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Here’s the Scoop! 12.18.08

Robin and Patrick’s Wedding… Mac tells Robert this is his moment to walk Robin down the aisle. So we’ll get to see John J. York and Tristan Rogers in a brotherly scene. Epiphany, Kelly, Lainey, The Q’s, Mac, Robert and Anna will all be there. Matt and Maxie will stand up for the Bride and Groom (although one source says Anna is asked to be Matron of Honor). Patrick makes it there on time although Maxie is stressed about Patrick taking his time to get ready.

Is the Post Partum storyline over? Not sure as it seems it MAY go into the New Year. Patrick and Robin have work, married life and baby to balance. There is also that little hospital tragedy coming.

Calling out Carly? Is that how Sonny sees his son for Chritmas? Carly never ended her friendship with Jason but she keeps Morgan away from Sonny. Will Sonny point that out to his hypocritical ex? We thought this MAY be a one time deal for Sonny and Morgan but some are SUGGESTING that Sonny will get more access to his son. Sonny and Carly are still SPOILED to be running into each other when they go visit Michael and the former spouses MAY be working out a plan for future visits for Sonny and Morgan.

Remember when Kate paid off Ian to get him to leave town so Sonny wouldn’t kill him? Are they inserting Kate into the Michael’s shooting storyline once again? RUMOR has it that Kate will learn about Claudia’s involvement. Will she tell Sonny? Is Kate keeping too many secrets from Sonny?

Batman & Robin… I mean Jason and Sam are said to be working together to help stop whatever is Port Charles’ latest crisis. Does that mean the Mob is involved in whatever is happening at GH? Isn’t the Mob involved in everything? According to RUMBLINGS, the Mob will play a part in the crisis but only in a small way.

Where does Lucky fit in? Some SAY LuSam will be OK, we know that Frons has dictated JaSam up and in front. Is there really any room for Lucky? We SHOULD see more of Lucky with Elizabeth and more of him annoyed that Sam can’t seem to beat her addiction to adrenaline. I mentioned a LuSam kiss coming… it still is. Tune in on the 26th.

Jason asks Sonny to walk away from the Z’s. Will he do it? Most likely he says no as the battle between Sonny and Jason is said to come to a head late January.

Someone new coming to Port Chuck? That’s out there and SUPPOSEDLY this person COULD impact Luke and Tracy.

Spencer Family Christmas? It looks like Luke, Lucky and Lulu come together to put Laura’s angel on their tree. They MAY even get a phone call from Europe.

Maxie is a little green with jealousy. The new computer gal is a female version of Spinelli.

RANDOM RUMORS: A new recurring role has been cast. Jax is there for Carly on Michael’s birthday. Power Outage. More Dante crap out there. He’s coming according to a source. Does that mean they were finally able to cast him?

PROGRAMMING NOTE: New episodes will air on the 22nd and 23rd. Christmas Eve is a repeat. Nothing on Christmas Day and Robin and Patrick get married on the 26th. Be sure to tune into SOAPnet on Christmas Day for a GH marathon of Christmases Past. As far as SPOILERS go, I’ll be around Monday – Wednesday with a break for Christmas. Hopefully I’ll be back on the 26th as well but I may not post until Monday the 29th. Going into the New Year, GH will air new episodes on the 29th and 30th with a repeat on New Years Eve (it appears to be the start of the B&W Ball episode).

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  1. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thank you Regan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think That Jason’s involvement with the latest crisis doesn’t mean that mob is involved , jason is involved with everything in GH
    I love the mation of Batman & Robin but I think that bonnie and clyde is more there type .
    I think that Batman & Robin is Spinelli and Jason!!!!!!
    If carly let Morgan see Sonny more than once , its A slap in Jason’s face!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate Sonny , I thank he is a user , But I don’t want him going to war with Jason , it will be to much pain to see this!!!!

  2. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Bonnie and Clyde were thieves, weren’t they? Batman and Robin does apply more to Spin & Jase… I was just trying to be funny.

    Yes Jason is involved in all things GH but so is the Mob and the Mob will have a small part in what goes down at GH.

  3. Profile photo of carly2098

    I want jason to go to war with sonny it about time that Jason kick sonny but. Carly loves Jason more life so she will always be on Jason side.

    Jason and liz need to be back together yesterday and please put sam and Lucky back together.

  4. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I hope I didn’t upset you Regan ……..
    I Just think that Bonnie and Clyde are more right for Jason and Sam , they are both working without the law!!
    I don’t like Jasam anyway so who cares???????
    Carly is selfish!!!!!
    I don’t care if she will be with Jason’s side , the moment she let Sonny see Morgan,that’s it……..
    She is the one of the reasons that Sonny and Jason broke up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She allways ruines Jason and Sonny. she did it with Robin, she is the one who broke there wonderfull frienship. and lets not forgeth Elizabeth , she is so selfish!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Profile photo of blackjack21

    regan – i hope you have a great Christmas, but i may go into withdrawal over not reading your spoilers!

    ugh – do carly and sonny ever have lasting affects to the decisions they’ve made? even michael is like a forgotten pair of shoes they remember when it’s convenient.

