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This fall season has brought a lot of woes, and tears to some.  Some cries of anger from others and in some cases of a collective "Wait….. what?"  We now find ourselves at the critical half way point and some shows have left the canvas already, others are on their way out the door.  Just about everyone is about to go on hiatus through the holidays, then we have the midseasons coming in. 

After the jump we’ll take a look at a list of what shows will be falling by the wayside in the not too distant future. was kind enough to cobble together a list of shows that have been or are on the brink of cancellation.  Here is their list :


Dirty Sexy Money :

    * ‘The Plan’ airs Wednesday, 12/10 at 10pm ET
    * ‘The Organ Donor’ airs Wednesday, 12/17 at 10pm ET
    * Three more episodes will air after that, dates TBA

Eli Stone:

    * ‘Help!’ airs Tuesday, 12/9 at 10pm ET
    * ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’ airs Tuesday, 12/16 at 10pm ET
    * Five more episodes will air after that, dates TBA

Opportunity Knocks:

    * No air dates have been announced, but they are likely to air over the summer.

Pushing Daisies:

    * ‘The Legend of Merle McQuoddy’ airs Wednesday, 12/10 at 8pm ET
    * ‘The Norwegians’ airs Wednesday, 12/17 at 8pm ET
    * Three more episodes will air after that; dates TBA



The Ex List :

    * After airing only four episodes, it’s very unlikely that CBS will bring this romantic comedy back.


The CW

Easy Money – 0 episodes

Valentine – 0 episodes

In Harm’s Way – 0 episodes

    * The CW rented three hours of their Sunday night airtime to Media Rights Capital (MRC), but instead of filling the timeslots with established programming, MRC aired three original shows that failed to attract viewers. The shows were quickly pulled from the lineup and have since been replaced by CBS’ cancelled drama "Jericho" at 7pm and various movies between 8pm and 10pm.



Do Not Disturb:

    * Three episodes are all you’re going to get out of Fox for this comedy.



My Own Worst Enemy:

    * ‘Love In All the Wrong Places’ airs Monday, 12/8 at 10pm ET
    * ‘Henry and the Terrible… Day’ airs Monday, 12/15 at 10pm ET

Lipstick Jungle:

    * ‘Chapter Eighteen: Indecent Exposure’ airs Friday, 12/12 at 9pm ET
    * Two more episodes will air through 1/9; the show will not air the last two weeks of December.


    * ‘Heroes and Villains’ airs Saturday, 12/6 at 8pm ET
    * ‘Name of the Game’ airs Saturday, 12/20 at 8pm ET
    * ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ airs Saturday, 12/27 at 8pm ET
    * ‘The Hunting Party’ airs Saturday, 1/10 at 8pm ET
    * ‘The Traveler’ airs Saturday, 1/17 at 8pm ET
    * ‘The Return’ airs Saturday, 1/31 at 8pm ET

Knight Rider:

    * The show’s season (and possible series) finale will air Wednesday, 2/25.
    * Low ratings have prompted NBC to trim "Knight Rider’s" order from 21 episodes to 17.

Personally I have to say that most of these are coming no where near breaking my heart.  The only ones that I was interested in were Knight Rider and My Own Worst Enemy.  KR at this point i would almost thing would be better in syndication and MOWE was just starting to lose me.  Maybe it was because there were other things I was watching I’m not too sure.

So, what do you think?

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  1. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    From what Brooke Shields said, Lipstick Jungle hasn’t been cancelled. Did they finally announce that it has? I know I read somewhere that NBC said they are going to keep the show since it increased by 50% in ratings and earlier this week, NBC ordered 3 more scripts. The same with Dirty, Sexy, Money, I thought William Baldwin said they were still a go?

  2. Profile photo of Sean

    I believe what Billy Baldwin was saying was that all the actors are still under contract and the sets haven’t been ripped apart…….yet.

    I think it is possible that some of these could still survive but their numbers would have to range from good and steady to amazing based on how many un-aired episodes are left. In the case of Knight Rider they are already making changes for the back end of the season and if those numbers improve then NBC will most likely pick it up again.

  3. Profile photo of Beth

    It’s a sad day when hot donkey pooh like Knight Rider has more of a shot at survival than Dirty Sexy Money or Pushing Daisies.

    Can I get an AMEN on that!

  4. Profile photo of ssjohn

    Well its the viewers faults, people who tuned in last season and this season are both tuning out in droves, possibly still watching on their dvr or online, but for the most part people are running away from ‘serialized’ story telling, Knight rider mite be crap (I don’t know, i haven’t watched any of this season,) but it’s simple crap that you can tune in and enjoy for a episode and then not watch for a few weeks.

    You don’t watch Pushing daises for awhile, or if you are a new viewer you are sitting there asking “WHAT? Olive is where doing what with a pig?????????????”

    Only two i will miss is PD/DSM, the rest can go.

    On the topic of ‘is it canceled or not?’ i believe only a few shows (CW) are for sure canceled, the rest are ‘canceled’ just not officially, we mite not get official word until upfronts in May, also with the actor strike looming that mite actually force a few renewals if it does happen like now and last awhile lol, but it could also kill alot of shows because networks will just put on talk shows.

  5. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    sorry, totally off topic but did any one see Scott Holroyd (ex Paulon atwt)on Dirty Sexy Money last night becaue he was great in it.

    I have been racking my brain for weeks as to why I recognized that character! Boy I wish he was back on ATWT as Paul

  6. Profile photo of momsmistchief

    Well I am bummed to see Lipstick go. It has been yes/no as to weather it will last or not so I’m just enjoying what I can. I also enjoy Dirty Sexy Money and the Tripp family. I don’t watch a lot of prime time and it is sad to see two of the shows I do watch go by the board. Hopefully there two being dropped will be rethought and saved.

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