BREAKING NEWS: Maurice Benard Inks New Contract?!

While this hasn’t been confirmed yet by General Hospital. Sources claim Maurice Benard (Sonny) has indeed re-signed with the show for an undetermined amount of time. Of course, silly dreamer soap fan that I am, I would hope this means a Skate reunion is on the horizon for Benard and the amazingly-underrated Megan Ward (Kate Howard), but why ever would General Hospital write an organic, character-driven storyline when they can simply try to recapture old lightening between Benard and Sarah Brown? This question is of course rhe-frons-ical.

Brown’s Claudia has chemistry to spare with the woefully-underused Rick Hearst, but instead of seeing Ric and Claudia on the front burner, we are getting this tired married-to-the-mob crap we already fast-forwarded through a decade and a half ago with Sonny and Lily. Sigh, I can remember when this was the one show in daytime I never griped about. Just like TRL and trusting your baker, those days are over. (Jamey breaks glass at his feet to symbolize a post-Liason GH being DEAD to him!) 


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    Uhm, yeah, I’ll just say it. Sonny, his mob, his neverending number of kids, and any semblence of a good story are dried up, and if ABCD is so worried about their falling revenue, freeing up this particular salary would be a good place to start.

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    Jamey Giddens

    What’s TRL, you ask? Talentless Rejects Live! It’s no longer on MTV but you can catch it on it’s new channel and name, Days of our Lives.
    Hey know! I had my first kiss and my first feel up to many a tune from those taletless rejects!

    They tell me you’re in love with me,
    That you can’t take your pretty eyes away from me,
    It’s not that I don’t wanna stay,
    But everytime you come to close I walk away.

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    Jamey Giddens

    What song is that?! And don’t you dare tell me Britney Spears!

    I wanna BELIEVE in everything that you say,
    Cause it sounds SO good,
    But if you really want me,
    Move slow,
    There’s things about me you just have to know,

    “Britney’s BACK Bitches!”

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    Jamey, I feel your pain. I am over Maurice and Steve and the mob. It is overexposed, overused and overplayed and the fans want something different instead of the rehash crap Guza keeps giving us. I hope that Ann Sweeney would intervene and start cleaning house, but it not happening anytime soon. I just glad that Y&R is giving us, the fans the respect and love that they doing there.


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    No offense to MB, but I wish he wouldn’t re-sign. This show DESPERATELY needs some change and I think having Sonny off the canvas would help the show tremendously.

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    I could care less about Sonny anymore. I used to love him with Tamara Braun’s Carly, where he seemed to have more layers…but now he is such a one-note character!

    Jamey…I usually agree with you, but I cannot tolerate anymore Skate! :sick: They were the most boring couple and Kate annoys me to no end! Megan Ward is a great actress, but the way TPTB write her character is a complete turn-off!

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    All you haters out there, I’m dancing a jig for joy. I’m not sorry MB resigned, hell no. I hope he gets a good story line, better than he has in some time. It’s like Guza and Frons hate him or something. I think MB and SB still have that spark.

    I swear, were all supposed to be soap fans, the soaps are dead and over, I’m just tired of hearing it. Real tired. Why doesn’t everybody just dress in black and walk with a coffin down the street like the hippies did when they declared the summer of love dead.

    If your so depressed about it, give up the soap or soaps and spare yourself. Spare the people out there who are still happy that their shows are on, wether they are perfect or not. You know only online fans are like this. I have never meet a fan of soaps who doesn’t go online or message boards that were as negative as online fans are, never ever. There is a huge difference. I’m tired of hearing there isn’t anything positive, blah blah blah. Give up soaps then, just give it up. Of course people won’t give it, what would they bitch about then. I can relate for sure on that end but come on.

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    I never liked Sonny before Kate and there is ZERO I like about him since Kate was shot. (I FLOVED him with Kate!) MB got his payday, he earned it. But the current direction GH is taking things – I really could care less whether he is with the show or not and if anything, it is a major turn off as I’m sure as heck not going to tune in everyday to see him with SJB or LLC. None of it sits very well when all indications are that MW was thrown under the bus in the process.

    I absolutely despise how they are destroying Kate in everyway possible to prop up Sonny’s next “romance” with either Claudia or Olivia. Humiliating her, endless personal attacks, complete character assasination. It is just utterly dispicable really. Not for nothing but Kate was a refreshing change from just another Carly clone.

    From the moment Kate burst through Sonny’s office I became a Megan Ward fan. I think she brings it in every scene whether somewhat comical, sexy, traumatic, flirtatious, or when she has to take it on the chin. Kate is why I watch GH/daytime – I hope she gets a good storyline, I do wish it were with Maurice. Megan and Maurice were simply compelling together, sweet and sincere. At least I thought so.

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    Very good post….I love Sonny with Kate—I miss them so much and I love the chemistry between Maurice Benard and Megan Ward. Also when CLic had their first scenes, I was actually surprised…first time Claudia sparked with someone….the show is ridiculous not to pursue Claudia and Ric.

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    I agree wholeheartedly that Rick Hearst is woefully underused. Though the writing crew does its best to hide it, GH has one of the best casts in the soap biz, if not the best, and Rick Hearst, when he’s given the right material (or, really, any material), is pretty much guaranteed to knock it out of the park. It almost makes a person wonder why he agreed to extend his contract when they’re not really giving him much of anything. It sucks, but the idea of Rick Hearst being on GH gives me a tiny sliver of hope that something good might happen. What can I say… sometimes I’m a hopeless optimist.

    I must, however, disagree with the idea of Sonny and Kate getting a redo. They were good at first, they really were, but somewhere down the line they just became boring. And Kate did the neigh impossible in making Sonny somewhat tolerable for an extended period of time. Where it went wrong I can’t say, but it did. That’s not to say that I want him with Claudia, because I don’t, but I also don’t want him with Kate.

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    Jamey you say underrated, I say get off my screen Connie “Do me Sonny again” Falconeri

    “I wish I could back to the time where romance was alive and growing and then followed up by a bullet to the head of a enemy”

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    “Uhm, yeah, I’ll just say it. Sonny, his mob, his neverending number of kids, and any semblence of a good story are dried up, and if ABCD is so worried about their falling revenue, freeing up this particular salary would be a good place to start.”
    Damn. That’s all I have to say. ITA that if they freed up “Morose” Benard’s salary, they could hire severl hair models and/or Brendabots in his place. Sorry to be so negative, but you know that’s what TIIC would do with that money. As long as SB and MB remain on the show, Guza/Frons will continue to keep all “General Mobsters” eggs in one mob-related storyline basket, no matter how much the fans protest. Very sad.

    I know I’m going to get slammed for this post, so go for it. IJMO.

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    Too bad. He is a far cry from doing GH any good. He shouldn’t have resigned.

    This mob business is getting old… I’d say fast but it happened years ago. Bring back some romance, some quirkiness (PLEASE GOD, NOT NADINE,) and the adventures that brought fun and enjoyment to what USED to be the best soap on daytime.

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