Carrington Garland Opposite Roscoe Born on Santa Barbara

News of Beverly Garland‘s (ex-Estelle, Port Charles) passing brought a name back to my mind that I haven’t thought about in years– Carrington Garland. According to We Love Soaps Roger Newcomb, the junior Garland— who was my absolute favorite incarnation of Kelly Capwell (sorry Eileen, if it’s any consolation you are the one and only Ashley Abbott!)— was the senior Garland’s daughter.

For those soap fans who didn’t have the absolute privilege of watching Carrington Garland and the rest of the amazing cast of Santa Barbara, the best soap opera ever, I found this clip featuring Garland as Kelly opposite Roscoe Born who played both her true love Robert Barr and Robert’s scheming doppelganger Quinn. The clip also features the unforgettable Jed Allan and Judith McConnell as Capwell patriarch and matriarch C.C. and Sophia, in a scene with their trusted housekeeper Rosa (Margarita Cordova); as well as a young pre-Kevin Buchanan Timothy Gibbs as dirty rapist Dash with Roberta Bizeau as sexy grifter Flame and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, General Hospital) and Gordon Thompson as the snarkicilious Julia and Mason.

The story arc had Quinn pretending to be his brother Robert. Robert Barr was Eden Capwell (Marcy Walker)’s childhood sweetheart, He came to town to seek revenge on her for letting him go to jail for a murder he believed she committed.  He accomplished this by seizing control of Capwell Enterprises, her family company, talk about Dirty Sexy Money.

After almost succeeding in stealing Eden away from Cruz (A Martinez), Robert fell for her lookalike little sister Kelly. Somewhere along the way Quinn replaced Robert, who was later killed by Quinn’s accomplice Flame. The plan was for the con artists to rob the Capwell heiress blind. Too bad Quinn fell for Robert’s girl, plus Kelly’s smart-as-a-whip sister-in-law Julia was on to them. Check out the pacing of these scenes and how the umbrella storyline of Kelly’s planned wedding to Robert/Quinn drove story for the entire canvas. As Archie Bunker used to say, those were the days!

 Our thoughts and prayers are with Garland and her family.

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    Oh the memories :) Santa Barbara is my all-time favorite soap!

    My favorite Kelly was Robin Wright, but CG was a close second. I was never crazy about the Quinn/Flame story because I looooved Robert. He was the only legitimate threat to Cruz and Eden. I remember when Cruz and Eden where breaking up and the great ad they ran where CG’s Kelly yells “The myth of Cruz and Eden is OVER!” lol

    And Mason and Julia! One of the greatest couples ever (especially when Lane was playing Mason). And I love that their daughter’s name was…Samantha :) (So Sam is Alexis’ daughter on GH *and* Julia/Mason’s daughter on SB, lol)

    Thanks for posting this!!
    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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    Jamey Giddens

    So Sam is Alexis’ daughter on GH *and* Julia/Mason’s daughter on SB, lol)
    NOOOOOO!!!!! Daisy Clover don’t you dare pollute my memories of Mason and Julia with mentions of the Queen o’ Crotch Crickets!!! Booooo HOOOO! (Jamey rolling around the floor pitching a temper tantrum). I never made that connection with the names! A curse on both of your houses Daisy Clover! My little Samantha Capwell grew up to be a smart, witty lawyer, not a mob moll with an open access hot tub! Right now, Samantha is the ADA of Santa Barbara working on a case with police detective Chip Castillo and sparring all the way. Chip’s trying to prove his sister Adriana, who like her mother before her suffers from DID, didn’t kill her attempted rapist LJ aka Lionel Lockridge II (Laken’s illegitimate son with Keith Timmons, whom she teamed up with to break up Gina and Lionel)!

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    AH Sigh, oh how I long for the days when soaps were good. Watching this clip has just made me depressed. I remeber when Flame was gaslighting Kelly after she married Quinn/Robert.

    Mason and Julia were the best soap couple ever, Gordon Thompson was the only Mason I watched growing up. But Daisyclover that Helena Cassidine plant/dumb slut on GH is NO WAY IN HELLL Mason and Julia’s precious daughter.

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    Jamey I *love* all of that, except my beloved Keith Timmons (my *favorite* male character EVER) would not sire a rapist! No way, lol!!

    And sorry Mrs.AdamCarrington and Jamey – Sam McCall is Julia and Mason’s long lost daughter, no doubt! :) ;)

    btw, I *loved* Gordon on Dynasty. Adam Carrington is the ultimate love to hate character for me (and that’s a compliment believe me!)

