BREAKING NEWS: Did Ken “The Show Slayer” Corday Sign John Callahan to a CONTRACT???

Online sources are saying Ken Corday, in his infinite wisdom, signed veteran actor John Callahan (ex-Edmund) to a contract at Days of Our Sinking Ship. This has not been confirmed by the network.

 Okay, riddle me this? If you can’t afford to keep your show’s own obscenly popular stars, why bring on half a dozen people from other soaps and pay them? I of course realize Callahan probaby costs a fraction of what Deidre Hall or Drake Hogestyn did, but any no-name doof could have played Nicole’s doctor or John’s shrink. Why hire names like Callahan and Sandra Ferguson?

This has nothing to do with the merits of Callahan, who I adored as Edmund on All My Children or Ferguson, who I enjoyed for years on Another World. This is about the ultimate idiot in charge pouring salt into the wounds of his disgruntled fans. I don’t think Corday will understand anything at this point but a full on boycott. Thanks Alistair Crane for the tip!

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    Where are all of these idiotic executive decisions coming from?! Sony needs to throw some weight around and knock him on his tush…

    God forgive me, but I am praying that Days falls from a 1.8 to a 1.4 or below GL after Drake & Deidre leave. I’m pretty sure they will fall, too. That twit & NBC must not realize that John & Marlena fans are nuts.

    ***///My life as a soap fan is on life support, waiting for a miracle…\\\***

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    Unless he is is another “every story has Melanie” character Dr. Baker will be soon gone. He will go from the blackmailer of Nicole to the blackmail and/or murder victim of EJ. I give him 3 months tops. John Callahan is too talented for them to actually keep around for good stories.

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    Any boycott, which I’m game for, needs to be accompanied by a well authored list of strongly suggested points of fan interest. If it starts at the top, with Ken Corday thinking that his pathway to success is extra-cirricular activities and that philosphy is filtering down to everyone else involved, let’s not waste another sand grandule.

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    What I don’t understand is why Dena seems to have Ken and Co. on such a short leash. I have no doubt the new characters are her idea; it’s been her MO for a while now to construct stories around newbies that nobody cares about. But why is she allowed to dictate all this hiring? Does she have that much ‘creative control’ (and I use the term loosely) that her requests for new actors can go unchecked?

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    I’m curious as to how much DH actually has to do with any of this. Do we have information that makes us think that DH is somehow involved with KC in the decision making? Just curious. Regardless, in the short term, KC/DH must think that what they are doing is working. Did you see the ratings this week? Days in 3rd in overall HH (beating out all three ABC soaps). Tied for second in 18-49, and tied for first in 18-34. I fear that they will take these numbers as a good sign, and think they are on the right track. They have no idea what is potentially coming, from a numbers perspective, round about Feb. 1. Ugh.

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    “What I don’t understand is why Dena seems to have Ken and Co. on such a short leash. I have no doubt the new characters are her idea; it’s been her MO for a while now to construct stories around newbies that nobody cares about.”

    That’s sure what she did at OLTL: creating the never-ending Margaret Cochran and Spencer Truman sagas nearly killed that show quicker than the Santi clan ever did; and when those two storylines finally collided, it was a train wreck from which OLTL barely recovered. Thank goodness Erica Slezak made her feelings known and ABC finally dumped Higley.

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    When Ken Corday chose to keep Dena and get rid of Ed Scott, he made a big mistake. Now, I am not saying Ed wasn’t stepping on the toes of other departments (writing scripts, etc), but when he was involved with the soap, what was delivered to our television screens was better than the crap we are watching now!

    I am not sure why Dena is so treasured. She really has tunnel vision and only writes for who she thinks is important. This is ruining the soap. Why would we want more air time for newer characters like Dr. Baker, Melanie, and Rafe if it means less for longtime fan favorites? She shoves new characters in our faces instead of introducing them slowly and steadily. In fact, if Dena had used her brain and linked Melanie to Maggie earlier on, by now (gulp) I might actually care what Melanie has to say!

    John Callahan really does look washed up and I am not sure I understand the need for his character to stick around Salem long term. I am liking Sandra Robinson’s character,Charolette, but since John/Marlena’s days are numbered, I am sure she won’t be around much longer either.

    It is going to get a whole lot uglier and in the end, I get this feeling there won’t be a Days at all. Come on, Corday! Make your parents proud.

    Always soaptacular-


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    Wow. Rude much? Actually, John Callahan (And Dr. Baker) are extremely good-looking and dare I say HOT! ♥ And dare I say a million billion trillion times more talented that the vast majority of the people on this show! Thank You, John Callahan (And Dr. Baker) for gracing us with your presence on DOOL these past few months! It has been a joy! ♥

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    :? Uhh, Callahan looks nothing like that picture accompanying this story. Have any of you actually seen Days lately? Callahan has put on about 50 pounds and that appears to be a really bad rug on top of his head. His face is puffy and scary looking. They could have cast someone a lot better looking in this part.

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