Confirms Livingston’s Return has confirmed what we have been telling y’all since Lassie was a pup, Natalia Livingston is indeed returning to General Hospital. The former Emily Bowen Quartermaine will be playing a new character named Rebecca.

I always liked Livingston’s classic, romantic novel heroine take on Emily and am glad to see her back. I just hope TPTB don’t decide to toss the amazing Claire Coffee (Nadine) to the wolves, er Russians, now that they have an Emily lookalike back for Nikolas (Tyler Christopher). Oh and by the by, what in high hell was the point of killing Alan (Stuart Damon) and Emily only to keep bringing them back? Now that the soaps are in ratings freefall, will Damon return as Alan’s long lost cousin next Sweeps? Is Billy Warlock on his way to town as a new member of the Zucchini family? Oy vey.

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    I just hope TPTB don’t decide to toss the amazing Claire Coffee (Nadine) to the wolves, er Russians,…

    All I have to say is Nadine better buy the copy of the book Sarah Palin’s Guide to Hunting Russians.

    Is Billy Warlock on his way to town as a new member of the Zucchini family?

    Daisy would take that!

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    Regan Cellura

    RUMOR Patrol… of course everyone’s talking about Claire’s chance of survival now that Natty’s back. Hell, I even asked in the Spoilers today if Nadine stood a chance in a love triangle against Natty for Nikolas’ affection. Some say she’s a goner as the cuts loom overhead. I say keep her, tone down the quirk a tad, give her a decent hospital storyline and maybe a viable love interest. I love Nadine and even found some of the Nikadine stuff sweet but she was out of Nikolas Cassadine’s league IMHO.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Emily and Nikolas were smoking hot the first time. But post her being molested by Sonny it was just all shades of wrong. The pairing seemed phoned in to me. I actually like the prince and the nit wit, although I wouldn’t mind seeing Nadine with Matt.

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    Claire is a good actress, but the character of Nadine is ridiculous! Nurse Ducky holds no chance against any lookalike of Emily!

    I am so thrilled that Natty is coming back to the canvas and now, I bet it is only a matter of time before she is revealed to be Emily.

    I still think this entire thing was a staged plot to put us Emily fans through a year of HELL, but that is just me…

    Heard her air date is the week of January 12! YAY!

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    Regan Cellura

    Yes NEM 1.0 was much better than post Soily. Ick, just typing that squish name gave me the shivers. LOL! I would love a Matt – Nadine pairing. It gets Matt away from Spixie and those nasty Elizabeth RUMORS.

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    YAAAY!!!!!! This is the best GH news I’ve read in a very long time! I am beyond excited about Natty’s return. Please the Lord I hope Nadine takes one look at her and goes running with her sheep herd!!!!!

    So, what would be the “squish” name for Nik and Rebecca???? hmmm….

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    Is Billy Warlock on his way to town as a new member of the Zucchini family?

    I know you were being sarcastic Jamey, but this just made my day, LOL! (Season, you know me sooooo well!!) Bring on the Zucchini family!!

    I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Nadine/Matt either. I thought I saw some chemistry between them when Nadine was going all Nancy Drew on Matt’s *ss.

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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    Personally I think it is far too soon to have Natalia on screen as anyone other than Emily. (Didn’t her and Nikolas’ ghostmance go on till May?)I don’t know that I could ever see her as anyone OTHER than Emily.

    If she isn’t revealed to be Emily Quartermaine and this new char is paired with Nikolas it would be a slap in the face to Nem fans and GH fans alike. I’m so tired of seeing new characters introduced monthly with no ties to the show’s history or core families while older characters and families lose airtime, stories and contracts.

    I’m really losing patience with GH. =/

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    Courtney fan4life

    Oh gosh. Emily sucked the first time around and sucked as a tumor. Nadine has personality unlike emily did. hopefully this new character will be interesting. And no I dont think they will ruin Nikadine for this NUM 2.0 Num the second time around weren’t even that popular and hardly anyone cared for them.

    And i would think the people that are still num fans would be disgusted at Nik only being with Rebbecca because she looks like his dead fiance. It would be really sick.

