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Here’s the Scoop! 12.10.08

Jason is questioned by federal agents and Diane wants him to share all. Not the typical instruction Diane usually gives her clients. As we mentioned before, Diane will be short one client soon as she drops Sonny when she learns about his new wife.

Maxie and Lulu… There MAY be a little twist in that roomie story. It looks like both ladies find themselves wanting the same apartment.

Raylene isn’t with us much longer as Nadine’s insightful Aunt passes away. According to the SPOILERS, Nadine tells Aunt Raylene the truth about Nikolas.

Robert and Anna will be there but will Noah make an appearance at the Scrubs wedding?
Nope! Patrick gets a call from dear old dad but that’s it. Matt will be a part of the wedding, we hear he’s the Best Man this time.  SPOILERS say that when Robin asks her dad to walk her down the aisle, he says no.

What about Jake? Now that the tot has been returned to his mom where does his story go? I know, it’s typical for GH to forget about the kids on this show (Where the hell is Spencer? Lost in Wyndamere?) but Jake is the son of Jason Morgan and with all that story potential, can GH really just let that go? There is some TALK that as Jason and Sam share more screentime, we MAY also see more of Sam comparing Jake to his daddy. We MAY even see Sam suggesting that Jason spend more time with his son. Is this how they’ll drive a wedge into LuSam?

Speaking of LuSam… I keep telling you the writing is on the wall. While there are reports that Lucky and Sam will make some forward progress, I wouldn’t get too attached. Jason saves Sam when she’s trapped at the bottom of the pit. Sam leaves the hospital to stop a hit put out on Jason by the Russians. Lucky will be concerned about Elizabeth when she won’t leave her house or let the boys out of her sight.

Speaking of GH kids… Morgan MAY be spending Christmas with his dad.

Jax… Ingo Rademacher said he was taking a short vacation but we wouldn’t even notice he’s gone. The LATEST SCOOP says that Jax goes to see Lady Jane for the holidays.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… A casting call for an African American doctor has gone out. Some SUGGEST she MAY be brought in to go up against Patrick, professionally speaking. Another casting call for a caucasian female. With the issued budget cuts, who will be let go to pay for the newbies? See below for another RUMORED casting call. Jerry’s torture of Claudia involves DVD’s.

Remember to check the comments, here’s what you may have missed yesterday:

Some say that this whole Dante thing is turning into a big old mess. There are RUMBLINGS that because of this, Dante coming to PC in January will not happen. Instead, we MAY have a possible March Sweeps storyline that has Michael Corinthos III coming out of his coma.

UPDATE on the above… The RUMBLE about Dante is that casting him has proven to be difficult so it’s being delayed. How does Michael fit into this? Well it looks like that plan has been sped up and COULD be part of the March Sweeps story. There is a CASTING RUMOR floating out there that GH has a casting call out for a 17 year old. Some are ASSUMING this is a SORAS’d Michael. Conflicting reports? There are still RUMBLINGS out there that Dante is not as dead in the water as some would like us to believe.

More on the Megan Ward GOSSIP… It’s just gossip at this point but I always say, where there’s smoke there is fire and there seems to be alot of smoke coming from Megan’s dressing room. Usually these RUMORS originate from somewhere and it’s possible the latest GOSSIP could be giving us some insight into the origin.

So…Anyone remember those pestering RUMORS that Jax is finally going to get his baby? When those RUMORS once again made it to the surface and we heard the news of the Jate revenge sex OF COURSE the Kate is preggers with Jax’s baby talk started. So here’s where the LATEST GOSSIP comes into play. According to the CHATTER, Megan, who’s contract is up this Spring (according to sources) was asked to commit early to the show because they wanted to write the baby story. SUPPOSEDLY, Megan wasn’t willing to make that commitment.

NOW… There is still talk about the budget cuts that should be hitting GH just like it did AMC. Possible changes to filming schedules is being talked about and yes, there is still TALK about actors being let go.

Small UPDATE… If all this Megan is leaving TALK is true, we SHOULD see more of Kate being written into the proverbial corner. Also, what Megan shared with fans is true, she has stuff coming up in January that COULD be the start of her exit story as some say she MAY be around into March.

