The Young and the Restless: Friday’s Preview

The moment we’ve all been waiting for minus DC’s fearless leader Luke…. DAMN I wish I had my TiVo so I can watch it OVER and OVER again! Oh well, there’s always YouTube.

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    Jamey Giddens

    GET HER! Even though I like her a lot better these days, she must still pay for costing Jackie and My Beauty Jabot! TAKE HER DOWN! Then chunk one of Mammy’s cinammon buns at her!

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    Oh Jeffrey! I love you! GET HER! She is finally going to get the wrath of Jack and Ashley! The Abbott sibs will rip her to shreads. I can’t wait for this to all play out.

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    You are so right Season! Totally forgot about Abby being hurt by the cream. Maybe it is because it has taken us over 3 years to actually get this to come out. Wish I could be watching this live today!

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