Daytime Confidential’s Top 10 Couples of 2008

No.10: Maxie and Spinelli – General Hospital

One of daytime’s most popular non-couple couples, the dynamic duo of Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) kept us tuned in as The Jackal’s unrequited love for the fast talking Maxinista took them hither and yon. While it has yet to be seen if these BFF’s will ever be more than friends, and hit the sheets, er Jason’s couch again, they definitely have plenty of fans calling for more Spixie.

No. 9: Emily and Casey – As World Turns

Emily (Kelley Menighan Hensley) and Casey’s (Billy Magnussen) relationship was the May/December romance of the year. A forbidden love that reignited a decades old Hughes vs. Stewart family rivalry and culminated in Margo holding a gun on Emily, who was in her panties of course, was the epitome of great soap. Emily and Casey would appear even higher on our list had As The World Turns not dropped the red hot storyline almost immediately after those pivotal scenes aired.

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    Gigi & Rex – One Life to Live

    I’m going to have to go w/ Nelson Branco here. They have become so overrated. They were good for about 5 minutes but now they just fall flat.

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    So, Liason is tied for #3, do the higher ups see this or read this? I am glad that Patrick/Robin were #1 since there romance was very nice and GHN2 also helped us enjoy this couple even more.

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    Thank you for acknowledging Viki and Charlie on OLTL. I have enjoyed them so much this year, and it’s refreshing to see so much emphasis put on an older couple and show that romance does truly exist for them.

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    How come Jack and Carly aren’t on here? Oh yeah! Now i remember…they broke them up too!!! Another great couple…down the sh_tter! Go figure!

    WOW! There’s angry and then there’s Liason angry.

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    I wasn’t offended, justliason! Just feeling your frustration. I was never a fan of Liason but I feel for you guys. Nobody has shown more commitment and dedication. You guys deserved and still deserve better!

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    I’m so glad you guys included Viki and Charlie!! I *love* them! I haven’t watched OLTL since the immediate aftermath of the Marty/Todd story, and one of the few things I miss about the show is the Viki/Charlie pairing.

    Rex/Gigi, on the other hand, I’ve never really been a fan of. I thought TPTB pushed them too hard, and while I thought they were cute at first, it just became too much after awhile. I loved Farah Fath on DAYS, but as Gigi I’ve felt she’s just too…twitchy.

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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    love amber and daniel! is he really leaving? – curse the recession!

    thank you for not putting lily and cane. for me they are as big a snoozefest as liz and jason.

    on the other hand, thank you DC lovers of liz and jason for including sam and lucky. i’m sure that hurt some of you. :)

    but i’m confused, i feel sam has tried to stay out of their orbit except for spending time with the boys. how is that meddlesome? i mean she’s been championing liz and jason.

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    Thank you, DC, for realizing what TIIC don’t…..Liason is LOVE! Don’t know why we are sharing that spot with LuSham, but still loving the props. All I want for Christmas is a shiny new pink slip with Bob Guza’s and Brian Frons name on them }:)

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    Question: how can Liason…or Spinmax for that matter even be considered best couples? Spinmax are best friends not a couple (although they are adorable) and Liason? Uh, to be a couple don’t you actually have to like see each other?? (And the safehouse doesn’t count although I think they were only there maybe 3 times this year, that was merely an affair). As far as Sucky, gag me…I can’t see why anyone would like them other than liason fans who want Sam paired off so she can’t reunite with Jason.

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    Sevenkell, who tinkled in your Cheerios this morning? LOL. Totally kidding. Thanks for the Spixie love though.
    ***Hey Lizard, it’s called karma. Look it up***

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    Robin and Patrick are number one are you kidding me. Robin is just so judgmental and their relationship is just one of the reasons I don’t even watch GH anymore. I know Robin has aids but good the woman needs to take a pill not be one. Patrick is just so blah. Sorry I usually agree with you but not here.

    Liason number three is the second reason I stopped watching GH I loved Jason Morgan but when they put him with Liz(weaky) something died in him. He is just so boring.

    How could you leave out Kendall and Zach who have more heat than both of these *couples combined*. What about Jesse and Angie.

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    Yea for two of my favorite soap couples: Danber and Spixie!! I also liked Bizzie at the beginning, but because of the way they were written they started to fell contrived. Hopefully Dinah and Shayne will make the best couples list of 2009!

