Desperate Housewives Through 2013?

E! Online’s Awful Truth is reporting that ABC is working to keep Desperate Housewives on the air for four more seasons. If Marc Cherry and ABC can reach an agreement, it would keep Desperate Housewives on the air through 2013.

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    his season has been so blah and so what if the ratings are still good the quality isn’t (except for the Bree and Gaby stuff).

    He just needs to end it as planned b/c as of right now this show has completly lost its focus.

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    It’s been pretty good & consistent. I just don’t want it to stay on for too long ’till it’s finally canceled because no one cared at the end…

    ***///My life as a soap fan is on life support, waiting for a miracle…\\\***

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    Luke Kerr

    Well I think that if they set it up to go out in 2013 it gives MC enough time to plan an amazing last three or four years and could create an umbrella storyline. I look at this like how LOST setting a contract end date helped it become more focused.

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    Gee, is Desperate Housewives still on the air? What happened to ending it with a little of its dignity still in tact? If Marc Cherry wants to secretly kill it, he should hire Dena Higley. DH writing DH!

    Of course, all the kids on the show would become retroactively autistic…

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    Jamey Giddens

    I think the show has found its second wind. No one was more skiddish about the jump forward than I was, but I think it has worked. Besides, it used to be the norm for primetime soaps to last for many many years. Dallas was on 13 season, Knots Landing 14, Dynasty 8 (or maybe 9, I forget) and even 90’s soaps like 90210 and Melrose Place ran for 10 and 7 seasons respectively. I hate these blink-and-you-missed it attention deficit runs for shows like The O.C. and Dawsons Creek. Continuing dramas used to be built for long shelf lives. As long as it stays creatively revitalized, I’m there.

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    Since this is my favorite show and I respectfully agree that it’s not time to end this series YET. I thought orginally Marc Cherry wanted 7 seasons and he was hellbent on having 7 seasons. BUt this is his BABY his SHOW and right now this season is very good. Although I was confused about the main storyline I think it’s a great move by ABC and Marc Cherry to give this show another 2 seasons and end it there.

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