One Tree Hill Creator Tapped To Pen New Melrose Place

The CW didn’t have to look too far to find a write for the pilot of it’s upcoming Melrose Place update. The Hollywood Reporter revealed One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn will write the pilot, then likely turn it over to different show runners, much like how Veronica Mars frontman Rob Thomas wrote the pilot for the network’s 90210 spinoff before turning it over to Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah of Freaks and Geeks fame. 

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    Wait… the guys that wrote for Freaks and Geeks are writing the new 90210? Oh, the humanity! Times really are tough! Although, it does explain the out-of-date fashion on the show.

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    oh my god. MARK ?! seriously? lmao. how lame .
    also, Rob should have continued writing for 90210. The show is lame now. Their always bringing in new character. How about some buildup for the MAIN characters? ugh.

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    And in the end the new writers/showrunners will rewrite the script and change the entire idea like Sachs and Judah did with Thomas’ idea of “90210”. Which was probably a better one, considering how the stories for “90210” are written now.
    With the new MP version, CW will maybe go down this same road again.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I think I would have liked Thomas’s 90210 better. I LOVED Veronica Mars. Freaks and Geeks…not so much. The thing is though, Thomas’s idea did not include original Beverly Hills, 90210 characters, which let’s face it, the show would have tanked without.

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    Jamey Giddens

    You hate me! Don’t you?
    I think that’s my biggest complaint about 90210. It’s too quirky and dorky. I want rich, glamorous children behaving badly not revenge of the nerds. LOL

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    Season, it’s okay…I also LOVED Freaks and Geeks! It’s so sad that it was never given a decent chance, a la Pushing Daises. It’s even sadder to find out that the writers who penned Freaks and Geeks are the same writers responsible for 90210. When Annie asked her brother for a condom was the day 90210 was deleted from my TIVO. I’m embarassed that I gave it that long!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Another legacy show to be tarnished.
    Makes me ill.
    LOL I guess I’m the only One Tree Hill fan? LOL I am actually excited. One Tree Hill is actually a primetime soap and not another one of those comedic hybrids that have been all the rage since Ally McBeal. I LOVED Ally and also love Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty and Brothers and Sisters, but I miss good old-fashioned sudsy pot boilers like Melrose, Dallas and Knots Landing. If Mark makes it like that I will be happy.

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    I miss good old-fashioned sudsy pot boilers like Melrose, Dallas and Knots Landing. If Mark makes it like that I will be happy.

    I know most of you guys like the mess known as 90210 Part 2, but I can’t wrap my mind around having another show that set the standard for watercooler talk mess with. And I also would’ve loved to see what Rob would’ve done w/90210, b/c I am a big fan and would’ve watch regardless if the day players known as Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty made an appearance.

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    I don’t think it’s about Mark Schwahn or OTH, Jamey. It’s more the fact that MP was a Spelling-soap of the 90’s. And when you look at the result that is given with “90210”, you just don’t wanna mess with these shows.
    And even if Mark is maybe the only one who is currently writing a real primetime soap, it makes the idea of a remake/spin-off or whatever they are creating there not better. They just should leave to good old shows alone and come up with completely new ideas, without any connections to that legacy soaps.
    And besides that, I’m a huge OTH fan too. ;)

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    mark schwahn is an amazing writer.
    i’m the hugest fan of one tree hill.

    but i think what people are saying is that
    melrose place was a legardy show, and its
    going to be ruined, not because of MS’s writing
    because look at the new 90210
    IT SUCKS!! the old and orginal one was way
    better thats what i think people were
    sayhing about a legacy show being ruined

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    I am a big OTH fan, still a episode behind though -.-.

    My problem with tihs is i dont think its really needed lol, i mean they keep remaking this stuff but they couldnt give Veronica Mars / EVERWOOD one more season? I mean IT STILL BOTHERS ME that we don’t know what Madison wanted, i mean did she want to get custody of the baby again? or what? i mean it was something big, but nope, we just get them remembering the first season -.-.

    I will probably tune in, but i am still just focusing on catching up on the OLD 90210 before i start on MP lol. Also am i the only one that types MP and doesn’t think Magic…..

    A.K.A. ssjohn

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    I was hoping the Melrose Place redux would turn out to be a bad dream – damn! If the CW manages to make Melrose Place as boring as 90210, then I think I will scream!

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    One Tree Hill always reminded me of the poor childs Melrose…so i think its a good match. I hope he doesnt have to deal with lackluster actors like he does on OTH but my hopes are not high seeing that it is the CW. I’m more excited about Melrose then i was about the 90210, although 90210 has gotten so much better since all the creative mix ups behind the scenes.

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