Daytime Confidential’s Top 10 Returns of 2008

No. 10: Vincent Irizarry – All My Children

After portraying the less than stellar character of David Chow on The Young and the Restless, Vincent Irizarry returned to All My Children as David Hayward. Almost immediately he began stirring up trouble as only the devilish doctor can. David Hayward, much like Janet "From Another Planet" Dillon, is one of All My Children’s most popular villains, and just like his previous reign of rancor, he is already causing problems for Pine Valley’s most upstanding of citizens.


No. 9: Tom Pelphrey – Guiding Light

Whenever word gets out that Tom Pelphrey might be returning to Guiding Light, as Jonathon Randall, we readily begin anticipating his scenes with Kim Zimmer or Marcy Rylan. Pelphrey’s return in early 2008 lived up to our expectations as Jonathan reunited Lizzie with their little daughter Sarah, wept with Cassie at Tammy’s grave and reminded us of exactly why we love him opposite of Zimmer.

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    OMG!…I have been waiting for Y&R to bring Tricia Cast and Nina back to Genoa City where she belongs…she was always one of my favorites and it would THRILL me to see her lock horns with Chloe….

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    What?! Drake Hogestyn/John Black didn’t make the list? :(

    Or Susan Haskell/Marty! Well, I guess the story sucked, but it’s nice to see her back anyway :)

    Hmmm…I definitely would have put David/VI much further up on the list :)

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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    No one from ATWT? Oh that’s right…Goutman doesn’t bring back beloved actors. He just recasts the roles and makes wholesale changes to their characterizations.

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    You are absolutely right about Eden Reigel and Tamara Braun’s return to AMC and ABC, respectively. Frons can babble on about the tornadoes bringing in the ratings, but it was mostly because of the return of these two amazing actresses. Actually, it was the reason I tuned back in. I would follow Tamara Braun to any show!

    Also, I have enjoyed watching Darnell Williams and Debbie Morgan on AMC as well. I started watching AMC again because of these actors that I love, but the show is so bad that I don’t know if I can continue. It’s a shame that AMC is wasting so much talent! :(

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    Vincent Irizarry is definately one of my favorite returns. The writing for David could be better but I’m glad he’s back on the show. When he was fired I wasn’t sure he’d ever return. I’m pleased they have been using him a lot since he arrived. Although I miss that he no longer has relatives or true friends in Pine Valley. Relationships like those he had with Bianca and Anna humanized him.

    I think Tamara Brauna and Eden Riegel are turning in good performances but I agree the storyline is less tha stellar. It started off good but I’ve been very disappointed by the direction the storyline has gone in. There’s no good reason to belittle their relationship by thowing Zach in the middle.

    I loved seeing Tristian Rogers and Finola Hughes again on Night Shift. Night shift had its flaws but from what I saw of the it you could tell a lot of care went into it. I wish other soaps showed as much respect for character and history.

  6. Profile photo of verde1984

    the nightshift returns were definitely my favorite, followed closely by tina lord and david vickers (the man not the dog) coming back to one life.

    i honestly forgot about angie and jeese, but they were the only reason i stuck with amc for as long as i did.

    i was also sad not to see marty on here; as…creepy as the s/l was, i thought she gave a brilliant performance.

  7. Profile photo of andithomas1

    The return of Angie/Jesse is the only thing that brought me back to Pine Valley. David Haywood is a rascal i am beginning to enjoy. Unfortunately, Pratt has messed up these storylines so much I am having a hard time watching this MESS.

  8. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    purplebraids: Oh that’s right, Erin’s return was good! In fact the Viki in Heaven story gave us a couple of great returns (Ben, Asa).

    I have a feeling that RB’s return is going to end up on their Worst Returns list…
    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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    Jesse and Angie not only brought me back to AMC but to soaps. But I think Lawrence Lau’s brief return as Greg Nelson also deserves an honorable mention. His scene at Jenny’s graveside was magical. He stepped into a role he hadn’t played in decades and rocked it.

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    Nice list! Loved seeing Darnell Williams and Debbie Morgan in the number one spot! I was a *little* disappointed however that Vincent Irrazary and Tuc Watkinks weren’t higher up on the list. And no Rebecca Budig *anywere?* Come on!

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