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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    Jamey Giddens

    except my beloved Keith Timmons (my *favorite* male character EVER) would not sire a rapist! No way, lol!!
    Okay, history re-write. LJ didn’t really rape Adriana, the evil Dr. Cabot Nikolas (Elena Nikolas’s son with Kirk Cranston) hypnotized her to believe LJ was the rapist, when it was really Cabot! When Chip and Samantha finally realize the truth, Cabot forces them into a shark pit, much like the one his nefarious father forced Cruz and Eden into! Cue the theme song! Da da da DAAAA, Da da da daaaa DAAAA!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Oh and as for the others: 

    Eden and Cruz are back together and she has all her marbles (until Sweeps, when one of her alters pays a visit to drive ratings).  For awhile Cruz lived in Llanview and had a weird accent. I don’t know what was up with that? When Eden first came back to Santa Barbara from Pine Valley, Kelly and Cruz had fallen back in love.

    Kelly had helped her former bro-in-law finish raising Chip and Adriana (it only took two years thanks to SORAS’ing) and told Connor McCabe she just wasn’t that into him. Anyhoo, there was this big soapy triangle and a "Who Will Cruz Choose?" storyline, that resulted in him staying with Kelly out of guilt, then he screamed out Eden’s name in the middle of a romp out in the pool house behind the old Capwell mansion atrium and Kelly ran screaming from the building, slipped on Mason Jr.’s swim toy and fell into the pool hitting her head.
    A devastated and guilty Eden withdrew from Cruz and let him be with Kelly as she recovered from amnesia. Little did they know, Kelly got her memories back rather quickly and had been lying all along (gasp!). She got the idea from a "How To Keep A Man or An Adopted Child For Dummies" book penned by her former stepmother Gina Capwell Lockridge.

    Soooo, yeah, when Cruz and Eden discovered the big faker they kicked Kelly out of their Santa Barbara dream cottage and remarried, though Adriana (Ashley Benson) gave them plenty of trouble. She had bonded with her Aunt Kelly during all those years (two) that Kelly had been a mother to her and resented Eden. She worried her mom would go bat shit crazy again and start saying she was Adriana’s dead Uncle Channing again, which would be okay, because Channing WAS bisexual, so it would be okay for Cruz to still hit it, even if she was experiencing a breakdown.
    Chip (Ignacio Ser-whats-his-name-eo) was more forgiving of his stepmother Eden. Besides he was too busy romancing and fighting with Samantha (Bethany Joy Lenz). Brandon Capwell (Jonathan Jackson) is busy trying to keep his mother Gina in line, while also heading up Capwell Enterprises.
    Gina is back with Keith and Lionel with Augusta. Augusta, Minx and Laken all teamed up to break up Lionel and Gina. The couple put up the good fight, but when Laken found Keith Timmons and hired him to seduce Gina, she couldn’t help herself. A brief daliance with Laken along the way produced a son by Keith, LJ, who Gina and Keith periodically battle Laken for in court.
    Laken Lockridge spends her time teaching race car driver instruction classes (Where’d you think Days’ EJ, Max and Stephanie learned?), when not trying to steal Ted Capwell away from Gina’s daughter Lily. Augusta’s sister, Senator Julia Wainright Capwell, is set to make a bid for the White House in 2012, if she can keep her husband Mason sober and her son Mason Jr. out of tranny bars (Hey we have to keep with the times!).
    Ted and Lily adopted a son from Africa they named Angelo, after Angelina Jolie, who wore one of Lily’s designs to a premiere. This happened after they struggled to conceive for years. Lily and Gina’s fashion company Gina Jeans is now a billion dollar success. She is in talks to expand into haute coture with House of Lily. Her fashion line battles it out with Armanti Fashions, Sophia Capwell‘s label, now ran by Kelly Capwell.

    C.C. and Sophia have married and divorced four more times since 1993. They are currently divorced, with C.C. involved again with Santana Andrade and Sophia once again battling Augusta for Lionel. Eden, Kelly and Ted are conspiring to reunite their parents before their 75th birthdays…or their funerals.
    BJ Lockridge took the news that she was Cruz’s daughter in stride. She made the discovery when Salinger, her son with fellow writer Warren Lockridge, came down with a rare, funky blood disorder and Cruz’s daughter Adriana proved to be a match. Adriana, on the other hand, wasn’t too happy about her dad having another daughter and promptly drugged Warren and got pregnat with his child. 

    BJ’s mother Jodie Walker moved to some town called Peapack in New Jersey. I hear she’s sweating her balls off.

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    OMG Jamey, if DAYS had you head writing, the show would actually give Y&R a run for its money. Your re-imagining of Santa Barbara is awesome, when you become a successful writer please try your best to get this made either as Santa Barbara 2.0 or a miniseries.

    please do this for all your friends here at DC.

  8. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Oh Jamey I love it!! It’s nice to know what my favorite characters have been up to in the last several years, LOL :D

    And Jonathan Jackson as Brandon…ooooh, now that is a *great* casting choice!

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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