B&B’s Ashley Jones Sinks Her Teeth into True Blood

From drawing blood to sucking it. The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ashley Jones has booked a six-episode stint on the HBO vampire opera True Blood. According to EW.com‘s Michael Ausiello, Jones will be playing a new waitress named Daphne. But never fear B&B fans, Bridget will be sticking around to bore another day, as Jones plans to do double duty. 

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    Awesome, does that mean we can finally see how talented Jones really is!?!? Hopefully the stint is going good for her and she may find her way out of the B&B. She is as much wasted there as Lesli Kay, Lesley-Anne Down and Heather Tom.

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    Scott Novick

    Although she likes being part of the B&B family (although not necessarily her storylines), Ashley has always wanted to branch outside the soap world. I guess this gives her the best of both worlds and lets her do other stuff when Bridget’s on the B&B back-burner.

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