All My Children: Don’t Forget to Set Your DVRs!

Just a reminder for anyone who ever watched All My Children. The soap will air it’s tribute to the late Eileen Herlie on Friday, December 19. Herlie played the much loved Myrtle Fargate from 1976 until her death on October 8.

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    Allistair, this is ABC. Of course, Linda & Robin aren’t coming back. Myrtle’s surrogate daughter, Kitty, will be though…

    Even though I knew it was coming, when Erica said, “Myrtle’s gone.”, it officially hit me.
    Pratt better not mess this up!

    ***///My life as a soap fan is on life support, waiting for a miracle…\\\***

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    Let’s just enjoy today’s show, is that asking for too much? In today’s age of ranting about everything that is wrong with soaps, Eileen Herlie was one of our treasures and was such a treat. Everyone may have their own memory of what Myrtle represented. Being a surrogate mom to mostly everyone on the show, especially the Kane women, sticks out in my memory. I’m glad that AMC touched upon that. It’s nearly impossible to give the proper respect to Eileen in a day, week or hell even a month. But AMC has made a valiant effort. Today’s show was beautiful, touching and so Myrtle in every way and I applaud them.

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    FYI to those in the NY area or areas effected by this oh so lovely storm tape on SN if u have it b/c ABC broke in at the first 5 minutes and 5 minutes at the halfway mark.

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    I agree uofmichgrad99. I thought today’s show was quite good. I liked the liberal use of flashbacks and the poem at the end. I thought the show captured what Myrtle was about and what she brought to AMC. I was really touched by it.

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    I totally agree uofmichgrad99. I truly think this is one of those moments where we should put the nitpicking to the side and just enjoy what was a very moving and well done episode in memory of a great actress and character.

    Francesca James looks GOOD! Kelly Cole was one of my favorite characters and I’ve always thought Francesca was one of the most beautiful women, and one of its most talented directors, to grace daytime.

    I’m glad they showed scenes from what I considered to be one of the best Erica Kane storylines and that was her pill addiction. It was that storyline that really cemented the mother/daughter bond of her and Myrtle.

    Myrtle’s loving reaction to Bianca’s coming out was one of my all time favorite Myrtle scenes because it was soooo her.

    I remember that scene with Myrtle and Greenlee like it was yesterday because it gave me such a big laugh. “I’ll do whatever I DAMN well please.” You go Myrtle.

    The brief appearance of Agnes Nixon really touched me.

    All in all, a great show. God bless you Eileen Herlie. You will be missed.

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    I cried from 1pm to 2pm straight. What a wonderful show, what a wonderful dedication to a woman who will be missed by everyone including her fans, well done to the writters of AMC. Agnes Nixon, what a great job.

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    It was a beautiful tribute. I cried from the moment the show opened with Zach til Myrtle’s line at the end. When Erica called her the heart of Pine Valley she was right and her loss will be felt for a very long time.

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