Is There A Hot New Couple On Grey’s?

Is T.R. Knight looking to jump ship? Are ABC nixing same-sex storylines? Is Izzie romancing dead Denny just stupid? With debate swirling around Grey’s Anatomy at the moment, I wanted to take a lighter look at couplings that are on the horizon. Who’s the hottest of the potential love matches?

Personally speaking, I love Cristina (Sandra Oh can do no wrong) and her off-the-chart chemistry with McRambo AKA Owen (Kevin McKidd). Seriously, as Meredith might say, who didn’t see a touch of the old Grey’s magic in their steamy scene? I want vents like that at my work. More screengrabs and potential new pairings after the jump.

Admit it, Cristina and Owen are hot!

Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and Sloan (Eric Dane) freak me out a little bit, but I’m intrigued to see what happens. “Teach me, teach me,” she kept pleading. I’m not convinced she’s the best match for McSteamy, but maybe you disagree. Do they have the requisite chemistry to keep you tuning in?

Lastly, Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Sadie (Melissa George) exchanged furtive glances, but rumor is it’s all going nowhere. (More on that soon – it looks like Callie catches someone else’s eye early next year.) Will this be another missed opportunity to explore Callie’s sexuality?

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    Cristina and Owen could potentially save the show w/ all the other shenanigans going on. I want more, more, more!

    As for Sloan and Lexie, I thought they were cute when she was pining for George and he would make fun of her and call her names. I wanted them to get together but now that they have I’m not sure. That teach me, teach me thing was a tad bit weird. It was no I see leaves! But I think the interesting part will be when Derek and Meredith find out about Little Grey and Little Sloan (or maybe not so Little Sloan as he would put it).

    While Sadie irks me I have to say a Callie and Sadie pairing intrigues me. Sara and Melissa are two gorgeous women.

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    Is T.R. Knight looking to jump ship? Probably… Granted, George really doesn’t have much to do right now, but T.R. Knight is part of an ensemble cast. The show took his side in the Isaih Washington mess and then he was featured in two major front burner storylines and it is someone else’s turn.

    Is ABC nixing same-sex storylines? I wouldn’t be shocked. If ABC is nixing same-sex storylines then what will happen with the Reese/Bianca couple on AMC? I’ve noticed that they started out very affectionate, but now they are hardly in scenes together. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it…

    Is Izzie romancing dead Denny just stupid? YES!!! Stupid AND Disgusting!!

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    Darren Lomas

    Cristina/Owen are the best.

    Teach me, teach me! That creeped me out a tiny bit. She might begin to annoy me again, and I’d grown to like her.

    Sadie’s character is a bit tarnished with the silly secret surgeries and her oddball “‘Deth” nickname, but I think she could be a good addition to GA.

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    Darren Lomas

    LOL GossipGirl! From what I hear there is another woman coming up for Callie, so maybe it was just a case of Brooke Smith (Erica, who I thought was great) not being the right “fit” in the eyes of ABC.

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    Luke Kerr

    I’m not a Melissa George and I’m not liking her on Grey’s either.

    I really believe that Christina and McRambo could be as big a couple as Izzie and Denny were the first time.

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    Regan Cellura

    I liked Lexie and Sloane… until the teach me crap. It was a tad creepy but before that I was hoping the teasing would lead to more so I will give them a pass on the creep and see what’s next for them.

    Cristina… I know most love her, I’m not that crazy about her. She has had some fantastic moments and Sandra is definitely a great actress but I’m not in love with the character.

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    Darren Lomas

    Regan, Cristina rocks. Seriously! Like Luke said – her and McRambo could be huge :) And Luke, Melissa George could work, I’m sure! I never saw her on Alias (maybe she was crap), but she was hugely popular in the UK/Oz in Home & Away many moons ago…

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    I must be bad if the guy that wrote about chopping off penises and putting them in blenders, mowing people down to get some nookie, as well as, other sordid tidbits like the link he just posted (which is hilarious) is calling me bad. Shame, I feel shame! You have shamed me, Darren!:)

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    I already knew I would hate Melissa George on Grey’s since I have always hated that actress. She ruined Alias!

    MARK AND LEXIE ARE NASTY! She is an annoying character. She acts 12 yet she is suppose to be older since that one sister who was pregnant and had a baby was younger than her. They are worst than the time George and Meredith had sex!

    Izzie and Denny make me want someone to kill her all over again and soon. He is messing with my Izzie and Alex.

    Also want makes Hunt so sexy is that he isn’t a pretty boy. He’s a manly man. the way he grabs Cristina to kiss her is so freakin sexy!

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    Anybody with Sandra Oh is Magic! I agree, that vent scene was Grey’s doing what it does best. Loved. BUT…..somebody get Lexie away from McSteamy ASAP! He belongs with Callie.

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    What is w/ the Melissa George hate? How did she ruin Alias? Was it her acting or the fact that she was married to Vaughn, hence, keeping him and Sydney apart? If anything I blame Ben Affleck for ruining Alias.:P

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    I HATE the Lexie character, she does act as if she’s a teenager and the thought of her with Sloane… just NO! I think he and Callie had some great chemistry so I’m bummed that she’s not going to be with him. I don’t care for the Izzie/Ghost Denny, it’s just stupid although they do have some great chemistry as well. Christina and McRambo, they are way hotter than she and Burke ever were. I could care less if TRK leaves, George has been useless for a couple of seasons now.

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