Daytime Confidential’s Top 10 Worst Couples of 2008

No. 10: Cane and Lily – The Young and the Restless

It’s a tried and true soap opera staple for two people who had their hearts smashed by their respective partners to end up hooking up on the rebound, but when soft touch Cane (Daniel Goddard) and uptight Lily (Christel Khalil) got together after their respective breakups from wild children Amber (Adrienne Frantz) and Daniel (Michael Graziadei), "Lane" a couple about as appealing as an evening of watching paint dry—in Peapack—was born. Luckily for Y&R fans, firecrackers like Billy (Billy Miller) and Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) are around to keep things interesting.

No. 9: Josh and Cassie – Guiding Light

There are some lines that not even soap opera siblings should cross. Guiding Light crossed such a line when they penned the shark-jumping, vomit-inducing storyline that had Cassie—the beloved half sister Reva promised her dead mother Sarah she would find and reunite with her family— embarking on a relationship with Reva’s soul mate Josh Lewis (Robert Newman), while Reva battled breast cancer no less. Yes this sucktastic storyline had it’s origins in 2006 and sure, Cassie (Nicole Forester) and Josh (That’s Josh-ua to you Princess Pole Twister!) didn’t know Reva was sick at the time, but that didn’t keep this storyline from making fans ill. No, this wasn’t the first time the sisters had battled it out over a man—both wore the San Cristobellion tiara when respectively hitched to Prince Richard—but Reva’s "Bud" should have been off limits. Cassie’s penchant for hoeing herself around with such charmers as Cyrus (Murray Bartlett) and her unending obsession with her children (the dead one and the demon seed) didn’t help matters. Thank the Soap Gods original Cassie Laura Wright had the good sense to jump ship to General Hospital rather than play out this turkey of a storyline. Poor Nicole Forester didn’t know what she was getting herself into.

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    OH MY GOD, PEG I hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this couple so much, they make me lose the will to live whenever they come on the screen. Now that Craig is back, if he manages to kill these two in a slow and painful way, he will forever be my hero. One can only hope.

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    I couldn’t agree more that AMC’s Ryan has never recaptured the romance he had with Gillian with any other partner. I absolutely loved them and was heartbroken when they killed her off. Only time I’ve ever enjoyed Ryan’s character.

    I think the actress that plays Annie is great and deserves a much better pairing.

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    Well, where AMC is concerned, I like Taylor and Jake. I actually thought Jake and Amanda were too forced. And, while I do agree about Ryan and Gillian- I liked Annie and Ryan as well. In the beginning. It didn’t measure up to Ryan/Gillian, but at the time, I thought Annie was exactly what Ryan needed, and I enjoyed them.

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    Yeah, Lily and Cane and Paul and Meg are on the list. You couldn’t wish for more.

    Only maybe stop for a short time by the question where are B&B’s Nick and Katie and Brooke and Ridge…??? LOL

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    How did Nick and Melanie make your list (their early scenes were cute and fun) when Chelsea and Daniel didn’t? Seriously? The show tried to pretend Dan was in his thirties with his lame surfer talk, Chelsea barely knew him and had hero worship in her eyes, Dan was striking more chemistry with every other female he interacted with, his feelings for Chelsea came out of no where (obviously now we know he has a complex with sick women) and they acted like Nick wasn’t even a consideration.

    I know some people liked Chelsea and Daniel but by and large people LOATHED that coupling more then any new coupling I’d seen on boards.

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    One thing I’d definitely disagree on – in terms of Annie and Ryan, I’d keep Annie and sending Ryan packing. I never had any use for Annie, but her brand of crazy is at the top of my shelf lately, while Ryan continues to be a self-righteous bore.

    And I like Taylor and Jake. Sue me. ;)

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    So glad to see the acknowledgment of Cane, Lily, Billy and Chloe. I think Lily and Cane are as boring as waiting for the deep hair conditioner to work–in addition to the paint dry example. While I think Chloe and Billy are hotter than a two dollar pistol, as my dad would say. So…I’m actually totally supportive of a Lily/Cane reunion. They can totally get it on with their boring selves as long as it means Billy and Chloe get together. They are so sparky with eachother. I look forward to a relationship between those two that is like “two porcupines in love.” (I borrowed that phrase from Entertainment Weekly). That would make for good soap.

