Strike TV Featured in USA Today

Strike TV, the home of Karen Harris’s Life in General and Greenville General, is going mainstream. USA Today has a profile feature article on Strike TV and how it was born out of the Writers Strike. Check it out.

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    I have watched both of Karen Harris’s shows and they are great but they have only produced 1 episode of each. It has been months since they premiered. Does anyone know if more are scheduled? It seems to me that this was a project she came up with during the writer’s strike and now that it is over and she is back to work at GH and Night Shift, this whole Strike TV thing is on the back burner now. There is nothing I cannot stand more then a great web show starting and then it just disappears or gets ignored by it’s creators. I cannot tell you how many soap or soapy type of web shows I started to watch and liked only to find out after 3 episodes that they stopped making them. I think Strike TV was born out of the writer’s strike and died when the strike was resolved. I appreciate Karen’s effort but I am not going to pay it any attention unless it turns into a full-fledged thing I can rely on. That is one of the attractive things about soaps to be. That you can relay on them to be on almost every weekday of the year without fail. She really needs to address the issue because it is getting to be a mute point and unnecessary for you or any newspaper, website/blog to be plugging it if there is no show.

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    Jamey Giddens

    King TV, Karen has far from abandonded her web projects. For Life in General to continue, they have to secure a advertisers. To show Hollywood that the web was a viable place for writers, directors, actors, etc. Karen funded the entire project on her own dime, paying all involved, which meant she was only able to afford to do the pilot. For the show to go to series it has to secure sponsorship and to secure sponsorship, tons of people have to watch the pilot, to convince the web advertisers that the project is a hit.

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