Caption This: Jailhouse Revenge

Take your best Caption This shot at this scene where Ashley (Eileen Davidson) takes a bite out of crime, er Gloria (Judith Chapman).

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    When Ashley told that heifer to sit sit her ass down I started talking in tongues.

    ROTFLMAO!!! You crack me up.

    Ashley (goosenecking): “I don’t give a damn what Luke Kerr says GLORIA. You are a stupid meeeeean old woman. DIE! JUST DIE!!

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    Number 1 When Ashley told Gloria to sit her Ass Down, Me and My Momma was ROLLIN!!! We rewound it so many times on the Tivo it was ridiculous! That’s the quote of the year, Hell maybe even the decade. But for the caption to this pic

    Ashley: Don’t make me come across this table!

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    I am the only one wondering why the hell Gloria would want to even meet Jack and Ashley while in prison, after what she did.

    She does not have too and it is ridiculous that she would agree.

    Otherwise it was ok, but this story is very disappointing, I don’t know why but I cannot get into it.

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    Mike Jubinville

    I think that Gloria knew she had a visitor, but was not informed of who it was.

    It may be disappointing because it’s too little too late? I’ll cut the writers slack, they seem to know what they are doing!

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    I’d love it if it turned out John Abbott were still alive, but tucked away in a hospital outside of GC in a coma, all of this having been arranged by Dina…

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    “I think the only thing to make this better is for Ghost John to show up for his own smackdown on Gloria.”

    Boy, that would make them bug eyes pop right outta her head!

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