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    Nick and Melanie was so right on they are one of the worst besides others like John and Bair One Life To Live Sarah and Chris One Life To Live ,I`m shocked that Mattlet and Marina weren`t on the list .

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    Paul and Meg really deserve this awesome honour! Any couple who can make me not enjoy James Stenbeck being on my screen deserves it! The really are the Vortex of Suck!

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    Thanks for including Alison from ATWT. I like the character ok, but every romance story she has had in the past almost 2 years has been awful or boring with the minor exception of Chris. They actually had a little something interesting before the sexual harrassment lawsuit.

    I want Alison as far away from Casey as possible (and I want Casey back with Emily).

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    I would include ATWT’s Luke and Noah for worst couple because of boring chemistry and bad writing and plot heavy crap they been giving to shine. I hate Peg with a passion and and another couple should been on the list, OLTL’s Vanessa and Cris. Cris and anyone suck the life out a couple and the actress is horrible and needs to leave Llanview, altogether.


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    IMHO, Maxie and ANY ONE is a disaster! She is way too selfish to give herself to anyone other than herelf. It’s been “All About Maxie” for the last year or two. I usually FF through anything involving her and Spinelli. He is wasted on her.

  13. Profile photo of Melodie

    Where are Harley and Cyrus?!?! They were god awful and ruined both characters almost to the point of no return! Ok, y’all know I had to get that out of my system…Cyrina fan…can’t help myself. Anyways, other than that I’m pretty happy with this list. Peg at Number 1 totally works. That couple is so bad we named them: The Vortex of Suck! LOL!

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    I disagree with most of the list, but whatever Nick and Melanie are on there so i am happy :)

    @AC I actually liked Fancy and Luis, the only pairing i disliked was Kay and NuMiguel (really disliked the actor) and Noah/Paloma (-.- recast screwed the final season), also hated Father/son but we will leave Vincent out of this :P

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    I’m sorry some don’t like Lily w/Cane. I’ve never liked her much until with him …I like their storyline and I don’t think its the worst but I understand how it is. On the otherhand…

    Cassie with Josh propelled me right out the door. I couldn’t take it…It just wasn’t right. I was a GL fan for decades but I just couldn’t get with this one on any level whatsoever it was just wrong wrong wrong. They should’ve aborted the storyline quickerthanthis.. I’m not a professional writer but even I could see this was a turkey stuffed w/ lemons. Disaster …I wrote and tried to tell them but they wouldn’t listen…I’m glad to finally see I’m not alone after all these years.

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    OMG paul and meg are the only reason why I watch ATWT sometimes they are perfect for eachother harley and cyrus are worse, freeaking beth and coop are worse MALLET AND MARINA ! jesus!!!


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    Cassie and Josh killed my love for GL. It was so wrong and the fact that TPTB kept it going for so long was an insult to the fans. NF never had a snow ball’s chance in hell of becoming a fan favorite after that. Jeffery and Reva should be on this list too, talk about boring.

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    I disliked Josh & Cassie but Harley & Cyrus, Mallet & Marina, Jeffrey & Reva, and Daisy & Grady were all worse. Far worse.

    As Melodie explained, the Harley & Cyrus pairing was so horrid that it completely destroyed Harley beyond repair and Cyrus is only now just starting to recover from the damage done to him by that totally out-of-character debacle.

    Mallet is Marina’s godfather, he’s twice her age, and they’re more boring than watching Coop feed the Peapack ducks.

    Jeffrey raped Reva’s sister. In my book that’s enough to make a pairing bad but he also slept with her daughter, raped Olivia, and is a creepy control freak.

    Grady is a vile scumbag murderer who shouldn’t even be on the show and Daisy is whiny idiot who should be in Greece with her tramp of a mother.

  19. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    Wha??!! Lily & Cane WERE the best couple EVER on Y&R until Chloe came to town. A better choice on the 10 Worst List would be Nikki & David from Y&R. Lane generated strong emotions (of both love & hate), but Nikki & David were universally panned by all. That’s been the worst coupling since… since… Victor & Sabrina!

  20. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I agree with most of this list – all those couples are really bad, lol.

    But I have to argue with the Matt/Maxie pick. As was pointed out in the post, they’re not even a couple. And there were so many truly horrible couples on soaps this past year, that non-couple Matt/Maxie making the list because you know Guza wants them together just seems a waste of a spot, imo.

