DC #338: Top 5 Things We Want For Christmas

On today’s Top 5 edition of Daytime Confidential Luke, Mike, Jamey, Regan, Jillian, Melodie and Nicki count down the Top 5 Things We Want For Christmas. So get yourself a cup of holiday cheer and curl up with this episode of good tidings and joy.

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25 Responses

  1. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    My top 5 wish for soaps is

    5) Stop the crappy writing for soaps. The plotty and horrible writing for daytime is killing the industry and needs to stop. NOW.

    4) Get Deirdre and Drake on daytime and make Corday wish he never take over his parents legacy show. He is ruining Days and he is gonna regretted it.

    3) Get rid of the hair models, Melanie-Days, Vanessa and Lola-OLTL, Katie and Donna-B&B.

    2) Make Brody and Jess/Tess/Bess a next super couple on OLTL.

    1) Fired Brian Frons and Bob Guza from ABC. These two are destroying the essence of ABC daytime and GH and both needs to go.

    My honorable mentions are get rid of Paul and Meg- ATWT, Nuke to get it on-ATWT, make Sonny and Jason pay for their crimes-GH, Dena Higley, Brad Bell, Jean Pissant and Chris Goutman, Ellen Wheeler, Jill Phelps to be fired, incested couples on B&B and DAys, Bridget and Owen on B&B, no more mob on GH, stop women being weak on daytime.


  2. Profile photo of bonobochick

    I agree… death to Paul and Meg. They’re horribly dull and on the screen way too much. Vortex of suck, indeed.

    Yes to Casey & Emily. A million times YES to Casey & Emily. :) I am neutral to Carly & Holden, though I don’t care for Lily & Holden. I like the plan for Carly in the new year. Anything rather than her moping over Jack.

    And the Noah/Luke innuendos & commentary were hilarious! :D

  3. Profile photo of Ilovethesoaps

    They need to put Reva and Josh back together as a couple! Have the Lewies need to be a family! Not this mess thay they have made with Jeffey ugh!! Put, Carley back with Jack as a family! They need to keep core couples together and not live their lives like they don’t have brain! The use of families is important! Most soaps have forgotten about the family! I would really love to see Dinah and Mallet back together again, Cyrus and Marina as a couple please! ;)

  4. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I agree with Simon – crappy writing has got to go. That would be my number 1 as well. Write stories that make sense, honor history, and ARENT repetitive.

    Give us back our previews for the next day.

    GH needs to remember that for the most part viewers gravitate toward the female characters and through them, the men they love. Stop making the women an appendage to the men – mysoginy is not appealing. Give us back our strong and interesting core women and write them good relationships full of romance and sexy goodness. More Carly, Robin, Maxie, Tracy, Sam and Claudia – less the Jerry loving version of Alexis, the wimpy version of Lizard, and the Aunt Reylene quoting version of Nadine. And bring back Anna and Robert permanently – Robert as Sam’s father.

    Bring back Kevin, Cassie, and Lindsey on OLTL. Get rid of Vanessa and Lola. Recast Phonio with someone who will play the character with less pomposity. Stay in the year 2009 and do not write any stories that involve mendora.

    Keep Tamara Braun at all costs and kill off the character of Greenlee in a way that prevents RB from ever eating up the show again. Keep Aiden Turner and give him something real to do and find a way to redeem crazy annie.

  5. Profile photo of Gracie09

    What about Kate, in the middle of a Victor and Stefano triangle gets drunk with power and becomes the villianess that would leave the people of Salem knocking their knees?
    I like this option more than Sami with 1 adult son, 2 toddlers, an infant and a budding romance with FBI Agent Rafe to go bat shit crazy again.
    Then there’s Nicole and I think sky’s the limit on what they could do with her, everything but Sami’s baby, PLEASE! If Alison wasn’t pregnant was well I would be so-so okay with it, but that’s all too much for me. I love the anticipation of Nicole these days ending up naughty or nice? Ari is doing a really good job.
    Lastly, I have never seen so many people come together (negatively, of course) with the same conclusion as they are about Melanie. A hair model villianess… scary!