  6. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Damn, so that means SPAM is rescued from the pit. They should have left her with the rest of the snakes;)

    Or they could have dropped Liz in there – I would loved to have seen some Lizard vs. Snake action ;)

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

  7. Profile photo of samrocks

    Good morning everyone!

    Regan, thanks *so much* for giving us your spoiler schedule. Maybe now I won’t be cyber stalking you like a crackhead looking for a fix, LOL.

    Thanks for the spoilers, too!

    That Spencer family pic up there is great – everyone looks very Spencer-like – hot, sexy, and dangerous. }:) Too bad ShewLu is a stupid harpie, and Schmucky is just, well – stupid.

    I’m not a Kate fan, but I think Megan Ward is great, so it really ticks me off that she is suddenly being written as the devil incarnate. Any word on if/when she will be making her exit? I can’t take any more of TIIC demonizing her character.

    Maxie getting jealous? Yippee!!! Maybe Spixie will be given a shot after all. I can’t picture them as a romantic couple, but this is one case where I would *love* to be proven wrong.
    ***Bracing myself for the impending soapocalypse.***

  8. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    I look forward to the wedding. I love me some Scorpio family. I look forward to the Spencers at Xmas. I hope they show Laura during the phone call. How hard would it have been to pretape that?

    I also like the idea of Maxie being jealous. Spinelli shouldn’t have to work so hard to get her to notice how he feels.

    Did I miss something? Were there snakes in the pit?

    *****Never fear spellcheck. It is your friend.******

    I wait with my fingers crossed that the next flavor of the month doesn’t have such a bad aftertaste.

  9. Profile photo of kgbmc

    Looking forwarad to the scrubs stuff and extended family involvement but I cannot find anything enthusiam for the rest of GH.

    I reject Jasam ( repeat 5 times while clicking your heels together) as a couple but I understand that many including TPTB want to revisit this pair. Just do not do it at Lucky and Elizabeth’s expense. It seems that Elizabeth will be freed, now let them l liberate Lucky.

  10. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    Everyhting about Carly is hypocritical. I’m not surprised Jason is invovled in the hospital drama. They must insert Jason, the borg, into every storyline that GH does. I’m sure he’ll be mentioned during R&P’s wedding. It’s not like he’s lacking the airtime or anything.

  11. Profile photo of engradypind

    Liz and Lucky are about the most boring couples imaginable, almost as boring as Lulu and Johnny, and Sonny and Claudia, and Carly with anyone. Getting Sam back with Jason is a re-do that I won’t be watching. There is so little left on GH to provide the incentive to tune in every day, or evening as the case may be.

    The writers need to give us some of the dropped thread stories; they were more interesting than the mob-crapular garbage we are being subjected to these days.

    Get the dumbass mob off GH. The stories suck and are as boring as watching paint dry.

  12. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    GH today was pretty good IMHO. Loved Maxie bringing Spin the ornaments, cant wait to see how Jerry tortures Claudia (awww michael’s sleigh ornament), Tracy and Luke (I always enjoy them swindling each other LOL) and of course Sam hallucinating in between attempts to make fire and climb out of the cave (one of the many things I like about Sam and characters like Claudia and Carly, not just sitting around waiting for help.) The only part I am still not enjoying is JoLu. Give them something to do already – at least maybe that would keep them from blabbing on and on.

  13. Profile photo of carly2098

    i’m sick and tried of people saying that. Carly is the reason Sonny and Jason are not friends. Sonny did this himslef. Carly loves jason and always will. I say let jason be happy and love liz and at still be in the mob. But Jason and sonny not being friends anymore. It had to happend because of sonny doing when micheal got shot. he went over and made sure that Katie was okay and jason could never forgive sonny for that. I don’t blame him. Sonny is selfish but it time for Jason to be happy with Liz. But I do love the carly and jason friendsip and i want liason back yesterday

    Go liason

  14. Profile photo of TexasGHFan

    Damn, so that means SPAM is rescued from the pit
    They should have left her with the rest of the snakes;)

    I’m soooooo hoping that will happen. I think I’m going to go visit Santa! :)
    Viva la Liason!

  15. Profile photo of lcpinnow

    Why would TPTB want to revisit the Jason Spam thing, it stunk, didn’t work then why would it work now, TPTB seem to be the only ones that don’t have a clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Maybe Santa will come early and Sfpam won’t be in the pit to rescue, maybe wild wolves will get her.

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