that Leno is being forced out of his current show but instead of him being forced to move to another network he’s moving into primetime to anchor the 10E/9C hour of programming.

    Zucker and Silvermann are putting their best spin on it and paying through the nose to keep Leno but they are still forcing him out.

    C0rrine…Getting good ratings/being the ratings winner in the late night is relative just as daytime ratings are relative. Y&R is the No. 1 show in daytime and only pulls in 3-5 million viewers. Leno is currently No. 1 but he only averages 4.8 million viewers in order to be the king of late night. However, moving Leno into primetime puts him up against CSI: Miami which regularily pulls in big numbers. And by big I mean over 10 million. Same goes for Criminal Minds. Even Private Practice which will be a competitor of a Leno show in 2009 currently pulls in 9 million in its current time slot and it should improve its ratings even more once it has Grey’s Anatomy’s 18-22 million viewership as a lead in.

    In fact if anyone is a winner in this whole thing it is CBS and ABC because any current NBC fan who tunes at 10E/9C for scripted drama or comedy will now only have to options. I love Leno and I enjoy watching him in late night but I have to choose between a good scripted show and a Tonight Show knock off I’m never going to choose Leno.

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    Okay first of, seriously? am i not allowed to go away with the whole t.v. industry going to crap????

    Now that’s off my chest :P, I am going to take the ‘devils advocate’ here and say this isn’t a horrible move on nbc’s part.

    What airs in the 10oclock time frame that is actually worth tuning in for? everything in that timeslot has been canceled over the past few seasons with a few exceptions, and with E.R. ending this year anyways this is a way to save millions of dollars and gain millions in ad revenue, this is a cheap show that ‘could’ work out in their favor, yea it sucks for us the ‘viewers’ but from a network executives point of view i see where they are ‘coming’ from.

    Now with that said do i agree? no, I think they should just focus on getting better scripted shows to air, unfortunately that’s not going to happen and the network which once was a heavy hitter is no longer, and after this 08-09 season i don’t know how many shows i will be actually watching on NBC, Heroes, 30rock and maybe one or two others? thats less then i watch on any other network, and that’s sad considering i LOVED NBC.

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