Texas: Anatomy of a Smack Down

One of the most underrated soaps of all-time is quite possibly NBC’s Texas, one of Another World’s many spinoffs. Although little watched during its inital run, the Dallas-style soap has gained something of a cult following online in recent years. The serial was a showcase for the legendary Beverlee McKinsey (the only soap actress ever to receive "starring" billing in the opening credits) who played the equally legendary super-bitch Iris Carrington on both series. McKinsey left Texas midway through its two year run and went onto great glory as Alexandra Spaulding on Guiding Light. The acting by McKinsey and Lisby Larson (Paige) is top notch, as is the scorching writing. This, friends, is classic soap opera.

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    Great stuff!!! I never got a chance to see Beverlee McKinsey in action, so this was a real treat :) Thanks Bernard!

    btw, I didn’t know Another World had more than one spin-off, I always thought it was just Texas!

    I wish Soapnet would air old shows like Texas, Loving, Edge of Night, and of course Santa Barbara! Oh well :(

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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    Jamey Giddens

    My family watched Texas, but I was a toddler. Sadly the only Iris I remember actually watching was Carmen Duncan who came on circa ’87 and while I LURVED her, my granddaddy was always quick to point out. “That ain’t the REAL Iris! The REAL Iris was a mess! She’d tear that Paulina a loose if she were here!” He would have made an awesome ABC publicity executive. God rest his soul.

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    OH MY GOD Mr. Jones I think I’m in love. Iris Cory Carrington Wheeler RULES!!!! Do you think it’s crazy that I want a fictional character to adopt me because I would love to be her daughter and have her train me to be a kick ass bitch.

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    J Bernard Jones

    Daisy, Another World had two official spinoffs, “Texas” and “Somerset,” and one sorta kinda spinoff, “Lovers & Friends” (which became “For Richer, For Poorer”).

    If memory serves me correctly, “Lovers & Friends” shared a number of elements specific to “Another World” (certain references, locations, etc) but was not directly tied to any characters or storylines. AW headwriter Harding Lemay and exec producer Paul Rauch also wrote and produced L&F simultaneously with AW.

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    Oh I forgot about Somerset! But I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Lovers & Friends/For Richer, For Poorer. I’ll be doing some research today :) Thanks!!

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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    J Bernard Jones

    Jamey, I Ioved Carmen Duncan as Iris but I felt a lot like your grandfather about her version compared to McKinsey’s.

    What I love about this clip from “Texas” is that although it is from the spinoff, this is Iris/McKinsey at their classic best. Iris really does come across as somewhat sincere in the first half of the scene, but then McKinsey has Iris do these ever so subtle changes of voice, stature, and facial expressions as she “coils up.” At the moment she starts talking about her lawyers, her eyes widen but she hardly blinks until Iris hilariously says “Poof!,” striking her prey at her most vulnerable!

    I love it!

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    WOW! This is pure, juicy soap opera at it’s most brilliant. Superb writing, directing, pacing, direction. Everything that is missing from most of the soaps today is right there in that scene. Can a show like GH or DOOL ever reach this level again? They both have had moments of this kind of greatness but there is no place for a complex character study on most of the soaps. Two women battling it out for a man. Simple story but psychological physics overwhelming the plot. Fireworks explode from Beverlee McKinsey’s mouth as she speaks and I loved Lisby Larson from her days on GL too, I think as Lillian’s sister. Thank you for the reminder of the integrity that daytime drama used to have.

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    I am sad that soaps is not what it use to be. I wish we would to have two strong women be bitter rivals like Iris and Paige and go toe to toe. I don’t think soaps will ever get back to the way they were again.


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