DC #333: CBS and Days Dumbed Down and Dreadful?

On today’s CBS and Days of Our Lives episode of Daytime Confidential Luke, Mike, Jamey and Melodie discuss all the latest news including…

Janet vs. Carly. Jon Lindstrom’s debut as Craig Montgomery on As the World Turns and our reaction to his dating a woman he once believed to be his daughter.

Pheobe’s death on The Bold and the Beautiful and is it just us or has B&B been dumbed down over the past several months? Jamey comments on his interview with Sean Kanan (Deacon).

Billy finds out that Chloe is pregnant with his child. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a May/December romance with Billy and Nikki? Imagine the possibilities. More fallout from the Jabot takeover on The Young and the Restless. Ashley Abbott is taking names and we’re loving it.

Jeff Branson’s debut as Shayne Lewis on Guiding Light but shouldn’t Dinah recognized him as Shayne? Melodie isn’t happy about the Marina and Mallet wedding and doesn’t Guiding Light have a church as a set? Why couldn’t it have been used for the wedding?

Alison Sweeney fakes labor on Ellen. Lisa Rinna gets a reality show but shouldn’t it be on SOAPnet? Reaction to Sandra Ferguson’s debut on Days of Our Lives and Arianne Zucker is doing the work of her career.

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  1. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Hey, guys, great podcast, and I completely agree about B&B dumbing down the show and Brad Bell needs to get it back to what the show should be about or we won’t have a soap named, “B&B”. Phoebe’s death is a joke and shouldn’t have happen, if you was going to make Phoebe in a car accident, why not have her cut up very badly in the accident and get rid of the actress and hired another one to have plastic surgeon, ala Janet on AMC or Marley on AW. It would have made good s/ls in the future and set it up for the younger set. This s/l is not making anyone sympathetic and just don’t care anymore. ATWT is a joke, DAys is awful, GL is the only CBS soaps, besides Days, that is improving, who would have thought that, and Jeff Branson is killing it is Shayne Lewis. I think that they should try to bring Tom Phelprey back so that Shayne and Johnathon can go at is and hook up Shayne and Dinah. It would make Reva and Josh crazy and set up s/l if the show last long. And bringing back Grant is a good start and Phillip and Dinah are related, so I hope the writers remember that and bring the drama and action back to Springfield to keep the show alive for years to come. And last and not lest, Y&R is the best soap on right now and I loving it. I wish that soaps would treat their fans with respect like tptb at Y&R is doing and trying their best to give the fans what they want. I am even feeling sympathy for Gloria, who would have thought that they would make me feel anything for the woman who ate Genoa City. I think the writing is making me feel something for Gloria about the tainted cream and something about Judith Chapman’s performance is making me feel something for her. I hope they keep it up. I am loving the Phyllis scheming girl back and hope they don’t ruin her without being irredeemable.


  2. Profile photo of Johnathon

    You guys asked if anyone would cared about Rafe being stabbed? I think we (days fans) care more about Rafe then the (pointless) Mayor and Trent put together.

    A.K.A. ssjohn

  3. Profile photo of Gracie09

    Luke and Jamey,
    I love the website and I think you both are great spokepersons for daytime TV. There is something; however, that I have picked up on listening to your podcasts, that I wanted to hear more from you about.
    With all the talk and speculation about loosing daytime TV, a portion of the bottom line is that Soap actors will be out of the ability to hone their craft in this particular genre. I watch Days exclusively and keep up-to-date with the goings on at NBC and I am hoping that Ken Corday becomes the Tin Man and grows a heart for this genre to the point that he could back up the actors and their talent, because the theory that Soaps provide bad acting is an old and tired excuse as an unnecessary strike against the industry.
    My thought is that in these desparate times, we need to do everything we can to support the talent range of certain superstars. I don’t have the answer, but I know that somewhere in the space of ratings and management, the question about talent gets lost and becomes a negative that I think pundits should have a good rebuttal to claims that have been made.
    I totally agree with Jeff Zucker, when he says that a 50-year-old model for TV is out of date and in need for an upgrade; however, we are not going to get him to think differently in regards to Soaps “for tradition” sake, only. There is a gap that exists between modernizing Days to NBC standards and canceling it.
    I can clearly see Daytime Confidential is doing a great job to lead the charge and close the gap of misunderstandings between the Soap industry and the networks, but please be careful about commenting in regards to the quality of acting that is currently out there. If anybody puts the stars of the shows in a negative light, you loose the fabric of what everybody agrees with and is looking for and that’s proven success.

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