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  1. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I Also think That Jake needs to be with his ” real father” JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if she does say it I will love Sam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Sam go Sam go Sam go Sam go Sam go Sam

    Thank you Regan, I don’t say it as much as I need to say it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Profile photo of justliason

    i just don’t understand any of this! Maybe i thought i was dreaming, but i guess it really is true! *bangs head against wall* Liason is over! Liason is over! Liason is over!
    Sorry, just trying to Let It Go!
    i wish they would give Mac a story/love interest…oops i forgot i was watching GH, they don’t do love!

  3. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    Can aunt raylene please take nadine into the bright light with her and don’t forget the puppets

    Maxie and LULU should be funny as roomates if done correctly

    I wish they would stop bringing in new people please use all the talented actors you already have.

  4. Profile photo of mrsshupe

    Do you think it would be possible to add some new, non-mobbie men to the show? How many new women are we going to get before they realize there are no love interests for them? Currently, I’d say were running 2:1, with the women in the lead. Note that I’m only really counting the people that we see on a regular basis, not the ones that only get brought out occassionally.
    On another note, are they really going to age Michael without aging any of the other kids? Because that would just be stupid!

  5. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    justliason… My roomie told me to let it go as well, apparently I was a little loud on the last podcast we recorded…

    Be careful what you wish for… ghlover. And as always, you are very welcome.

  6. Profile photo of melanie

    Hello all. Thank you Regan for the spoilers. I look forward to them each day.

    I too am having a hard time with the dropping of the Liason sl – I find it so sad. I’ve been watching every episode for 2.5 years (since the birth of my second child). I would think that I am the target audience – a stay at home mom with young kids. I literally buy the soap. GH has been a great escape from the stresses of life. My husband frequently joined me at night to watch the DVR’d episode. I loved LNL2 (with the first Lucky) but there has been something about Liason that has been very captivating. I could have been so much more. I have never really cared for Sam (my hubby says she’s the hottest woman on the show and it seems like the men are in charge so maybe that’s what’s going on). I have never felt like this about GH before (I have watched sporadically for over 20 years). I think I need to stop watching – it makes me depressed now.

  7. Profile photo of roe0824

    Afternoon Regan, not really great spoilers. I really enjoyed watching Kate and Sonny, it was a side of Sonny we hadn’t seen before. Unfortuantely like the way GH goes, they start a story then bring on another character to change the whole direction of the story something that was not needed(Olivia).I am hearing that having Dante around could bring Liason back together again or at least put them going forward again so in that case, find a Dante and lets get this ball rolling because I don’t think I can take much more of this. I couldn’t even bare to watch yesterdays show. I feel like I am sitting there watching a show that I am watching for the first time since nothing is making much sense to me these days and the characters are not acting like the characters they are suppose to act like. Make sense? I sure hope our calls and letters will be heard this time, GH needs to be fixed big time.

  8. Profile photo of AllforLiason


    With all the talk about budget cuts could putting Jason and Sam (Steve and Kelly) together be a way of pushing Steve Burton out of GH when his contract expires? I have heard rumors in the past that he is not that fond of Kelly.

    Thanks for your opinion.

  9. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Arg! I’ve been wanting the whole “Jason claims his son/Sam helps Lucky let go of Jake” for a loooong time. But something tells me it’s not going to work out the way I imagined it. I wanted it to cause temporary conflict with LuSam but then ultimately bring them closer.

    GH Lover, yeah I don’t say it as much as I should either: Thanks Regan!

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

  10. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    I’m reading that the Dante role is stalled and they are going to awaken Michael. What’s up with that? Without Dante are hopes for Liason totally gone? Anyone else out there feel that it is completely irrational to be this upset about a soap opera (but can’t help it)? I think I may need a support group.


    It is not irrational to feel this way MELANIE, beacause the idiots in charge just bascially spit on us and liason its like they broke up with all of us without giving it (relationship) a chance.

    I’ll join your group

  11. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    There are RUMORS/RUMBLINGS that casting difficulties are in fact putting the Dante story on hold. Bringing Michael out of his coma, earlier than planned, is one option the show MAY be considering.