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    Courtney fan4life

    Ps I had to add you emily fans were not put threw hell for a year ARE YOU FORGETTING TUMOR EMILY!! I just hope they keep that character dead. The tumor outlived her use and Embore needs to stay GONE!

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    I just hope TPTB don’t decide to toss the amazing Claire Coffee (Nadine) to the wolves

    Throw her to the wolves, THROW HER!!!!!

    I just hope NL comes back with that new hairstyle. I love it.

    I hate when TIIC decide to kill off a character instead of doing something new. Now NL is coming back after only being gone a year and she’s playing someone new? We will only see her as Emily and like the character of Claudia, this new character will fail.

    I say hook Nik up with Carly. they have great chemistry.

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    Ps I had to add you emily fans were not put threw hell for a year ARE YOU FORGETTING TUMOR EMILY!! I just hope they keep that character dead. The tumor outlived her use and Embore needs to stay GONE!

    Of course there are expected dislikes of characters, and obviously you are a fan of CoHo and CoHo 2.0, but Courtney couldn’t keep a man for more than a few months, if that and Nadine is more the fluttering virgin than anything. Whereas Nikolas and Emily were transcendent. I’m sure everyone is taking bets as to what will happen when a familiar face shows up in town, but my bet will most definitely be with Nikolas.. when he ditches Nadine for the over-bearing, giggling twit she is. She IS way out of his league and I’m sorry, but the imitations are never as good as the original.

    Claire is a great actress, but TIIC did her no justice with Nurse Ducky. There’s a reason why Nikodine haven’t gone anywhere.. Hmm, I wonder.

    As a character, Emily was one of the few that showed compassion and true-thought instead of resorting to violence, which is exactly what has made GH boring. Natalia is a phenomenal actress and has an Emmy under her belt to prove it.

    To say that no one cared is probably more of a reflection of say… NiCo or Nikodine than NikE. It’s a lack of romance and ‘Love in the Afternoon’ that those couples were missing and what Nik and Em had.

    Oh, and by the way hun… There is no U in Nikolas or Emily… so ‘Num’ isn’t a very good squish name. Better luck next time.

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    Courtneyfan4life….Liason wasn’t thrown to the wolves. They were just … how can I put this. They went into hibernation.

    Nadine though deserves to die a Courtney type death. I want to see her in pain or have Helena push her off the docks.

    And just so you know….I hated Emily with a passion also! I really hope they don’t try to relive NUM but hopefully since she will be a “bad girl type” (lol) they will have a different kind of chemistry.

    So now GH will be all bad girls and only Liz and Robin will be the good girls.

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    Courtney fan4life

    Yea I know Courtney was a ho and a skank. But I loved my ho just like you obviously loved Embore or embot like others call her. For ME Emily was hypercritical and DULL!!! I was so happy Nik cheated on her because now she knew how it felt when she cheated on Zander. But since like I said NUM(I like that name)was not popular the second time around I hardly think they will reunite. Nikadine is where its at.

    cause unlike Embore Nadine has PERSONALITY! Something Emily really never had up until Diego became my favorite character.

    So I’ll sit back and be happy that Emily is still strangled and see Nik choose Nadine over FAKE EM.

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    Courtney fan4life

    BigDede Liaosn are done. Sure I dont want Jasanm either but right now Liaosn are done cause of Frons. And you just made me think of something since people always throw courtney in my face when i disagree with them.

    I would like to state MY NAME IS COURTNEY! I am calling my self my number one fan! I thought it would be funny to have Courtney as my avi since she was named courtney. I liked Courtney but im over that she wasn’t my fav GH character ever.

    And I would not put Lizawitch in the league as good girls no matter how much she thinks she is.

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    Some personality- incessant grinning for no reason, nervousness. The poor girl isn’t even sure of herself around Nikolas. She should stick to the farm where she’s in her element.

    No character is perfect, and sure.. Emily was too sweet at times, but Nadine is downright repetitive.

    Almost every scene Nikodine has done.. NikE/Emily did better. A twisted ankle, candlelight dinners, girls night out, waltzing, stables loving.

    Sheesh… Like I said, imitation. It’s as if TPTB didn’t even bother wasting their time writing up something original for them.