  6. Profile photo of liason4real

    5. Send Olivia (GH), Lola & Vanessa (OLTL) and Frons packing.
    4. GH needs to tone down the mob, write for the Q’s, make Lucky a true Spencer and get him away from Liz, bring home Liz’s parents, show Audrey on occasions, get SBu to take off more than his shoes.
    3. Give me strong women who can hold their own and don’t NEED a man to save them all of the time (memo to GH this really getting lame having Jason save EVERYONE all of the TIME).
    2. Rotate the storylines so no ONE or FOUR or FIVE actors are on day after day after day after day…etc.
    1. I want LOVE in the afternoon, not guns a blazing while an 18 month old is playing cars in a back room, a 12 year old with a bullet in his head and tons of violence.

  7. Profile photo of Jenba

    I can’t even come up with all 5 wishes, that’s how sad I think things are right now on GH which is only show I’ve watched:

    1) Write GH in such a way that I can come back. Tuned out after the 12/12 episode and not coming back until/if I hear about positive changes from you fine folks here at DC.
    2) No more Frons & Guza. The lazy writing, chauvinistic tendencies, repetitiveness and violence are what wore me down.
    3) Liason, Liason, Liason. Regan and Luke, CAM. The fact that my heart has been ripped out again and that there were no other storylines keeping me engaged is what finally made me delete GH from my DVR. When frustration outweighs entertainment time for me to go.

  8. Profile photo of Revafan001

    5. Ro back on ATWT’s.
    4. Lucky/Dusty/Lily traingle
    3. AMC Green’s and Leo go off in the sunshine
    2. GL keeps getting better!
    1. Bauers back in full action and force. Also Carmen and Maureen comes back..

    GL/AMC/ATWT/GH/Y&R Fans!!!!!!!!!
    Ashamed RC/BF’s let Todd get of the rape charge!

  9. Profile photo of Jericafan

    Co-Founder of The Jackson Posse

    1. Reunite Erica and Jackson
    2. Fire Pratt and give us a writer who knows and cares about AMC history
    3. Give us back stories of romance and family
    4. Utilize the cast we have instead of taking “supercouples” from other shows and forcing them on us.
    5. Bring back Dixie, Reggie, and Lily

  10. Profile photo of ABCJunky73

    My 5 wish list things:

    5. Ken Corday banished from Daytime (ITA on this)
    4. Deport Vanessa & Lolia on OLTL! (100% AGREED)
    1. For everyone at Daytime Confidential to kidnap Brian Frons and take over ABC Daytime. All of you can
    do WAY better at running ABC Daytime than him.


    ***”Tick.Tick.Tick..The Hunt For Ron Carliviti Is On! REDEEM OLTL! LEAVE RON ALONE!”***

  11. Profile photo of nycdancer

    My wish list:

    5. More love in the afternoon
    4. More Quartermaine action
    3. Get rid of Frons forever
    2. For Steve Burton’s shirt to come off….or pants…heh
    1. Liason, Liason, and more Liason

    Is this too much to ask for?

    Happy Holidays!!!

  12. Profile photo of Devil_Doll

    5. Rafe and Sami together (permanently)
    4. Rafe and Sami together (end the triangle)
    3. Rafe and Sami together (Rafe raises the new baby with her)
    2. Rafe and Sami together (make Rafe Tony DiMera’s son)
    1. Rafe and Sami together (finally give Sami true love)

  13. Profile photo of purplebraids

    MY Wish list. 5. More romance with couples Zendall , Liz and jason , Scrubs,Spixie ,Lucy& Dusty ,Nuke, .4.Better written storylines that keep me hooked and watching .3. Melanie Days, Lola , Vanessa One Life To Live must go now and GL`s Grady.2. The writers of all the soaps need to stop all the plot point storylines and write character driven storylines and think storylines through because I shouldn`t know how it ends before you write it.1. Stop writing characters out of character and write them true to character. Honoable Metions All soaps need to stop desrtroying one character over another character.AS the World Turns ,Need to stop repeating it self with the same storylines from two years ago or more and end the madness that know as Peg .

