Eva Marcille Joins Y&R Permanently

Examiner.com is reporting that Eva Marcille has joined The Young and the Restless permenantly.

According to sources, Eva’s work on the Emmy-award winning soap impressed the writers so much they decided to develop her character for future storylines.

This news comes on the heels of a report we brought you back in September about Marcille and Jamia Simone Nash returning to Genoa City, though at the time there was no indication how long their return would last.

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    Jillian Bowe

    I smell a Dru-bot a coming. I dig Eva, she’s come around acting wise but this reeks of Y&R trying to fill a void Dru’s left on the Winters family and GC. I love Y&R but this is one thing I can’t get down with right about now.

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    I’m pretty lukewarm about this myself. Eva is gorgeous and a decent actress, especially for one from a reality show, but her character just bugs me. Maybe if her little charge Ana is sent off to boarding school far, far away, I could like Eva better. Just hearing her gush and whine all the time about Ana really bores me, as does Ana’s little orphan act.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I hope they stop playing so nice and safe and soap the storyline up a bit, or make that 1,000. She needs to be falling for Neil, while Karen becomes slightly off balance and emotionally unstable. Instead of foster care being the issue, I would have written it that Karen becomes jealous of Neil bonding with Tyra and Ana, due to the fact that Karen can’t have children and then Karen slowly descends into madness, ala Sheila Carter or Tricia McNeil.

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    I can’t stand either of them. At the very least, let Ana’s real mom come back to GC and get Ana.

    I hope that Neil does not drop Karen for Tyra, I just don’t like the two of them together.

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    Why would you want Ana’s biological (not real) mother come back for her? That woman is a crackhead, and Ana would be in danger with her.

    Also, I’d rather see Tyra be the bad girl going after Neil, not Karen.

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    Ever since the writers of Another World had poor Nicole lose her marbles/go nuts with jealousy so that they could get rid of her and pair Cass with Frankie, I’ve never been a fan of that particular soap plot. So I don’t think I want to see Karen go nuts with jealousy and baby rabies. If they want to pair Neil and Eva, I’d prefer to see some kind of soapy affair that eventually makes Neil have to man up and admit to Karen he wants Eva instead of her (though I prefer Karen and Neil).

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    It would be much better to recast Ana and stay with her REAL mother Tyra and then just never show her. She can be “off in her bedroom studying”. Tyra raised Ana, she should kept Ana.

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    I always thought Eva was a good actress, but the writing was all over the place, but now that they are giving the actress a decent storyline I think this is good news (esp. w/the rumor affair w/the never seen JT). And I have to say that pic of Eva still gets me. She is awesome looking.

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    Jamey Giddens

    The only way I wanna see Karen stick around is if Nia Peeples starts karate chopping folks like she did on Walker The Texas Ranger! She can start by drop kicking Amelia Henlie off that same cliff Dru fell from. Then Heather Tom can climb up the mountain!

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    I agree, blackjack21. It seems that Karen will be sacrificed at the alter of Tyra — and I’m not sure why that is, especially since just now have they finally developed Karen into a viable long-term character. Not to mention the fact that Nia Peeples is actually an ACTRESS, not a reality show winner learning on the job; and, really, all it seems that she has learned to do is chew scenery.

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    According to the Social Workers, Ana and Devon’s bio mom, has cleaned up her act and gotten married.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for a crackhead, but it would seem a viable way to write Ana off of the show. Sorry, but I don’t like the kid, and I don’t think she is a neccesary character,or Devon either for that matter. Not to mention that she and the bursting into song thing bugs the crap out of me.

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