Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson Host “Best GH Weddings”

Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson are hosting the "Best GH Weddings" in honor of Patrick and Robin’s upcoming wedding on General Hospital.

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    Yes it was somewhat funny, but it doesn’t desreve to be on this list. Being funny doesn’t cut it, sorry. Steve and Audrey, Frisco and Felica, Luke and Laura, do you really think Jason and Brenda’s fake wedding compares to those weddings?

    Sean and Tiffany’s wedding was hysterical, they loved each other and fans were investead in them finally tying the knot. Fans waited for it and got the payoff. Brenda’s first two weddings to Jax were memorable, so much happened. There wasn’t anything to Jason and Brenda’s wedding, who the hell cared and who the hell dressed Vanessa Marcil in all those ugly cloths, lol.

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    See, when soapnet actually does something with soaps like a GH wedding marathon, then I wish I could get soapnet in Canada. And how cute are Kimberly and Jason in this promo? Can’t wait for Robin and Patrick to get married next week! It’s to be looking forward to GH for a change.

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    Brenda and Jason were on the list but Duke and Anna weren’t? Hmmm…

    OldGHFan, get out of my head! LOL! I’m waiting to see if it’s mentioned on the show but the fact that they spoke about Brenda and Jason over Duke and Anna in this clip makes me wonder. But it does show the hard on that Frons has for Marcil.

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    But it does show the hard on that Frons has for Marcil.

    Actually season, it just shows me the major hard on, out of the closet love Frons has for Steve Burton as that loveable former brain damaged mobster killing machine that is Jason.

    Duke and Anna, that completely skipped my mind, I should smack myself for that. Done. I hope they show Robert and Anna’s wedding, they are Robin’s parents after all, but they probably won’t.

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