EastEnders: The Pedophile Storyline Climax

This year’s biggest and most controversial storyline on any soap came to a shocking climax recently.

Before we get to the actual videos, we need a little backstory.

The videos you will be watching are the end of the pedophile/ triangle of Bianca (Patsy Palmer)/ Tony King (Chris Coghill)/ Whitney (Shona McGarty).

Bianca returned to the square earlier this year, with a whole bunch of new children with her. One of those children was 15 year old Whitney Dean. As the year progressed, we saw the arrival of Bianca’s boyfriend Tony King, who was released from prison after ‘defending’ Whitney.

The storyline got controversial when the adult Tony came into Whitney’s room and kissed her, and later said how much he has loved her since he first laid eyes on her 12 year old face.

This storyline is INTENSE, but the acting is nothing short of Emmy worthy.

The first clip takes place on Whitney’s 16th birthday, after Whitney told Bianca (her stepmother) that the reason she is upset is Tony.

And the climax.


That is why I enjoy EastEnders and tune into this show day after day. This IS A REAL SOAP, so what do you think? Did this make you want to watch EastEnders? And what did you think of the storyline? Could you ever see this playing out on a US soap? Sound off in the comments and look for the next Daytime Confidential British Invasion later this weekend.

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  1. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    This story has been AMAZING!!! Yeah, it’s been really disturbing but it’s been told so well, so respectfully, and the writers managed to tell an issue story w/o coming across as preachy, *and* at the same time making it great “soap opera” too!

    I’ve been watching soaps since I was a kid (over 25 years now) and this is one of the best climaxes to a story I have *ever* seen!! I was literally in tears!

    And the performances were incredible: Patsy Palmer (Bianca) believably alternating between anger, sadness, disgust and Tony King (Tony) in his desperation and panic when he realizes that he’s been found out. WOW!!

    This show has gotten me excited about soap operas again!!

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

  2. Profile photo of luverica

    I’ve been a fan of EastEnders since I started watching in 1986 or 87. The PBS market here in DC is about 6 years behind what’s currently being broadcast in England but words can’t describe how much I love this show, one of my all time favorites.

    It’s this type of storyline and all around great writing and acting that will always separate the British soaps from the American ones.

  3. Profile photo of Johnathon

    @daysfan65 / luverica —

    I hate how far behind PBS stations are lol, but at the same time you guys are lucky to even be able to watch EE on your TV screens lol.

    @Daisyclover —

    I totally agree, the thing that shocked me is it came out of NOWHERE, i mean yea we knew that she wanted to leave on her birthday, but did anyone really expect them to leave? lol i figured Tony would pull some more of his crap and then start really going after Lauren.

    The acting all around was AMAZING, Patsy’s ability to do all of those emotions was just brilliant, and Tony being the master manipulator that he is.

    I LOVE how he pretty much told Whitney he doesn’t love her anymore because she’s ‘legal’ there is no more adventure in it.

    And that is why i am slightly upset with the storyline, it didn’t ‘have to end’ I was expecting him to prey more on Lauren.

    I know i am a bit all over the place but the look on her face when she thought he did something to Tiffany, GOD Patsy better get a Award.

    I actually like that it was open ended though, it left a opening for a potential storyline in the future with Tony returning, pissed off that he was sent to jail and wanting revenge on Whitney and Bianca.
    A.K.A. ssjohn

  4. Profile photo of Soapsteve

    Thats one of the most intense scenes if seen on ANY soap. WOW!! I think the US soaps need to take a memo on how to have groundbreaking and character driven storylines that will effect everyone for years to come. Instead of just changing history they should embrace it. EastEnders should be on US tv but with up to date episodes so the US fans can enjoy. Ive watched EE for years and fell in love when Tiffany was on it married to Phil…great stuff!!!

  5. Profile photo of Brooke

    What a fantastic episode that was! I was spellbound, easily the best episode of soap opera I’ve seen this year. Perfect performances by all the actors involved. I alternated between wanting to slap each of the characters – Whitney for being so trusting (but then, she’s a child, what would you expect), Tony for being SO manipulative (actually, I really wanted to punch him lol), and Bianca for being so sceptical at first – then I wanted to hug her for realising what had gone on and doing something about it. Go Bianca! I haven’t watched the episode after this one, but I can’t wait!