    As far as Dante’s possible impact on Liason… remember that’s all a big MAYBE. Even if Dante is cast, it doesn’t mean he’ll impact Jason and Elizabeth. There are RUMORS that Dante not knowing who his father is had made an impact on the choices he’s made and that had he known he was Sonny’s son, he MAY have made different decisions. Who the hell knows anymore…

  12. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    What I was saying is that I hope that Sam does say it. its needed to be said Jake needs to have Jason in his life!!!
    I think that what happend is not a reason to push Jason frm Jake, Cos if Jason was sending gurds with them or puting them in a safehouse Jake wouldn’t been taken!!!!!!!!
    I want Liason , I dont wan’t Jasam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Regan you are doing so much for us , and in this bad time, for our Liason, I raelly appreciate what you do, I just know how its must be painful to write this spoilers!!!
    So thank you!!!!!!!!!

  13. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Sasha’s dying… I know I’ve dropped it before but she’s going buh bye.

    My two cents on Steve’s contract… All the ‘he doesn’t like Kelly’ talk is exaggerated. Are they friends off-set? From what I understand, no but it doesn’t mean they’re enemies. I do know that he is friends with Becky and her husband. I know that Kelly and Greg get along very well. Is this all a way to get him to re-sign or are they reuniting JaSam as some sort of punishment because Steve is leaving???? The reunion is a Frons ordered storyline for ratings only. He “thinks” it will get the ratings. I disagree but I’m just little old me and clearly, if any higher ups at ABCDaytime read my blogs, they don’t agree with me.

    I can only base my opinion on SB’s contract stuff on what I’ve read… he has other business ventures that he apparently does very well with. Now, as I understand it, his PA’s help with that other business so one would ASSUME that leaving GH could impact the turnout he gets at these events. He has also said numerous times that it is a far drive from his house to the GH Studios. My take, move closer or quit your bitching. I’ve driven in LA traffic, I know its unbearable at times but I am also sure SB knew that when he chose where to live. Yes I know… I’m supposed to love him which I still do but I want him to stay so…. I have also read that SB has expressed wanting to move his family out of LA. IMHO, I would think his other business, his family and his commute would affect his decision to stay or go more so than who he is paired with.

    Like I said… just my two cents.

  14. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Thank you Regan for confirming that the Steve doesnt like Kelly stuff has been a bit exaggerated and that his decision to stay or go will be based on a much bigger picture.

    I hope he stays too and that he gets a good story in 09.

  15. Profile photo of melanie

    One more thing Regan,
    With all my new free time (now that I can’t stand to watch GH), I listened to my first pod cast and really enjoyed it. It was a bit of a fix for me. I highly recommend it to all.

  16. Profile photo of season1217

    Until I hear Steve spit at Kelly I don’t think the blood’s that bad between them. Just because they don’t braid each other’s hair and wear BFF t-shirts doesn’t mean that he hates her enough to want to leave. Maybe she just won’t try MonaVie.

  17. Profile photo of lwong82d

    I have to say that Sam’s opinions of Jake and Jason is what led to her mini breakdown. She was pushing Jason to claim his son and take him away from Liz. She wanted to be Jake’s “mother.” Can’t they do something different. Sam is supposed to be in this different place where she has realized that she doesn’t want to be so dependent on a man. Seems like she is walking down that road again.

    Come on, Sam, if you’re going to Jason’s girl, you can still be Sam McCall without the tag of being Jason. Maintain your independence!!

    Had a feeling that Kelly and Steve weren’t exactly buddies. Seems kinda obvious when he fights the jasam pairing and pushes for Liz.

  18. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I forgot to ask today and yesterday…

    Ravenbeauty had a blind item in her latest column about an leading lady that would be out so that a former leading lady could return to the show and reclaim her role.

    Any possibility this is LW and TB is on her way back? That would sure shake things up.

  19. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Hey guys I know it doesn’t make any difference but it’s nice to see we are on the same page as SB,


    SID Dec. 29 asks Steve “what should Jason’s New Year’s resolution be?”

    “To find a way to make it work with Elizabeth. I think there are things to explore. We’re so close to something, but we don’t know what it is. I think people are afraid, “Oh, Jason is going to be domesticated.” But it would be nice to be with his kid. You can’t keep having us get close and then someone dies.”