    I would have included: Nick & Kate (B&B), Eric & Donna (B&B), Sarah & Cristian (OLTL), Todd & amnesiac Marty (OLTL), EJ & Nicole (DAYS), Johnny & Lulu (GH), Jason & Liz (GH)

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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    I disagree with Cane/Lily being on the list. Personally, I love their chemistry. I think they are the best pairing and aren’t they the most popular couple on Y&R right now. Their fanbase is huge and it should be.

    Who should be on the list? Definately Chloe/Cane(how could you miss that one) from Y&R, Nick/Katie from B&B and Chloe/Lucas from Days.

    Just wondering how do you come up with the list for best/worst. Is it the personal opinion of DC or fan vote?

  22. Profile photo of JaSamLover

    I can not tell you how happy I am to see Taylor&Jake on here. I thought I was the only one who wasn’t feeling them, and that it had something to do with the fact I don’t watch GL. Phew.
    [Also, I can not stand Beth Ehlers! I don’t think she’s that great of an actress (which may or may not have to do with the material she’s had so far on AMC) and I hate the way she speaks. She drives me nuts! And shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near that hot piece of man meat RPG]

    I don’t think Ryan will ever be able to recapture the magic he had with Gillian. I think every soap character has their “one true love” and while they may have magic and love with other characters, it’s just never the same. For example, the love of Greenlee’s life is not Ryan Lavery. And no matter how much AMC tries to shove that down my throat, I know [like real fans do],that Leo DuPres is her soul mate. And nothing will ever change that.
    [Which is why I vote for Josh Duhamel to come back before Rebecca Budig leaves, so that Greenlee&Leo can ride off into the sunset together. As it should be :) ]

    Also, this list is missing one very obvious couple.
    Johnny&LuLu! I still am not convinced they have this great life altering love. They haven’t even convinced me they’re in like with eachother. Ugh, it pisses me off. Johnny is wasted on LuLu. And Brandon Barash is wasted on Julie Berman [who is a fantastic actress wasted on GH. How could they do that to her?]

    Sam McCall’s favorite accessory? A shotgun :).

  23. Profile photo of elbugten

    Jake/Taylor AMC-yawn. Don’t see it. Stop forcing them on me. Jake and Amanda are the money couple there.

    I disagree about Ryan/Annie. I think they work the best of the Ryan/Greenlee/Aidan/Annie possibilities. I started watching AMC just as Gillian died, so I never say Ryan and Gillian together, but I know Leo is Greenlee’s one true love, and no one can convince me otherwise. Aiden Turner had much more chemistry with Sabine Singh’s Greenlee than he does with RB’s, and that’s not saying much, since the man has never had any chemistry with any of his costars, including Eva “I ooze sex appeal” LaRue. AT is great eye candy, period.

    Thought for sure you’d mention Tarty, but maybe you didn’t sicne the actors had chemistry together, and the couples on this list seem to have none.

    I’m another Spixie fan hoping Frons doesn’t force M&M down our throats, but since I’m not in one of his focus groups, I know my opinion doesn’t matter. Sigh.

  24. Profile photo of ambroshaangel

    Lily and Cane are one of the BEST parings on Daytime if not THE BEST paring on daytime. They have a true love about them that is not seen anymore on soaps. DG and CK have AMAZING chemistry together. Lily and Cane aren’t liked because their getting together wasn’t about getting back at someone or a rebound thing. They were friends and it gradually grew into something more no matter how they tried to fight it. I would be thrilled to see Y&R go back to romance and love that the old Y&R offered, and stray away from CONSTANT backstabbing and manipulation. Lily and Canes love gives hopeless romantics something to look forward too! Y&R has a GEM in DG/CK’s chemistry I really hope they take advantage of that!!!! Cane/Psychlo, Marina/Mallet, Cassie/Josh, Janet/Jack now those are couples that are horrible.

  25. Profile photo of kelly1142

    Your #1 choice is spot on. Paul and Meg have run roughshod over this show for far too long. The characters thrown under the bus to prop Meg especially, but Maul as well (I’m looking at you Emily, Craig, Rosanna, Lucinda, Sophie, not to mention Paul himself being Snyderized) is ridiculous.

    Put Meg with Dusty so they can be the Saints of Oakdale together and put Paul back with Emily – they both may be crazy but at least they’re far more interesting than the black hole of suck that is Maul.