    If you’re not watching EastEnders and can do so, YOU SHOULD!!

  6. Profile photo of Johnathon

    @Scout — And this just proves that the ‘GL’ production model can work, trust me the lighting and the way the show ‘looks’ is the LAST thing on your mind, the storyline draws you in and it feels so ‘real’.


    Agreed, it was amazingly intense.

    @Brooke —

    I REeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy wanted Bianca to shoot him, just find Ricky’s gun lying around the place and SHOOT HIM. (I dont know if Ricky has a gun, i doubt it but thats not the point.) The moment Bianca realized that had happened, that was the most AMAZING part of this episode, the look of disgust, and shock and pure horror, and realizing that he mite have touched Tiffany, Bianca looked like she was ready to pull Tony limb from limb, unfortunately all she did was call the cops ;(.
    A.K.A. ssjohn

  7. Profile photo of timepass

    Incredible acting and writing!

    I agree with soapsteve and now I can understand why US soaps are in trouble. Nothing remotely real in soap nowadays, just fluff passing true at speed light!

    Even when doing a challenging story it is always without depth. They don’t take the time to build up a story and let it reap naturally; always forcing the climax by a gimmick is so unnecessary!

  8. Profile photo of Scout

    I agree, Johnathan, but I’m probably one of the very few who doesn’t have a problem with GL’s production model.

    Here’s a question for all: as good as these scenes are, as much contrast as it shows between US and UK soaps — would average American soap fans accept and support such a dark storyline?

    Could an American soap pull it off?

  9. Profile photo of Johnathon

    Just for the record i dont have a problem with the GL model NOW, i hated it when it first switched and the camera was giving me whiplash, but that’s all been fixed for the most part.

    I dont know, I really dont lol, the only soap i see ‘maybe’ pulling this type of a storyline off is YR, the rest are way to ‘light hearted’ to take on this subject, at least imo.

    Would the FANS accept it? probably not, fans in the UK didn’t accept this storyline, actually Eastenders is the most complained about show in the UK, OfCom (Think FCC if i am remembering right lol.) is constantly putting out reports that they are investigating this or looking into that.

    The only differences is Execs in the UK tell STORIES, they don’t really care that it mite offend someone, they have a storyline and they tell it from start to finish.

    A.K.A. ssjohn

  10. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    I want more! this is good stuff!

    Are U.S. audiences ready for stuff like this? yes and no. I think were still a little too uptight for a story like this to be told. People would be gripping before it got started and changes would be made for fear of losing viewers. I tend to find US soap fans talk out of both ends of their mouth. We scream for change but then we gripe about it when it happens. I think the recent OLTL Tarty story is a good example of that. Everybody is raving about it now because it has been revealed to Marty who Todd is, but during the buildup EVERYONE was slamming it.

    The story on Eastenders looks really realistic. Sometimes too much realism freaks people out.

  11. Profile photo of Johnathon

    I was one of the FEW fans of the Tarty storyline, because I knew the fall out would be this AWESOME, i do have to say it was hard out there for a Tarty fan lol, but the problem I had with it was the ‘sex’, that pushed the storyline one step to far, and to a place it DIDNT have to go.

    But the Tarty comparison is a good one.

    A.K.A. ssjohn

  12. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    I first want to say that I have never seen this show before and I don’t know anything about these characters, but after watching these 3 clips, I have been completely sucked in! I am definitely going to check this show out! I also live in the DC area, so I will look up the PBS schedule to see when it airs. I’m going to look up some old clips on youtube as well!

    The acting was phenomenal. There were definitely no hair models in those scenes! The actress playing Bianca reminded me of the actress Amy Adams.

    Quick Question: Whitney told Bianca that her “relationship” with Tony has been going on for 3 years. Has this been shown on screen for 3 years or did viewers just learn about it?

    Thanks for bringing these shows to the forefront. I had almost forgotten what a real soap looked like!

