Remembering Eileen Herlie

I don’t know about you all but I had a hard time getting through All My Children’s tribute to Eileen Herlie. I truly wish I were older in order to be able to remember some of the wonderful moments as depicted in the crystal ball.  Share your favorite Myrtle or Eileen Herlie memories after the jump.

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    oh my gosh… i was balling practically the whole time… it was so touching but i wish that there were some other people there too… Like Adam… Palmer…

    It was a great tribute to her!

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    Aw, I so missed Myrtle, and will forever be in our hearts. I also loved Bianca singing, as well as the guest appearances of Kelly and Agnes. In addition, I was touched to watch Angie and Kelly in scenes together. Loved it!

    It would have been much more better, if Skye, Brooke, Tad, Dr. Joe all appeared. Most definitely, Skye, she should return to All My Children. There are so many possible potential storylines for Skye and Robin, such as the continuing quest of her biological father. Man, they should just make Skye’s real daddy be one of Phoebe’s sons. Skye would be the remaining reflections of Phoebe and Myrtle in Pine Valley.

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    It was a beautiful tribute. The flashbacks were perfect. I cried the entire time too. I love that Myrtle gave Opal her crystal ball and fixed Erica’s dress. I agree that there were some people missing who should have been there but they did a great job with who they had. And I loved that they even brought Agnes on near the end. Erica was right when she called Myrtle the heart of Pine Valley and the show certainly won’t be the same without her!

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    Even thou some actors were missing, I beleave that was an excellent tribute to such an extrodinary woman. All who was apart gave great performances, especially Thorston (The poem at the end reminded me of his character Patrick Thornheart on OLTL), I really bawled when Zack locked himself in te elevator and broke down. I will surely miss Mertile. Great job AMC, BRAVO!


    ***”Tick.Tick.Tick..The Hunt For Ron Carliviti Is On! REDEEM OLTL! LEAVE RON ALONE!”***

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    I’ve only been watching regularly AMC since like 05 or something, so I can basically count the number of times I saw Myrtle onscreen on two hands. But that does nothing to damper the importance that Myrtle had on the show and the people, both as characters and actors. It was beautiful, and when Agnes came on for that brief cameo I about lost it.

    I’m in complete agreement that there were a severe lack of people involved, though. Adam wasn’t there? Any of the Martins? And although Rae got mentioned, Skye didn’t? Maybe I’m just bitter because I want Robin Christopher back on an ABC soap, any ABC soap, pronto!

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    I haven’t watched much of the show since the Cambias murder trial, so I didn’t realize that Zach and Myrtle has become so close, so much that Thorsten had so much screentime reacting to the death. (I also didn’t know that they were so close that he pretty much became keeper of her flame in the press and having a say in the memorial episode.)

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    I thought it was pretty well done. There were some glaring ommissions (specifically her daughter and granddaughter) but at least AMC actually mentioned both Rae and Skye. Rae’s in London and is devestated and couldn’t make it in time. But no one knows where Skye is?? I know she had been living in port charles for a while and well and I’m sure she didn’t stay in contact with Adam but come on, the throw away phrase. We can’t track her down. Adam doesn’t know where she is. I have a feeling she stayed in contact with her mother or maybe myrtle. If they were going to mention her at least don’t say she fell off the face of the earth. And please, how much would it cost to get robin christopher and linda dano for one episode?
    And why was it alot about zach losing myrtle. Hasn’t he only been on the show a few years. Where were the martins, and the chandlers?

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    I don’t remember some of the crystal ball memories either. However, I thought the episode was very well done.
    And, Meg, Myrtle and Zach became good friends almost as soon as he came to PV. They flashbacked the scene where they met, after that they were good friends and she was Zach and Kendall’s biggest supporter. She commented, in the hospital during Kendall’s first coma. that she was aware that Zach loved Kendall more than all the rest of her family and friends put together. Zach didn’t open up to most people, but he always listened to Myrtle.
    I believe they were good friends off the show also.
    The poem Zach read at the end of the show was the best scene and a real tear-jerker.

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