Writers Guild Nominations Announced

Congratulations to One Life to Live and As the World Turns on their Writers Guild Awards nomination for Best Daytime Serials.

Congrats to Ron Carlivati (OLTL) and Jean Passanante (ATWT) and their respective writing teams on the nominations.

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    Okay, I understand that it’s the “2009” season that they are being nominated for but can someone explain what the actual year of storylines are? 2007-2008 or 2008-2009? I’m about 99.9% sure, it’s the former but I just wanted to double check. Thanks!

  2. Profile photo of Mark

    I believe ATWT won this award a couple of years ago using scripts of Luke’s coming out storyline. I wonder what they’ve submitted this time.

  3. Profile photo of Oakdale-fan

    Have the people that make these nominations actually watched ATWT??
    That show is so uneven it’s mind-boggling. One episode it can be riveting, engaging and just plain brilliant. Yet, the very next day it can be worse than awful. Sometimes it can even be both wonderful and awful in the same episode. I don’t call that good writing!

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