  13. Profile photo of Brooke

    I watched the couple of episodes that follows this one and WOW – Patsy Palmer continues to impress me – especially the scene where she sits with the police for the first time and they ask all these questions about how she and Tony met… it almost sounds like he targeted her from the beginning and that just gave me shivers! Such great viewing!!!

  14. Profile photo of Johnathon

    I haven’t watched those episodes yet -.- .


    Tony arrived on the show in August (I think), the viewers found out about the “relationship” starting when she was 12 pretty soon after he arrived.

    And No problem, i am always happy to promote some QUALITY shows ;)

    A.K.A. ssjohn

  15. Profile photo of Scout

    “I was one of the FEW fans of the Tarty storyline, because I knew the fall out would be this AWESOME, i do have to say it was hard out there for a Tarty fan lol, but the problem I had with it was the ‘sex’, that pushed the storyline one step to far, and to a place it DIDNT have to go.”

    I’m with you, Johnathan. I liked the Tarty buildup (although that phrase in itself makes me want to see a dentist) and how it was played. Todd was not his usual jackass self and motives weren’t as, for lack of a better word, dastardly. The fallout has been, like the events leading up to it, have been somewhat in a gray area — which makes for good soap. I like where this is going, with awesome acting and writing.

  16. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    There’s no way a soap in the US could get away with a story like that. People would be up in arms and throwing torches. I mean let’s just say one of the better soaps on tha air decided to do something like this, they would start it off and then the shit would hit the fan, no matter how good the story might be. They would have to scrap it. ATWT can’t even give Nuke a decent storyline without a bru-ha. Maybe if it had been the 80’s or early 90’s the US soaps could of done somehting like this, but today, no way. Shame really.

  17. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    It’s interesting that a few of you have brought up the Tarty story…watching this EE storyline play out has made me *Angrier* about Tarty. Tarty was told purely as a shock value gimmick story, it was insulting, offensive and unbelievable. The only “positive” thing it had in common with EE’s story was the pacing, imo.

    I saw the Tarty story and it’s *immediate* fallout and the climax doesn’t even come close to this Bianca/Tony/Whitney climax. EE’s scenes were riveting and *realistic*, OLTL’s climax was ridiculous and the performances weren’t nearly as good (yeah, I said it…)

    Tarty made me ashamed to be a soap fan, but EE’s story made me excited to be a soap fan again. JMO

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

  18. Profile photo of Mrs Adam Carrington
    Mrs Adam Carrington

    Daisy, yout took the words right out of my mouth, the Todd and Marty storyline (I refuse to dignify it with a squish name) was a cheap offensive stunt compared to this. This storyline though off-putting was realistic and very well done. I used to live in the UK and followed Eastenders, this storyline is damn good soap not crappy plot point to plot point.

    It is not hard to believe that a mother’s boyfriend/husband could groom and abuse her child in such a despicable manner, as most paedophiles are usually closely linked in real life to their victims, unlike a storyline that puts a rapist and his victim back together in an implausible scenario and even if said scenario were plausible, for Todd to act as out of character as he did, well the less said about it the better.

    I just hope TPTB of all the soaps watch this so they can be re-educated as to how good soap is done. The build up and the climax were so riveting that it had me squirming in my seat. I haven’t watched eastenders in a while but these clips have pulled me back in which all the soaps save Y&R have failed to do.

  19. Profile photo of miou07

    This is why I love EastEnders. They will take on a controversial topic and generally give it the respect that it deserves — in other words, they deal with the fallout, the emotional consequences. And I like the fact that they seem to think their audience can handle the subject matter, even if it’s disturbing. I really appreciate that and wish we could have some of that here. I do agree though that viewers in the US, at least some soap viewers, seem to be unwilling to gives stories like this a chance to play out without condemning them. I would love to see good drama like this on a US soap. That is what keeps me on the edge of my seat with this show. The only other soap opera that I watch is Days of our Lives, and in truth, I can’t even put that show in the same category as this one. EastEnders is a show that constructs stories. Days, I can’t even call it a show. It’s something that sucks up air time. Days’ idea of storytelling is throwing crap against the wall and waiting to see what sticks.

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