  26. Profile photo of Becca

    I disagree with the Matt & Maxie choice as well as Jake & Taylor.

    As for Matt & Maxie, they aren’t a couple. Not even close. I know that Frons is an idiot and can screw up even a sure thing, but even he shouldn’t get called out for something that hasn’t happened yet. Not when there are plenty of existing couples that deserve to be on the worst list.

    I guess I am in the minority in that I like Jake & Taylor on AMC. I never saw the actors in their other roles (I don’t even know what show or network they were on), so I didn’t have any preconceived notions or expectations. I have just enjoyed watching them develop. I found Amanda to be too young and borderline stupid for Jake. I think that Taylor could have benefited from a better back story and set up, but overall it’s a story I’ve liked. The thought of her and Brot is just about the most ridiculous I can imagine. The age difference is just so vast. They come off as more mother/son or aunt/nephew than lovers. I never once thought of Jake & Taylor as being forced just because they were successfully paired on another show. I can think of other AMC couples FAR more forced (Bianca & Reese, Frankie & Randi, Ryan & Greenlee).

  27. Profile photo of angie2000

    I do not agree with the list —especially having Cane and Lily on it. The fact is that it is someone else perpective. But guess what it is not my perspective or others. I think Lily and Cane is the couple for me to watch. They brought a lot of us back to the Soap world— I just hope the writers will do them justices and not write implausible storylines for them like they are doing now—UGH!. I feel this Soap couple have chemistry — no doubt about that. I also recognize some people do not see it and sometimes it baffles me. But then I realize people are coming from different angles and perspectives of what excite them personally about a connection with a soap couple. Some like their couple rough around the edges, some might want their couple relationship to be more flawed, or some may like them in constant turmoil, etc – but you know what this is call people— perspectives of how a couple relates to you. Lily and Cane relationship brings romance& wholesomeness, heroism, and heroine— I personnally like that stuff—it is relatable to me and I love it and want more.

  28. Profile photo of Sam DiMera
    Sam DiMera

    Where are Lucas and Chloe from Days? They have to be one of the biggest blunders that show has ever made. I’m glad they’re about to combust!
    Matt and Maxie don’t belong on here; even if one hates them they’ve had like five scenes together and there are a multitude of other horiffic pairings that that spot could have gone to (for example Nick and Katie or Nick and Bridget from B&B, Todd and MArty from OLTL). You have to be a Spixie extremist in order to rank them as one of the worst couples, which obviously the person who made this list is.
    Lily and Cane are responsible for my narcolepsy. Cane was a good character until he got sucked inti the black hole of Lily Winters.

  29. Profile photo of jcp201

    I’m glad Matt and Maxie are on this list. I dread the moment when they will be inevitably put together because they were on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. I don’t care about some old DAYS couple, I love what’s happening with Spinelli and Maxie.

  30. Profile photo of fewfew50

    FEW I only watched Y&R so i don’t know any of the other couples but when i say Cane and LILY on the list it made me wonder if all the other couples are bad pairs because i thoroughly enjoy Cane and LILY.
    I think they should be on another list not this list. It seems very subjective to me.

  31. Profile photo of inspiron

    PEG?! Is this place run by jealous TSJ fans? haha
    Well it’s better to be #1 than ignored!

    And I am so happy to see Ryan and Annie as a worst couple-She is a horrible character!

  32. Profile photo of DIANNE

    loser ryan and ryan he loves himself more than he could ever love a woman. amc is making a big mistake putting kendall back with her abuser.

  33. Profile photo of partyvibe

    I am sad to see lily and cane on the list, they do not deserve to be there, now boring is chloe and i hope they do not paired her with billy please. also love meg and paul, all soaps should have a balance when it comes to good and evil.

  34. Profile photo of Madison1067

    Are you serious, Matt and Maxie as one of the worst couples??? Have they even shared more then 4 scenes alone together? And in those 4 scenes the romantic chemistry is sizzling. Sure Spixie has a good freindship chemistry but no romanitc chemistry. Which is odd because KS has had that sexual chemistry with everyone she has been paired with except Bradford. Their romantic scenes was hard to watch and awkward. You are obviously a Spixie fan!!

  35. Profile photo of fewfew50

    Is this an acknowledgement or the ranting of a subjective few? Is this a fan poll who decides who should be on the list.
    Poll the fans to see if they should be on the list. I dare you. No i double dog dare you.,

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