    And trying to pass off Lucky/Sam and Nik/Nadine as the next four musketeers was tasteless during that drug storyline.

    Oh, and the fact that Nikolas all but said he didn’t think he would ever be able to love her. Sounds like he’s holding out.

    As for Emily being strangled, I am more than Thankful CoHo was cremated. Her ass is dust in the wind whereas we will be seeing Emily back as herself within the next year.

    And in case you haven’t noticed, more people would rather see Emily back as herself and Nikodine toast than anything.

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    I agree that Liz is *not* a good girl, like Tina said on one of the recent podcasts, that’s a big misconception about Liz… Robin and Nadine are good girls. I sure wish they had kept Georgie around, she was a great good girl :(

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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    Well I didn’t hate or love Natalia as Emily. She’s a gorgeous girl so she’s always nice to look at and I am never against extra eyecandy being added for the male viewers. I thought she was just ok as Emily. Emily to me will always be Amber Tamblyn. Anyhow, other than to ask Guza if he wants her back why kill her in the first friggin’ place?? He’s got a bad habit of that. Other than that I guess I got not problem with it. Maybe she’ll be a sexy, sassy, vixen type as a enemy Russian mob moll/princess.

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    Tina doesn’t know what she’s talking about!

    Hey you didn’t say that on the podcast, my friend! ;)

    Liz is goodness and joy and love and peace!

    I won’t argue with you Jamey, but I will say this – your description reminds me of Kayla, Hope, Jennifer, Melissa, Marlena. Damn, DAYS really knew how to do Good Girls didn’t they??

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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    LIZ IS A GOOD GIRL! Tina doesn’t know what she’s talking about! Liz is goodness and joy and love and peace!

    Jamey, I just threw up a little in my mouth. Thank you for that.
    ***You are now dead to me. You know who you are.***

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    Courtney fan4life

    facemyfire once again throwing courtney in my face really wont hurt i got over that 2 years ago. Kind of over it LOL. I find it funny that people consistently do that.

    Nikadine is a breath of fresh air compared to the snoozefest that was NUM!

    And are you really a Num fan cause you seriously want nik with a woman who looks like his dead boring fiancee. That would be sick and I see this storyline as a nikadine growth.

    And in case you haven’t noticed. people are happy that yes NL is back but are even more happy that her god awful character will stay dead. ACTUALLY most are upset NL is back to play another character. This isnt the only soap site look around.

    And since it was stated that nikadine are surprisingly popular in fan mail I cant wait for them to continue there AMAZING love story which is so much fun!

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    Actually Courtney , I have no interest in seeing this new character and Nik become a couple if she is not to come back as Emily. When she does, then all will be gravy. And apparently you are so not over CoHo’s death if you mention how great she is compared to Emily. She was just another mob slut, butting her way into romances where she didn’t belong.

    As for a breath of fresh air, I can only wonder what pollution you are breathing in these days to think that? Everything they’ve done has been a repeat of something NikE have already been through. Nadine should be with someone who is more in her element, like Matt or Spinelli. Someone who would give her half a chance at love. She isn’t in love with Nikolas, she is in love with the idea of him.

    So we’ll just let her think she saved him, when we all know it was his son… and Emily that did, because in case you weren’t watching, the only reason he came out of his ‘dream’ with Emily was when he heard his son calling him. Not Nadine! The only way she’s weaseled her way in this far is because she’s too pushy. So here’s to the next Hospital related sweeps having another viral outbreak to take out ‘Annoying Blonds 2.0′ in true GH fashion!

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    Courtney fan4life

    I dint compare Courtney to Emily. i didnt even bring up Courtney. that was you and everyone else who thinks throwing courtney in my face to hurt me. LOL
    ANd ok for the 2342343 time I know Courtney was a hoochie momma. I know.
    Where did i compare Emily and Courtney. But like I said Nadine and Nic are great and cant wait for him to FINALLY let go of the thankfully dead Emily!

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    Natalia is coming back? YAWN. Emily with anyone bored me to death..and I bet Rebecca with anyone will too.

    AMC can thank TAMARA BRAUN for cementing a spot on my DVR again!!

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