  20. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I really hope that Steve won’t leave GH!!!
    We have to remeber that this is bad times, I think that Steve’s other business are also probably having problems by the state we are all in, So whould he leave??

  21. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    I only watch gh for jason and liason so it pains me to say this, i hope he does leave because he sure is being wasted on this show going through the same old crap over and over.

    And because they are putting him back with spam.

  22. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    2009 Previews hitting print….

    Have you all seen the promo where the voice over tells us we’ll be shocked? I didn’t post it since the promo department gets an A for misleading but an F for actual information. And remember that twist Guza has been promising? WELL HOLY HELL it is shocking and it is a twist…. IT’S A STORYLINE THAT INVOLVES THE HOSPITAL!

    He admits his never seen in daytime before stunt that was delayed is similar to the MC crisis… hey its GH, re-do is what they do best. He promises old romances, a new romance and secrets. Gee, secrets? No way! Not on GH! In fairness, he says some long held secrets MAY be getting out… FINALLY. Hospital Crisis will involve the entire canvas and Scrubs will be dealing with jobs, love, baby and the impending stunt.

    Sonny vs. Jason… comes to a head.

    Dante… Guza seems to be talking around the matter. He still suggests Dante is coming but we may not know its him when he arrives. Translation: GH is still trying to cast him and a back-up plan is in place to make someone Dante.

    Claudia… Her role in Michael’s shooting. Kate… he teases her turning on Sonny, to a certain extent.

    Like we didn’t see it coming… JaSam and LL2 reunion talk.

    EET… I saw that blind item. It COULD be in reference to that RUMORED Natalia Livingston return and MAY not necessarily be about one actress replacing the other but one lady leaving to free up the cash needed to pay Natty.

  23. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Oh EET, if I could get TB back as Carly, I would be in Heaven! Or actually maybe not, it would force me to like Carly again, and I don’t know if I could handle that, lol

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

  24. Profile photo of rekah

    Hey Regan,thanks for all the spoilers
    I don’t understand the whole reuniting Jason and Sam thing.It doesn’t make sense. I don’t know how they could possibly reunite them. I can’t see Jason moving on with a new love interest. It took him 10 yrs. to realize he loves Liz and they have a child together and I can’t see him letting that go so quickly. Besides if it’s too dangerous for Liz and boys then wouldn’t it be to dangerous for any other woman he “loved”?

  25. Profile photo of allikat

    Regan, you are so funny…..My husband sat me down last night and told me he was very concerned over my mental state and a show. I calmly explained to him that is wasn’t the show, it was the complete and total annihilation of Liason. He looks at me and says, “Who the hell is that?” Poor guy, he suffers through the show with me and knows character names but had no clue who Liason was:) Robin dropped in her GHOFS blog last night that fan mail is WAYYYYY up and TPTB are taking notice:) I know I have definitely been doing my part, everyone needs to! Also, I would just like to say that FLove Steve Burton – he has always been Liason’s biggest fan and he isn’t going down without a fight.


    Be kinder than necessary as everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

  26. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I am a Liason fan, but thoroughly enjoyed JaSam during their run. Maybe because KM reminded me of my fav Brenda. I do not want a repeat of them, and yes, it is because of Liz. There are only two women I want with Jason, Liz and Brenda. Jarly was never a thought for me because I truly believe they are so much better off as friends than lovers.

    I have stopped watching because of this possible re-do of JaSam (and because I want to strangle LewLew). I think Sam and Lucky have so much potential, and a re-do will (like some have mentioned) make Sam second fiddle again. I mean unless the TIIC decide to give Sam a “miracle” child.

    My angst for Frons and Guza amazes me because I cannot fathom that this is the show I have watched since the before the Laura rape.

  27. Profile photo of sb_fan

    Until I hear Steve spit at Kelly I don’t think the blood’s that bad between them. Just because they don’t braid each other’s hair and wear BFF t-shirts doesn’t mean that he hates her enough to want to leave. Maybe she just won’t try MonaVie.

    lol @ season1217, u’ll never stop, will u?

    I hope Steve Burton renews his contract, I really don’t know what I would do if he left. More Jasam stuff coming up?? great!! I started DVR’ing GH again, now that Liason is going bye bye.