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    Carly/Holden and Casey/Emily from ATWT just exemplify my frustration with ATWT–two great couples that the show spent forever building up to only to abruptly drop them based on some nonsensical plot point (Holden and Lily’s kid falls down a well? Dusty rises from the dead? Seriously?!). But while they were on, I agree, great couples.

    Rex and Gigi…have to agree with those who have said they are overrated. Frankly, I can’t stand them anymore and Gigi just annoys me. Just her lip gloss alone is enough to make me ffwd through a scene.

    Amber and Daniel…loves them. They would have been my number 1.

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    Darren Lomas

    Daniel and Amber – yay! I kind of figured Taylor and Rick (B&B) wouldn’t garner many votes, but I am holding out hope for my Trick reunion (although he did just accidentally kill her daughter and she’s in love love with Rigid… which could cause problems :D ).

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    Regan Cellura

    Remember peeps… this is for all of 08 so while Gigi and Rex may irk you now… they had some great stuff play out earlier this year. I like them. I wasn’t a huge Farah fan when she was on Days but I’m loving her on OLTL.

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    Hopefully Dinah and Shayne will make the best couples list of 2009!


    … but I am holding out hope for my Trick reunion (although he did just accidentally kill her daughter…)

    What does that matter?! Didn’t Thorne and Taylor get together 2 weeks after she ran over his wife, Darla?

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    Oh Liason… sigh… Just think where they would be if Guza/Frons/Phelps would have given them a real chance.

    Daniel and Amber at #2?!?!?! That is fabulous!!! Hoping Billy and Chloe are high up on next year’s list.

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    Interesting list. I only watch ABC soaps and Days, so I cannot comment on the other couples.

    I’m glad Viki and Charlie made the list. They were one of my favorite couples. I’m not so sure about Rex and Gigi. I like them, but they are lacking … something. I don’t know what. I feel as though TPTB missed part of the story. We didn’t get to see why Rex wanted Gigi back in his life. It played out as being more about Adrianna being such a bitch and Rex bonding with Shane even though he didn’t know he was his son. There was one other couple that I enjoyed more than these two – Jared & Natalie. But, oh well.

    I’ve never liked Liason. Don’t care if they are on the list. Whatever. I’ve liked LuSam, but I don’t get the feeling they are long term (yes, I know that on GH, 6 months might be considered long term). The only one of the four that I actually like is Lucky. Sam I’m neutral about and I hate both Jason and Liz.

    I do love Patrick & Robin and am happy to see them as #1. Their 3-year love story has had its ups and downs and its share of bad writing (this IS GH, after all) but both actors managed to save it even when the writing faltered. Yay for Scrubs!

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    I love all of the choices! Scrubs is the only reason I keep GH on my DVR, so I can FF to all their scenes…

    ***///My life as a soap fan is on life support, waiting for a miracle…\\\***

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    I am outraged at the thought of Frons destroying a couple I have grown to love in such a short time. Lucky and Sam have been a bight spot on GH for me. I will only watch live for them. A young ,passionate and sexy couple to be traded for what? Some dude that won’t even remove his socks. Frons step away from my couple. The sexy must not be touched.

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    Sam DiMera

    The only couple on this list that I liked was Emily and Casey. They had all the elements of a juicy soap couple.
    A lot of these, I would actually rank as some of the worst pairings in daytime. I loathe Scrubs. I’ve always been a Patrick fan but I can’t stand Robin and the way that she treats him. The good thing is that at least Paul and Meg weren’t on here!
    I agree with those who are hoping to see Dinah and Shayne on here next year.

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    I am bitter that Casey and Emily were broken up for no good reason then put in storylines that were boring. Those two were hot together and there was a lot of story to tell.

    I hope TPTB reconsider putting Casey and Emily back together, especially since Dusty treats Emily like crap and Casey/Alison is boring & spark-free.

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    Thanks so much for naming Robin and Patrick as the #1 couple. They are magical together. Those two, and Spixie, are the main reasons I keep tuning into GH day after day. Nice to see Spixie on your list too, they sparkle no matter what storyline they’re involved in.

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    First of all, thank you to the kind poster above who corrected Karissa and attempted to educate her about her ignorant comments about Robin’s HIV (NOT AIDS).

    Thank you DC for choosing the best couple in daytime, GH’s Robin and Patrick, as your best couple. 2008 has been a banner year for them, and the birth of Emma has just solidified them as a family. The chemistry Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson share is pure magic…I could watch them do just about anything together. I can’t wait for the Scrubs wedding!

