Last Week’s B&B: Bimbo Bags Honey Bear

At the beginning of the week, Rick (Kyle Lowder) vowed to change and make his family proud. This doesn’t bode well – if he’s going to follow the moral code of his family, he’s either going to start coming to work dressed like a hooker or start straddling Nick Marone.

Phoebe’s death continued to stir up animosity between Stephanie and Brooke, and again both Katherine Kelly Lang and Susan Flannery rocked their scenes. Taylor blamed herself and, in my opinion, Hunter Tylo was great in what must be an incredibly hard storyline for her to play out.

Phoebe’s memorial service took place in Taylor’s living room, where her weirdly placed sink seemed to have disappeared. I also wondered where she got all those chairs from, but maybe that was just me. I guess she borrowed them from Nick, who had quite a stash after his backyard wedding to Bridget.

We were treated to a Phoebe montage with her “Always There, Daddy” song playing in the background. I was hoping for a flashback of her goth makeover, but it didn’t happen. (See Mike’s post about Taylor, Steffy and Thomas for some true goth makeover fun.) Constantine didn’t even bother to show up, despite the fact they’d just been touring together for months on end. I was holding out for one last duet – Bridget (AKA Dougie Forrester, MD) could’ve momentarily reanimated the corpse and it would’ve been quite the show shopper.

Rick wasn’t welcome at the service and Ridge asked Brooke to get her son the hell out of there. Then Eric pretty much said, “that’s all folks!” And with that, the ceremony was over. By the end of the week, Brooke had listened to Ridge’s case and agreed to ship Rick off to Forrester International again. Like hell that’s gonna happen! Kyle Lowder is fast becoming the most watchable male on this show, even when he’s given ropey speeches/nonsensical plot points to act out.

Donna noticed the resemblance between herself and the model Thorne had hired. “Oh my God, do you get your hair done at Tramps R Us too,” she asked, “where’d you get your boobs?” (Okay, I made the dialogue up.) By the end of the week she’d boarded the Forrester jet and was ready to skip town. It was all too painful for her to stay in L.A. when horny bear didn’t love her, blah blah blah. Whatever, Donna… don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Oh, and what is this nonsense about Donna and Owen’s “surf line”? Those two dimwits couldn’t design a frikkin’ beach towel.

Silly fool Thorne was shocked to see the return of his Donna look-alike, demanding a modeling job in exchange for her silence. Guess what? Owen listened at the door, became suspicious and confronted the model, then called Thorne a “dirty dawg”. Nice, Owen, get your insults from a New Kids on the Block song. After it all came out, we had to sit through a reunion between the bimbo and her honey bear. It was quite nauseating.

Will Rick relocate to Paris? My ass he will. Will Eric and Donna reunite? Sigh… yes. Will Bridget use her magical powers to get Rick off the hook? You betcha. Will we ever see Ronn Moss’s ears? Seriously, check that dude’s hair out. Something is amiss – I maintain that he is a Vulcan.

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  1. Profile photo of FierceBish

    is the Apple company sponsoring the show? almost everyone is using an iPhone.

    See ya in 5 months Thorne when they give you another ridiculous storyline!

    Where is Pamela, I thought she was put on contract?

    What happened to Beth’s storyline? I forgot why they brought her back to the show.

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    Mike Jubinville

    Taylor blamed herself and, in my opinion, Hunter Tylo was great in what must be an incredibly hard storyline for her to play out.
    I love your stuff, but I will oh so nicely disagree with you on that one!

    Taylor’s living room, where her weirdly placed sink seemed to have disappeared
    Not weird at all. Any good drunk has a bar with a working sink in every room of the house!

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    I think Hunter’s performance lacked something. I expected her to move me emotionally, just like Susan and Katherine did, but it didn’t. Equally unimpressive was the actress who plays Steffi. I am a Hunter Tylo fan, but I don’t think she was able to deliver a true soap moment, and possibly it is because the story hits too close to home for her.

    B & B has a lot of pretty faces, but man, sometimes you just want some good acting. Steffi, Donna, Marcus, Beth, and Owen are all characters who could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn’t miss them.

    Always soaptacular-


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    While I’ve liked Tylo’s performance at times in this story, I’d agree that there were times when she wasn’t fully there. But I’m assuming it’s because, as Soap_Stud pointed out, it hits too close to home. I can’t imagine how painful it was for her to do this story, and there’s a part of me that thinks B&B going with this story was insensitive. I’m sure (at least I *hope*) that TPTB got Tylo’s okay to do this, but I still feel so awful for her.

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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    he’s either going to start coming to work dressed like a hooker or start straddling Nick Marone.

    I vote for both Darren!! LOL! Rick is fast becoming my favorite B&B B*tch, so they better not soften him up!

    All I can say about Phoebe’s death is that at least she can be reunited with the love of her life Shane! As Brooke might say, Destiny has finally brought them together! :)

    Thanks Darren!

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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    Brad should be getting for Christmas is a coal in his stocking for killing a legacy character around the holidays. This is what fans want, to see a funeral when we are in a recession, people are losing their jobs and the future doesn’t look so bleak. I don’t know how come up with these ideas, but they need to be fired, now.


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    Scott Novick

    C’mon, Darren. Did you really think the Eric/Donna reunion wouldn’t happen? As soon as they had the “thorne hires the faux-Owen and Donna” scenes happen, it wasn’t so much a question of “would he be exposed” as it was “when would he be exposed?” I have to admit I was a bit surprised at how quick it happened, although it seems like on this show, everything happens quick.

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    Darren Lomas

    Okay, you lot (Mike, Soap Stud, Daisy) are probably right re. Hunter – it didn’t “get me”, but I thought that was maybe because I couldn’t really get in the moment – her personal circumstances kind of overshadowed it.

    Mike – I’m getting me some more sinks :D

  9. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    I think it was too soon after the death of her son to play these scenes. I think the s/l fell flat because it will be another plot point to cause conflict instead of really using it to move things along. Brad probably will forget about Phoebe and let the matter go. Brad is a jerk and should be ashamed of letting his family legacy show go down in flames.


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