Britney Spears on Ellen: Sneak Peek

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    i don’t get it… Britney Spears.. average voice. Even Miley Cyrus is better than her. But still, she’s EVERYWHERE! And she never sing LIVE!

    i’m over her.

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    True, Jamey. But Janet and Madonna had a little bit more going for them then Britney. I don’t ever see Britney coming out w/ an album that’s better then Control or Like a Prayer. No matter what she goes through personally her music is never that deep to reflect it.

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    I watched her “For the Record” show on MTV, and it seemed like she had some AMAZING PR people, b/c she was the queen of spin in that “documentary.” For example:

    1) When the host asked her about her comeback, she said something along the lines of, “Well, I hate that word “comeback,” and I don’t think that’s what this is. I mean, I’ve been recording the whole time. Sometimes you’re in the spotlight, and sometimes you’re not. I have just been out of the spotlight for a while.” (My thoughts: No Brit, you’ve been in the spotlight the entire time, but now that your medication seems to have you more stable, I think we can say this is a “comeback.”)

    2) When the host asked her about shaving her head, she seemed to get defensive when she responded, “I don’t think it was a big deal. I mean, people shave their heads all the time.” (My thoughts: Yeah Brit, they’re called “Marines.”)

    The whole thing was very entertaining, even when she pulled the ever-popular “woe is me, I’m a celebrity” routine. I suggest you all check it out.

    ***Hey Lizard, it’s called karma. Look it up***

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