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    I’m glad to see OLTL’s Viki and Charlie on this list, as well as GH’s Spixie but I think AMC’s Zendall and Jesse and Angie were both more solid couples than these two. Viki and Charlie were apart most of the year and just reunited recently. Spixie are BFF’s with one benefit (so far) and you’d hardly call that a couple compared to Zendall or the Hubbards. Jesse and Angie got a beautiful wedding this year and despite a few problems, were solid most of the year as was Zendall.

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    Completely….bull crap.

    Emily and Casey? WTH? What a discusting worthless pairing. They slept together a few times, married and Emily ran back to Dusty. Committment and love? Bulllll crap.

    Glad Dinah and Mallet/ Cyrus and Marina aren’t on the list though!

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    Becca, your take on Gigi and Rex is right on IMO. I liked them at first, but then their story became rushed (I guess to accomodate Melissa Fumero’s departure) and very heavy-handed. The whole love that transcended time thing was a big much. But now that they’ve been given something of a rest, I am starting to enjoy them again.

    Viki and Charlie are good, and it’s nice to see one of the vets getting a fullblown romantic story.

    But Jared and Natalie are the couple on OLTL that really do it for me. I realize they’re not everybody’s cup of tea, but I don’t think there’s a hotter pairing on any soap right now. They simply sizzle.

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    Lusam Lusam. I love them. You are right with the surprise. I knew they would be good but I was blown away with how hot the couple is. I hope they keep them together and Lucky and Sam will get married and have kids. I loved the mexico adventure. This couple has so much chemistry.

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    Just loved seeing Liason on there, much deserved!! A couple that has been so close, but never really had a chance. Both original portrayers, both fantastic together on screen and why these two aren’t officially a couple yet, IS BEYOND ME. the writers just never seem to give them a chance, scared?? You can’t pay for their chemistry, and better yet they now have a son on screen together, what more reason do we need? Also a plus for me, is that Jake is also a Quartermaine, I’m so ready to see the Morgan family grace the Q Mansion, I want to hear Edward comment on those baby blue eyes of Jake’s!!

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    Great job putting Viki and Charlie on the list…part of the reason soaps were so great years ago was that they told stories for the ENTIRE cast….love was found not only with the younger characters, but with the older, more mature ones as well….Viki and Charlie have such a sweet and endeaering quality to them that makes you want to root for them

    I’m not a Liason fan at all, and their pairing worked in 2001, NOT 2007-08….LOVE the fact that Robin/Patrick are # 1 on the list….Scrubs are the heart and soul of GH and their love story has been the anchor of the show for a long while now….baby Emma’s birth was so sweet

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    Are you kidding me…Robin and Patrick number one….this list is off. IMO the number one couple for 2008 is Jash…the writers could’ve done more with them instead of killing the love of jessica’s life Nash…and pairing her up with boring Brody. Jash/Tash pairing will always be number one on my list next to Liason.

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    Robin does not have AIDS, she’s HIV+. HIV and or AIDS cannot just go away by taking a pill. It’s a life threatening disease, which she has to deal with everyday. There are several pills that she has to take, just to keep her viral load down, but this does not make her “not be one” as you said. Robin never throws her illness in anyone’s face, so one of your reasons for not watching GH anymore because of her is just ignorant.

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    allikat….ICAM on everything you said….especially about the pink slips for Guza & Frons!

    Thanks DC, you comprised a great list …..and if only you guys were in charge instead of the “ahem” higher-ups of GH…….we might actually have a great soap again that actually makes sense, has happy couples, doesn’t kidnap or shoots kids or blatently displays ageism, demeans women, respects vet/legacy characters, shows multi-generational/cultural diversity, balance mob with cops AND know how to do romance!

    Why is it so easy for everyone else that watches this soap to see these flaws & want them corrected, than TIIC who NEVER listens or CARES what the fans want???

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    Yeah that’s funny. You mean like the Liz & Lucky fans with usernames like Jasamislove? What a joke. Liason fans love Liason because they see true deep love. Sam was a psycho that he dumped in the dirt and threatened to kill as soon as he realized he could have the woman he’d always wanted. So don’t flatter yourself the ratings prove that Jasam sucks. It just goes to show how strong a couple Liason is, Jasam has had more screen time in the last two weeks than Liason had in 2 years, and Lusam has sex every other day, and Liason still stomps Jasuck in the polls week after week. If it were not for the writers, NOBODY would feel Sam was a threat to Liason, the death threat, Steve’s attitude etc has made it clear she’s not.

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