Ousted Star Wasn’t Only One Facing a Pink Slip

On the heels of the shocking revelation that The Young and the Restless, actor Don Diamont has been let go, Soap Opera Digest, is reporting that another cast member was on the chopping block. According to the magazine, Diamont and another long time member of the show faced getting the pink slip when, at the last minute the other star was spared and Diamont was given his walking papers.

Digest claims that the other Y&R actor/actress got a reprieve of sorts when a plot change in a long term storyline was made. This latest revelation begs the question for many, who was the one that may have gotten the pink slip over Diamont? Online rumblings have started to take shape and some have suggested that the person in question may have been Doug Davidson. Since Davidson’s character Paul has been recently romantically paired with childhood friend and VD appointee Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott), he has been thrusted back into a front burner storyline whereas months before Davidson was scarcely seen.

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    Luke Kerr

    As a newer viewer (5-7 years) I would have thought that the character of Brad would have much greater s/l potential than Paul. Based on what I’ve seen in my short time watching.

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    Jillian Bowe

    To be quite honest with you Luke, Don’s firing along with Doug’s name being thrown in the mix doesn’t surprise me. Paul hasn’t had a real storyline in ages and you’d think with Heather being in town he would have a great storyline being played out. It hasn’t. All we see is Paul holding Nikki’s hand and getting chewed out by that brat kid of his. The same with Don, Brad was boxed into a corner after he got fired from Jabot and Newman. Where was he going to land, Chancellor? Please not with Kay and Jill at the helm of that sucker. You don’t see Chancellor period anymore its all about Jabot and Newman so I knew he wasn’t going there but now with the Jabot takeover you never know. Jill and Cane need to do something other than bitch about Billy’s betrayal. The other candidates to be let go IMO was Thad Luckinbill, since the poor guy hasn’t had anything meaty in ages and Tammin Sursok. Once JT married Victoria and got on at Newman BOOM! He’s MIA only when they need him to do some recon work. You’d think he would be hanging around Billy or something. Colleen bit the storyline dust once the professor was let go and Daniel decided he wanted Amber. Brad had potential but was really boxed in plain and simple.

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    I can see more s/l’s coming Paul’s way since Cricket is supposed to be coming back to GC. There is a lot the writers could do with that (a lot of past history, especially with Phyllis). I do agree with you Jillian that the writers have really written some of these characters into corners. I am very sad to see Don (Brad) go because I think he is a great asset to Y&R. Seeing him in his scenes at the Jabot takeover reminded me of that. Just watching his amusement of what was happening at the takeover was pure entertainment. There is a handful of characters that could go and would not be missed, but Brad isn’t one of them. I hope one of the other soaps out there take advantage of a Y&R loss and hire Don to be on their show. He is a great actor and will be missed greatly by his Y&R fans.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Seattlegirl, Brad could have been great at Jabot but his little coupe against Nikki just backfired. If he had worked to bust DAVID as a gambler and prove that to Nikki, things would’ve worked out a bit differently for him. The writers were going that direction and then badass Brad emerged. If Chancellor Industries was shown more I think he could’ve had a shot there if he didn’t try to screw over Nikki and got shafted by Jill. As for Paul…. I’ll know more on how long Cricket’s (sorry NEVER got into calling her Christine! She’s damn CRICKET!)later on this week.

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    Don will be missed by many Y&R fans as a love-to-hate character. He still had a lot of potential especially with the rumored sorased Abby coming back and being paired with Sharon would’ve been really nice but not the way they are doing it. I also think Paul was probably the other vet that was mentioned in the article as being on the bubble.

    What I don’t understand is, why on earth do they keep some of these actors on contract when they are rarely seen:

    The insipid Sursok didn’t have a chance as Colleen once Adrianne Leon was fired because she simply isn’t as good as her predecessor.

    Thad L. hasn’t been the same since being paired with Amelia and even though they are married in real life… they have NO chemistry onscreen.

    Bryton, I know has asked for less screen time so the actor can finish school. Yet, it seems everyone hates this current storyline with the STFU Ana and Tyra as ‘a lot like Dru” comment from Olivia, I just don’t see it.

    So what gives with keeping some of these actors on contract? I know the newbies don’t make anywhere near what the vets do but really?

  6. Profile photo of Scout

    “Tyra as ‘a lot like Dru’ comment from Olivia, I just don’t see it.”

    Well, they are both histrionic scenery chewers, so there’s that…

    There’s so many other actors that could go before Diamont. For example, I’d be very interested in a ‘Who Killed Lily Winters?’ storyline. And the killer would be…Colleen — so long, Sursok.

    I’ve read somewhere (here maybe?) that the producers have been courting a “well-known actress” for a Dru recast, so maybe that’s why Diamont is out.

    I have my theory as to who it might be, but who knows if it’s even true or whether said actress would even want to join a soap.

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    It’s beyond ridiculous that Don Diamont was fired due to budget cuts. The man has been portraying Brad Carlton for over 20 years. There are several other useless characters that folks have been begging TIIC to get rid of yet they’re still stinking up our screens like Not-Colleen, Tyra, Ana, Eden and River. No one would miss these characters (hell, Colleen isn’t even ON hardly anymore and no one gives a rat’s butt)and getting rid of all of them would improve the show greatly. I just don’t understand the logic.

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