  28. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    I hope the rumors, rumblings and spumors surrounding Megan are false. She has done all they have asked of her and taken on some serious crap lately, I can’t imagine it would be her choice to leave especially in this environment, so if they are “letting her go” and have more or less forced her out with this Olivia chic – GH can kiss my asset! Heck I’m even open to seeing her have Jax’s baby – I just want a good story for Kate!

  29. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    In regards to mail count and comments coming in on the comment line. I would never tell you not to write, e-mail or call but in this instance, Frons does not care. He wants what he wants and the order has been handed down. However, I still say call and write. It may not have any impact but it will certainly make you feel better to get it off your chests. I, fortunately, have this blog and a podcast to vent on.

  30. Profile photo of liasonluvin

    Regan can you give me the address to write….didn’t want to call,would cost too much since I’m from the Caribbean.But I need to get all this shit off my chest with regards to Liason…
    Liason love remains the same…

  31. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Like I said… the Megan Ward stuff is alot of RUMOR and SPECULATION, however, I am a big believer in where’s there smoke, there’s fire and for whatever reason, alot of smoke has been coming from Megan’s direction. Now, with the state of the industry and the whole country for that matter, one would think if offered to stay and sign on earlier, one would take it. BUT, these actors play these roles day in and day out and have invested themselves in these characters almost as much as the fans have. So for arguments sake, lets say Megan isn’t happy with the current writing, the Jax baby story was presented to her as sign on now and go with this or we’ll see ya later type of thing… would you be running for your pen?

  32. Profile photo of samrocks

    Thanks for the spoilers Regan – I would probably keel over and die if I had to go without them. Seriously. Die.

    Also, please hang in there.

    ***Hey Lizard, it’s called karma. Look it up***

  33. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    TOTALLY FORGOT… and thanks to Luke for IM’ing while he’s watching GH as it reminded me that I forgot to drop some Johnny SCOOP….

    As I said earlier, GH the best re-do writers around, is at it again. I mentioned Johnny maybe working in a garage what if they re-did a Sonny storyline instead? RUMOR has it that Johnny gets a job at a Christmas tree lot.

  34. Profile photo of melanie

    I’m feeling a bit better reading all the comments. If I’m nuts to be depressed over this at least I’m not alone. And, LOL, my husband knows all the characters too. He has refused to watch over the last few months because he has declared the show unwatchable. Note all, he previously tolerated (and sometimes, although he would never admit this, enjoyed) the show. So his a pretty objective opinion that the majority of the writing has been awful lately. Regan, I’ve never written but I’ve stopped watching now. It sounds like a lot of people have gone that route. Will Frons stop if the ratings go down? I can image a hundred touching stories without a Jasam reunion. The numbers are higher with a NL return as Emily. When was the last GH mystery that actually worked? The way things look now, Frons will have Sam leading this front and center even though I can’t remember her ever having a real connection to Emily. Wow, I never liked Sam much but never detested her before (even during the crazy Jake kidnap 1.0 and gunpoint in the park incidents). The Sam To The Rescue over and over again has really turned me off to her. But what do I know.

  35. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    Does anyone know of a link where I could see the week by week GH ratings?

    I haven’t stopped watching GH yet, but I’m close to it as I know I can pick up the story on youtube. Big Liason fan, as well as a Scrubs, LuSam, Spixie, Nikodine Tracy/Luke (Truke, Lucy?) fan. JoLu, meh, depends on the day, sometimes they’re cute, sometimes annoying. I liked Skate until they messed it up, same with Carlax. I liked the Clic pairing, but am reserving judgement on the Sonny/Claudia (Sonyia, Clony?) pairing.

  36. Profile photo of KMG4GH

    I think the character of Dante will come on and get angry with Olivia because she kept him from his father.
    This will make Liz worry that Jake will feel the same way when he is an adult. Leading her do change her mind again about letting Jason in his sons life. ;)

  37. Profile photo of Becca

    Goodness knows I hate Liason with the fire of a thousand suns and don’t care if they go down in flames. I hate Jason so much that I don’t care what he does or who he does it with. I always end up hating whatever poor, stupid woman they put with him. I never liked Sam until she got away from Jason. I’ve hated Liz every moment she’s longed for Jason. And I hope that Jake stays with his real father – Lucky because biology aside, Lucky is Jake’s real father. I’ll solve the budget crisis. Write Sonny, Jason and Carly off the show. That’ll do it right there.

