Wishful Casting: Eden Riegel as Y&R’s Mac

Last summer when DC  had our fav-o-rite recurring guest Eden Riegel on the podcast (DC: # 279), along with her real and sometimes reel life besty Elizabeth Hendrickson, I threw it out there in the universe (as Lisa Rinna would say) that Riegel would make a killer version of Katherine Chancellor’s beloved granddaughter Mackenzie on The Young and the Restless. With Riegel only back on All My Kids for a short time, I think now is the perfect time to let the brass at Y&R— television’s most revitalized soap opera— in on why Riegel would make an amazing Mac.

Mackenzie is one of those roles that is near and dear to this soap blogger’s heart. Ashley Bashioum was breathtaking in the role as a teenage Mac. The other actresses, well…not so much. It broke my heart to see Billy (played to teenage perfection by David Tom) and Mac both ruined by one bad recast after another. Now that Y&R has finally found a kickass adult version of Billy Abbott in Billy Miller (also from AMC), I think it’s time they went back to Pine Valley for the perfect twentysomething version of Mac– Riegel.

It’s high time Y&R undid the ridiculous move of having their best young adult couple since Nick and Sharon  find out they were cousins. This is Genoa City, not Springfield. Mac and Billy belong together like Mac and Cheese, and with Hendrickson— who has shared incredible chemistry with Riegel on AMC and on the You Tube smash Imaginary Bitches— already in Genoa City, not to mention one of Imaginary Bitches’ most memorable guest stars Greg Rikaart (Hey Andrew, can he be a series regular?) also there, Y&R’s younger crowd could be a virtual Genoa City Bitch Fest! In the best possible way of course. Just think of the crossover potential, daytime’s number one soap and the Internet version of Sex and the City–on acid. It would be like BUTTAH. Think about it Auntie Maria and Uncle Paul!

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    Oh Billy and Mac … You can still cry, when you watch these clips on YouTube, specially with their original players.

    I would love to have Mac back – first things first: Undone Jill and Katherine as mother and daughter. Still can’t get over this. And every time Jill called Katherine “Mother” in the last five years … it was like a nightmare, you soon wanna wake up from.

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    Luke Kerr

    I’m all for Eden being on Y&R….watching Y&R these days is like watching Brothers and Sisters. You just turn it on, get all comfy on the couch and immerse yourself in it for an hour. It is so good.

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    Sigh. The original Billy and Mac…they were the best! If Eden were to join Y&R as Mac, that would be like a dream. We would get her with Greg, Jeanne, Billy, Liz…


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    It seems like a cool idea, but I don’t want them undoing that whole story just to pair these 2. The damage has been done. It would be like Ned & Skye’s faux relationship on GH after it was revealed that she wasn’t a Quartermaine. Those characters have been recasted 2 much, anyway. Just let it die. Besides, Eden is and will always be Bianca…

    ***///My life as a soap fan is on life support, waiting for a miracle…\\\***

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    I’m loving Eden as Bianca and the character of Reese is very intriguing and a nice change of pace for AMC. TB is knocking my socks off (per usual). Would rather Eden stay on AMC!

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    I would love for Eden to come on to Y&R, but not as Mac.

    I could take or leave the character (this is goin to hurt you Jay, but out of all the actresses Rachel Kimsey was “my Mac”.)

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    This is Genoa City, not Springfield.

    Uh oh Jamey…I hear the Jammy fans coming! ;)

    I agree that AMC is a trainwreck, but it’s the only place I can see Tamara Braun (who is my all time favorite soap actress!) on my TV screen. Honestly, if it weren’t for her and Eden (okay, crazy Annie too), then I would have stopped watching AMC a long time ago!

    I would love for Eden to go to Y&R eventually because she deserves to be on a respectable soap! It would be hard for awhile to not think of her as Bianca, but I no longer see TB as Carly, so in time I would adjust!

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    I have not seen Eden before (I only watch Y&R and the little of B&B that I don’t FF through) but if she is as good as Billy and Elizabeth (Chloe) then bring her on. I’ve always loved the Mac/Billy s/l and was so sad when they turned out to be cousins. It would be interesting to find out that Jill isn’t Katherines daughter (that would be a s/l in itself) but then to have Mac come back and find out Billy and her aren’t related would make for some good TV.

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    I’m Victor Newman, you’re Nikki and east. west is Ashley Abbott! LOL
    “I found yew on a skripper POLE!”

    I’m gonna tell you what I should have told you 25 years ago. JIZ OFF! And all those times we were together I was faking it! I got a better ride on that stripper pole than I ever had w/ you!

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    Jamey Giddens

    I’m gonna tell you what I should have told you 25 years ago. JIZ OFF! And all those times we were together I was faking it! I got a better ride on that stripper pole than I ever had w/ you!

    “Dew yew remember when I found yew en tha flour SLOOPY DRUNK?”

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    Jamey Giddens

    Now if I said what east.west said you would have chewed me up and spit me out!
    I’m Victor Newman, you’re Nikki and east. west is Ashley Abbott! LOL

    "I found yew on a skripper POLE!"

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