When do the Sands Finally Stop Falling for Drake and Deidre?


The rumormill is swirling. It’s being suggested around the web that the last time the sands will fall through the hourglass for Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn will be on January 23, 2009. Which, if you think about it, is only 5 weeks away (sob). If you’re no longer watching the show, make sure you tune in on that date so you can see the actors names in lights for what we think will be the last time.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve finding it hard to watch the show since the news broke out of Drake and Deidre’s firing a month ago, and it’s not just because of the current storylines (although that doesn’t help). I’ve really only just picked Days back up, and that’s because my beloved Aussie soaps are done for the year and I have a spare 40 minutes. I will probably continue to watch after Drake and Deidre go, but it wont be the same. It’s already not the same. What do you think?

Will you still watch Days of Our Lives after Drake and Deidre go off air?

When do the Sands Finally Stop Falling for Drake and Deidre?

  • I haven't decided yet (8%, 81 Votes)
  • Stopped watching a long time ago (22%, 209 Votes)
  • No, Days will be over for me (41%, 393 Votes)
  • Yes, I will still watch (24%, 228 Votes)
  • Don't care (5%, 48 Votes)

Total Voters: 959


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15 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Johnathon

    I am forcing my self to watch it -.-, i write a recap/thoughts post in the forums here and well i am a week behind now and IT WAS PAINFUL to watch just one episode yesterday -.-.

    I do think for some reason the quality really went even more in the trashcan when the news broke about the firing, i dont understand how/why, but maybe i am just noticing it all now -.-.

    They will be missed :(

    A.K.A. ssjohn

  2. Profile photo of momsmistchief

    I am still watching and guess I always will. Watching has become a habit after watching for 43 years but it is just not the same anymore. Since the news broke of Dee and Drake being released when I watch there is a sadness to it knowing that this is coming. Some of the shows are good and the acting (Arianne Zuker recently) is great but the excitement and love for the show isn’t there like it was. NBC, Sony and Corday have truly killed this deeply loved show for me. It just is not the same anymore and I find that really sad. I will stay with the show as there are other actors I like and want to support, namely our veteran actors. They deserve our support as they struggle on in these difficult times.

  3. Profile photo of Brooke

    @momsmistchief – it really isn’t the same anymore, I couldn’t agree with you more. I might still watch, but I definitely don’t feel any excitement in doing so and that makes me so sad :(

  4. Profile photo of jeannelw

    since galen and eric brought me back to DAYS
    after not watching for a year been watching over 20

    yes i will continue watching

    i think it sux unfair stupid they are firing dee and drake or any of the cast i do not think it forever time will tell if another soap snatches them up as bad as it is they
    have 7 other soaps they can join us soap fans get SPOILED to our favs just playing one part but for years
    i guess it comes down to is it the character you love or the actor for me i am a fan of the actors more so i will
    watch where ever they show up

  5. Profile photo of terrifictam

    I put it back on my dvr a few months ago. It’s never the first Soap I watch but I usually try to watch every eppy. (But that doesn’t mean I don’t do a lot of fastforwarding)

    AMC can thank TAMARA BRAUN for cementing a spot on my DVR again!!

  6. Profile photo of THEBEST

    I guess I will continue to watch…
    I wonder what NBC will do when or if the ratings crash after they leave…

    ***///My life as a soap fan is on life support, waiting for a miracle…\\\***

  7. Profile photo of ConqueringBlue

    I stopped watching quite a while ago. I still randomly tune in, but there is nothing interesting on the show at all. And it seems like there is no focus and no long term story, everything is a huge mess. The couples keep changing and none of them seem to work out. I know there are a ton of Sami/EJ fans on this site, but I waited about a decade for Lucas and Sami to finally get together, and I wasn’t that happy when they split those two up. Besides that, I found EJ much more interesting when he was a bad guy, who was obsessed with Sami, rather than what he’s become. I liked Chloe and Phillip together, but Chloe was suddenly dating Lucas, and now she might be interested in Daniel? Everyone keeps hopping all over the place. I am a huge John and Marlena fan. I started watching Days in 1990 because of Jack and Jennifer, and didn’t warm up to the John/Marlena pairing for a very long time (I loved Isabella), but over the years they have become two of my faves (I am 32, BTW, their targeted demo) and it makes me very sad to see how much their screen time has declined over the past year or two, and now to see that they will be gone for good. There are so many other characters on that show that I could care less about that they could get rid of – Daniel, Melanie, Chelsea (whom I have never warmed up to), Max and Stephanie. I understand that they need a younger set, but none of this younger set has been a hit with me. And so much focus on them has only alienated me as a viewer, when I would much rather watch Bo and Hope, Tony and Anna, John and Marlena, etc.

    It’s not like Days’ younger cast is of the calibur of GH’s (the wonderful Spinelli and Maxie, whom I could watch all day long together), so much airtime has made me disgruntled and I finally tuned out.

  8. Profile photo of angel44903

    I will continue to watch Days until Drake and Deidre leave, when they leave I leave. Ken Corday must be out of his mind if he thinks the current younger crowd can keep Days afloat after D & D leave. With Corday’s producing and Higley’s writing, Days of Our Lives is doomed. Lets be honest, who would you rather watch the veterans of Days or the younger crowd? I’m sticking with the vets, they are the ones that make Days so loved and so popular. With the vets not getting much screentime, what’s the point in watching? When Drake and Deidre exit, so will many of the devoted fans. I can tell this is the beginning of the end for our beloved soap opera. I will hope that Drake and Deidre will eventually return to Days of Our Lives.

  9. Profile photo of TylerandBelle

    As a Drake Hogestyn fan since he was on Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, I can honestly say that Drake’s last show on 1/23/09 will be my LAST day watching DAYS. Drake is a brilliant actor and another show will be very blessed to have him as part of their canvas, but for me, there isn’t a single actor on DAYS that caused me to give up the show when they left BESIDES Drake. I started watching DAYS because Drake is such an amazing actor and he is also the reason I’ll kiss this show goodbye forever. I’ll be following Drake to his next role. Regarding Deidre, NO COMMENT, I’m not a fan of hers or Marlena.

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