    No Noah at Scrubs wedding? That’s just wrong. I do love that Matt & Patrick are acting like brothers. It is great to see each of them get a friend out of this deal. Jason Thompson and Jason Cook each have so much charm and charisma and they are magic together. Loving the brotherhood and even though I like Coleman, I am glad Patrick will ask his brother to be his best man.

    I do not care about Dante. This stupid show doesn’t know what to do with the cast they already have, why bother with more newbies? It’s already obvious that Kate is being written into a corner and TPTB are doing their typical “destroy the character of an actor/actress that may not renew their contract” thing. Does anyone behind the scenes ever get an original idea?

  38. Profile photo of roe0824

    I also need to join the the bandwagon of being in theraphy over watching a stupid show. I don’t care what the rumors/spoilers saying about Jasam, I still dont’ believe it. I don’t believe Jason would go back with her knowing that he has Jake and Elizabeth in the picture. I think Lucky/Elizabeth are boring, always were, more like a brother and sister. Also, I am still calling because they have to hear us. This time, they can’t win, we have to stick together, we waited over 10yrs and I think that’s long enough. In the meantime, I will still read your blogs because I enjoy them. The only story I am looking foward to if the writters don’t mess it up is if Luke/ Robert share some good scenes together, other than that, I am not interested. Everything on this show is not making sense. Sometimes, I feel like I am in a dream.

  39. Profile photo of lwong82d

    Becca – if Lucky is the role model of a father, GH is in worse shape than I realize. This is the guy who took drugs and wouldn’t get help for his other son. Not only that but left loose drugs in the apartment that Cam could have gotten. Lucky very rarely sees them and he dates a woman who is known to get into trouble. He allows his jealousy to cloud his judgment when he tried to take the boys away from their mother just because.

  40. Profile photo of season1217

    Yeah, Lucky did drugs and probably snorted coke off of Maxie’s bare stomach. So what! Is he doing that now? What better role model for Cameron and Jake than someone who has failed and fallen short but still tries and who overcame his addiction so he could be a better father and man. I don’t see Jason trying to be that example!

    Everyone talks about the danger Jason’s life poses but no one mentions the moral issues about his life and what a bad example that would be for Cake. Lucky took responsibility for a child when he found out that child wasn’t biological his. I don’t know much men that take care of their own let alone someone else’s! Also, Lucky rarely sees the children because they don’t write scenes for him and the boys. Where’s Spencer, Kristina, Molly, etc.? The writers rarely show parents w/ their children. It’s not his fault.

    Also, everywhere I wrote Lucky I meant to write Plucky but I can’t afford to pay LIASONADDICT this week. I needed bail money!:P

  41. Profile photo of samrocks

    “…with the fire of a thousand suns and don’t care if they go down in flames.”

    Becca my dear, now THAT is hate. LOL.
    ***Hey Lizard, it’s called karma. Look it up***

  42. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    Also, everywhere I wrote Lucky I meant to write Plucky but I can’t afford to pay LIASONADDICT this week. I needed bail money!

    You still owe me for this one season, so i expect my check to be in the mail….:)

  43. Profile photo of liason4real

    Lucky claiming to be Jake’s father since last year, has more to do with him wanting to stick it to Jason and to control Liz. Regarding Cam, it’s the same thing as Jake, used to manipulate and control Liz. LnL2 are boring, they need to get Liz away from Lucky, I would rather see her alone as a single mother than have to deal with Lucky or Jason at this point. Jason is more of a wuss these days than the most feared enforcer on the East coast. Also, everyone in PC knows Jason is Jake’s father, instead of Liz and Jason calling it quits, they should be together. Putting JaSam back together and then having Sam tell Jason he should be with his son, is a little odd, if this is true, then what is keeping Liz and Jason apart? Nothing! If Jason is going to be with Jake he may as well be with Liz….these storylines are not well thought out and Frons seriously should move to NBC.