  14. Profile photo of diallo41

    Great podcast. Jamey, I can always count on you for a laugh. Wish list..
    5. I think a Carly Dusty sandwich would be cool
    4. Guiding light needs help my christmas wish is that it gets it.
    3. love you EET but i fainted at the thought of Sam being in anyway connected to Robert Scorpio so i will use one of my wishes to neutralise that one.
    2. Gh, better writing less mob, stronger women, useful, balanced characters
    1. Get rid of Wheeler, Frons, Guza and the evil doers that decided it was a good decision to get rid of john and marlena.
    Merry Merry All.

  15. Profile photo of DaytimeFan0001

    HA! This was a good one. Haven’t tuned in since the summer. The best part was Jamey, “The role of Victoria Newman..” HAHA! Isn’t that the best part of the soaps anyway? lol AND I also COMPLETELY agree with you regarding getting new people at the reins of SoapNet. With my move to CA I immediately thought that I am going to miss my DVR…and then Soapnet..only to realize I NEVER watch Soapnet…I don’t want to support a network that doesn’t want to own up to it’s name and tries to make it something it’s not. And can someone tell me, why the hell are soaps being played in the early AM hours, yet primetime belongs to those terrible 1980’s movies? And I was screaming yes when you talked about bringing Lindsay Hartley back to TV. I miss her a lot. And why not…bring back Sunset Beach!

    My List:
    1. Guiding Light to be saved so all the others will be saved!
    2. Sheila Carter to make a MAJOR return to B&B (give that show a villain please!)
    3.Put Passions reruns on NBC.com
    4.Have B&B hire me as an inturn
    5. Get daytime some prime-time advertisement.

  16. Profile photo of solafidex

    This is a Hard Candy Christmas for me, folks! Days is my first soap too, and I’m crushed with the inevitability of losing Drake and Deidra!

    Thank you, DC “elves” for delivering the much deserved lumps of coal (Molly Burnett, Dena “Soap Killer” Higley, and Ken Corday, I’m looking in your direction).

    As Christmas is a time for miracles, I’m praying for a George Bailey type conversion for Ken Corday. It’s not too late, Ken! You can still save your reputation and your parents’ legacy!

    Meanwhile, I’m ready to be “cruel to be kind”; I’m ready to “vote with my remote.” I’ve been happily viewing Y&R for the last 3 weeks thanks to DC’s glowing recommendations and I’m rather satisfied with my back-up soap, GH.

    Come January 24, or whenever Dee & Drake’s last airdate is I will be pulling the DVR plug on Days…I’m curious though, how serious DC is with this campaign. Are you going to do a dep-con 5? Full media blackout? Stop reporting on Days? Shutting down the Days Forum? In other words, shun on?

  17. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Hey dial I just saw that you zapped one of my christmas wishes??!! Now thats not very seasonal of you is it LOL

    Well I wont grouse too much. I already got some of my JaSam wishes filled today, I can wait and ask the Leprachauns on St. Patrick’s day for my Robert is Sam’s father wishes. You arent Irish are you? Because if not, the only way you can zap me is to find the guy with the pot o’gold and steal my wish from the pot LOL

    Seriously though, KeMo was brought on to be a lead and she really hasnt had a meaty lead story since Lila M. died. Its time for her to find her father and I am hoping that it would be someone with ties to the canvas (but it would have to be someone that hasnt met alexis, thus the challenge) Jeff Webber or Sean Donnelly would be two possibilities or maybe even Frisco if the age thing could work out and they could get JW to come back, but to me Robert makes the most sense of all.

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