Daytime Confidential’s Top 10 Most Improved of 2008

No. 10: Lawrence St. Victor – Guiding Light

Lawrence St. Victor’s portrayal of the one-dimensional Remy Boudreau wasn’t worth noticing before 2008. Remy was just an angry cop who carried a torch for the late Tammy Winslow (Stephanie Gatschet). On the rare occasions that Remy wasn’t angry the writers chose to have him stand around silent and shirtless as eye candy.

Fortunately for St. Victor, 2008 was the year Guiding Light provided Remy with storylines that allowed him the chance to do more than take off his shirt or end up on a bathroom floor in nothing but boxer briefs. This past year Remy became involved with Ava (Michelle Ray Smith), who found out she was pregnant with his child. When Max died after childbirth, St. Victor gave a moving and emotional performance. Now with a new love interest for Remy, the quirky Christina (Karla Mosley) whom he married on a drunken impulse, St. Victor is clearly more relaxed and seems much more comfortable in his skin as an actor.


No. 9: Chrishell Stause – All My Children

Chrishell Stause has basically played the role of cheerleader for the rest of the canvas in storyline-after-storyline since joining All My Children as Amanda Dillon in 2005. On the rare occasions that saw Kate Collins returned as Amanda’s mother, Janet "From Another Planet" Dillon, Stause was allowed to step up out of the shadows of overused front burner actresses and give a meaningful performance. Without Janet, the writers never seemed to know how to write for Amanda or Chrishell until this year.

In 2008 Amanda and Stause were finally given a wider variety of storylines, that didn’t rely solely on Kate Collins’ status on the show, and both the character and the actress who portrays her flourished. As Amanda and Jake, Stause and Pine Valley newcomer Ricky Paull Goldin had chemistry so fiery it left fans scorched by the afterglow.

Unfortunately, ABC daytime was so hell-bent on trying to force fans to "Gush" over Goldin and Beth Ehlers the way they had on Guiding Light, that Stause and Goldin’s promising storyline was scrapped. Amanda also took the lead at Fusion in 2008 as Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) and Kendall (Alicia Minshew) proved just how short their attention spans really were, giving the capable young actress some much-deserved time in the spotlight. Amanda is once again being paired with Jacob Young’s JR Chandler, thanks to the manipulations of Vincent Irizarry’s David Hayward as 2008 draws to a close. We can’t wait to see more of Stause mixing it up onscreen with these two dirty, sexy schemers in 2009.

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    Pleasantly surprised to see Jake Silbermann on here. I get flack from friends for saying that he’s gotten a lot better than when he first started on the show (they still say he’s wooden). I like him and I think he does a good job portraying a character with stunted emotional growth. I just with TPTB would take him off the back-burner and put him in a decent storyline along with Van.

    Nice to Arianne Zuker on here too. She was terrible when she first started on Days but she’s grown tons since the return. Too bad her current storyline stinks.

  2. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I think that Judith Chapman could act, but her character was simply irredeemable until today’s episode. It was the best work of her career and made me and the fans sympathetic to her. I wanted Gloria gone, but I am loving her now.


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    Thank You for putting Brandon Buddy on the list! I’d put him #1 on my most improved list. The kid has come a loooong way. Not only has he improved but I think he’s turned into a terrific actor who brought me to tears several times over the last year. I haven’t watched recently (my own private Tarty Boycott) and BB is one of the few things I really miss…

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

  4. Profile photo of Melodie

    SO glad to see My girl Mandy Bruno on here. She really did do the Damn thing this past year. I’m just happy to see her get the credit she deserves!

    Brandon Buddy, Lawrence St. Victor, and even Judith Chapman have all improved leaps and bounds this past year as well!

    Nice list, y’all!

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    You guy’s really hit the mark on the head about
    lawrence St Victor & Mandy Bruno…they really have been amazing in a very turbulant year over at “Guiding Light”. I do have to say there seems to be more interest in the show as of late for many reasons…let’s just hope we can save the LIGHT.

  6. Profile photo of Scout

    While some actors transcend mediocre to bad writing, it seems like Judith Chapman needs it on the page; when it’s there, she brings the heat.

    Good picks all the way around… ;)

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    i would just have to say that picture of star and cole rivals any hollywood golden era movie poster. they have chemistry and energy and knowing their story makes the picture even more amazing.

    awesome choices – i bow to your listmaking! keep them coming!

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