  44. Profile photo of lwong82d

    You’re right; Lucky doesn’t do those things now, but we also know that he wouldn’t give anything to protect his boys, but Jason does. He ditched Sam, Liz, and the boys for work, accused Liz of hurting Jake the first time he was kidnapped instead of looking for him, and now he was once again twiddling his thumbs instead of being the law and going after Jason and Sam to help bring his boy home. Not a reliable dad.

    Shouldn’t a child be able to say to his kidnapper, “Ooo, you just wait til my daddy gets here. He’s gonna kick your ass!”

    Instead of, “Just wait until the cops recover my body. Then my daddy is going to find all the evidence to put you away forever!”

  45. Profile photo of season1217

    Ooo, you just wait til my daddy gets here. He’s gonna kick your ass!

    That reminds me of the movie Live Free or Die Hard. Lucky and Jason both suck as parents… they’re no John McClane!

  46. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Shouldn’t a child be able to say to his kidnapper, “Ooo, you just wait til my daddy gets here. He’s gonna kick your ass!”

    Uhm, actually a child should never have a kidnapper to begin with… And I think one of the points is that the kids will be less likely to be kidnapped w/ Lucky as their father.

    And btw, if kidnappers are using a child as bait, do you think the kid bringing up the father is going to scare the kidnappers?? I mean, the whole point of taking a child on these shows it to lure the father in, LOL

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

  47. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    Good point sueboo.

    Hey, you got a lot of weight on your shoulder. So find somebody to come home to, somebody you can trust and believe in. -Maximus

  48. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    Yes, but that’s a secret Season. LOL. Only thing that can be changed is who is the acting father, not who is the biological one. Daisy, said they would be less likely to be kidnapped with Lucky as the acting father. So, he isn’t yet 2 and has been kidnapped twice. I just don’t see how that statement can really hold. Unless with Jason as a father he is kidnapped twice a year rather than once. But, since Sonny managed to run the mob for however many years and his kids didn’t manage to get kidnapped twice a year….

    Hey, you got a lot of weight on your shoulder. So find somebody to come home to, somebody you can trust and believe in. -Maximus

  49. Profile photo of season1217

    Well, it was because Jason was the father that he was allowed to get kidnapped the first time. Had Lucky been he bio dad Sam would have stepped up to stop it. I’m not up on the Jake kidnapping and whether the Russians know that Jake is his but I’m sure Jason was one of the reasons for Jake’s second kidnapping.

  50. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    AND Michael’s shooting was because Sonny was being dumb and decided he didn’t need guards. Maybe if Jake was being treated as Jason’s as opposed to Lucky’s he would have had guards and he wouldn’t have gotten kidnapped either time.

    If Jason is the reason for both kidnappings, then Lucky standing in as father is a moot point. Jake will be in danger no matter what. So the latest round of staying apart to keep the children safe won’t work then.

    The writers have not proved that Jason staying away has done anything but left Jake vulnerable. But now, because it will be convenient, I’m sure Jake will suddenly be safe, even though, technically, nothing has changed for him.

    Hey, you got a lot of weight on your shoulder. So find somebody to come home to, somebody you can trust and believe in. -Maximus

  51. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    How are “guards” such a miracle answer? Can a bullet not take out a guard? Just like how there were all those people in that building where Jake was being held. Bang! Bang! Guards are taken out…

    IMO, whether Jake ends up with Jason or not (my guess is that he will *eventually*) the kid will be put in danger over and over again, as most of the kids are on this show. Kids are used for dramatic effect on soaps, so stories that involve them either have to do with WTD, illnesses, or Kid In Danger stories. So no matter who plays father to Jake (whether it be Lucky, Jason or Liz’s next great love) the kids will be in danger at some point or another.

    But when we’re talking about the overall picture, obviously Jason’s mob life is more dangerous than Lucky’s cop life. That’s a given…

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

  52. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    Well, yes, Lucky’s kids, that have no relation to Jason, would be safer than Jason’s kids. But Jake is not that kid.

    Hey, you got a lot of weight on your shoulder. So find somebody to come home to, somebody you can trust and believe in. -Maximus

  53. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    Of course, we can also look at Maxie and Georgie, who were raised by a cop and they haven’t been all that safe either.

    Hey, you got a lot of weight on your shoulder. So find somebody to come home to, somebody you can trust and believe in. -Maximus

  54. Profile photo of season1217

    Yes, a cop’s life can be dangerous but what about the moral implications of what Jason chooses to do for a living as opposed to what Lucky does. You can’t take Jason to Career Day! “This is how you properly clean your gun, boys and girls.”

  55. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    Yes, well, even criminals can reproduce. If proper morals were the code for people being able to have a child, we would be a much smaller world.

    Hey, you got a lot of weight on your shoulder. So find somebody to come home to, somebody you can trust and believe in. -Maximus

  56. Profile photo of season1217

    No parent is perfect I understand that but I’m tired of the comparison between what Lucky does and what Jason does or people throwing Lucky’s past actions out there as a reason for why he’s not a good father while Jason lives the thug life.

  57. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Oh exactly… someone mentions Jason’s mob life and the fact that he’s a hired killer and the reaction is “No one is perfect” or “Hey it’s just a show” but you bring up Lucky and it’s “OMG, he was an addict, he’s the devil incarnate! He should never be allowed near a child!!” Okaaaaaay

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

  58. Profile photo of ange-i-am

    Yes, I’ve seen the reaction. I also see the “but everyone else says” which really, has nothing to do with what I just said. LOL ;) What I was commenting on was Jake’s safety, not who would raise him best.

    If Lucky wants to be a daddy, I have no problem with him doing so. But at some point, it might be nice if he actually had a child of his own. My point was that Jake’s life can’t be changed at this point just because Lucky is the acting father. MY statement had nothing to do with Lucky’s parenting skills. It had to do with JAKE in particular. Jake *is* biologically Jason’s and too many people know about it. And even with Jason NOT in his life, it still has effected him. *That* was my point. Not that Jason or Lucky is the better father.

    Hey, you got a lot of weight on your shoulder. So find somebody to come home to, somebody you can trust and believe in. -Maximus

  59. Profile photo of landjalltheway

    I totally agree! It’s too depressing to think we won’t see Jason be hot and happy at home while being hot and tough to others…why can’t Liason romance be hot and heavy and on our screens more than 1x/week? Lucky clearly wants his first love back–remember the scenes with his sibs on the way to find laura?–but hasn’t he tortured Elizabeth enough? I guess he and Sam will get what they want, and Liason will continue on as the sacrificial lambs. BOO HOO.

  60. Profile photo of melanie

    I’m reading that the Dante role is stalled and they are going to awaken Michael. What’s up with that? Without Dante are hopes for Liason totally gone? Anyone else out there feel that it is completely irrational to be this upset about a soap opera (but can’t help it)? I think I may need a support group.

  61. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Hi Regan, and may I also say Thanks for what you do, at this point in time I know it must be just as hard for you as it is for us being a Liason fan. I agree with all you said about SB, love this man, I would think if he was happy with his S/L it would be a step in the right direction of keeping him at GH. I have not watched GH in 2 days and I miss it, but reading the recaps I can already see what they are doing, Liz would never just walk away from Jason the way she did yesterday, and what’s with Lucky telling Jason to bring Sam home. It will be an assault on everything we ever loved about Liason, can’t bear to watch. It is very frustrating that the writters and Fronsie think we are so stupid. What is with Sam always needing to be rescued, is this what the Jason Sam story was about before, how many times will this be in 2 weeks, so much for Kung Fu Samie. Jason never rescued Elizabeth this much, and she is suppose to be the weak one that doesn’t fit in Jason’s world, ha. By the way in case you haven’t noticed I need a group to I’m miserable without my Liason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Profile photo of sevenkell

    Until I hear Steve spit at Kelly I don’t think the blood’s that bad between them. Just because they don’t braid each other’s hair and wear BFF t-shirts doesn’t mean that he hates her enough to want to leave. Maybe she just won’t try MonaVie.


    You’ve got me picturing him chasing after her like TRY IT TRY IT! HAHAHAHAHA

  63. Profile photo of melanie

    I have to agree about Jason’s moral issues. When they want him to be a hero they gloss over his violence and they they bring it up to make him into a complicated bad guy. Regan, have TPTB ever considered hitting Jason over the head with a wrench having him retrieve some of his prebrain damage memories and moral compass. IMO, it would be an extremely interesting sl to see Jason have to incorporate his preaccident and postaccident lives. He would evolve.

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