Is Bold and Beautiful Gearing up for BROWEN?

We received a message on the tip line that there was quite a commotion recently over at the official message board for The Bold and the Beautiful. Apparently some spoiler pics got out featuring Owen and Bridget (Brandon Beemer and Ashley Jones). Now you know I went over there to try to rat them out, but I couldn’t find chiseled hide nor flaxen hair of the suspect snap shots.

Could a Browen pairing be on the horizon? Let’s hope so. Beemer is one of the hottest young actors in daytime, plus I’m tired of seeing the talented Jones being written into one snore-inducing storyline after another. I adored her on Y&R as bat shit crazy Tricia’s sensible sister Megan and feel with a proper storyline that doesn’t have her perenially losing out to her horny Logan relations, Jones could truly take off on B&B. It’s time this soap invested in Generation Next much like it’s sister soap has.

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    Then Jamey, let me help you out. This is the pic that got everyone excited:

    If B&B goes there and brings on Bridget and Owen – it sure is a reason to watch this show again. Ashley and Brandon together are smokin’ hot! :D

    There were also two other behind the scenes pics, which I will post the link too:

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    Jamey Giddens

    So not only has Bridget had her mom and aunt Katie’s slopping seconds now she gets Donna’s? LOL Just have her go psycho already! lol
    At least these sloppy seconds are still fresh off the farm, unlike Nick, who no doubt tastes of sea salt.

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    I like daysfan’s suggestion of a Felicia, Owen and Bridget triangle, it would really make B&B worth watching again. Could you imagine the drama of a Stephanie 2.0 Felicia going toe to toe with psycho Bridget, YAY!!!!!!

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    I hate Donna, so I glad that Browen is heating up. I want Felicia to take over Forrester Creations since Rick is now the good guy now. I am so sick of Brooke and the Logan family that I want them gone.


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    They could definitely be hot. I loved her as well as Megan on Y&R, but she hasn’t really done anything for me as Bridget. The actress that played her sister on Y&R needs a new soap gig.

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    Forrester Creations must not be affected by the economic slump. they keep pouring out clothes and now they have a new surf line.

    did they even have a fashion show this year or a shoot overseas?

    and what ever happened to jacqueline’s “M” fashion house storyline??

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    Darren Lomas

    Yay – you see the potential in Bridget! AJ is definitely capable of stepping up to the plate – she just needs the right material.

    I was excited about this potential pairing, but the more I see Owen fawn over that dumb bimbo Donna, the less I think of his character… Brad Bell needs to get out his magic marker and write Owen some new character traits.

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    soapjunkie88: I think those must be spoiler pics from the upcoming summer surf line or whatever it is.

    Mrs. Adam Carrington: Thank you. I didn’t watch the hsow when they had that triangle between Felicia & Bridget with I think Dante, but was that good? Does anyone know?

    aka Peter

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    Scott Novick

    daysfan65, there was a real problem IMO with the Felicia/Dante/Bridget triangle, since no one knew who they wanted in that triangle. After giving up her marriage to Nick, Bridget got together with Dante, who supposedly came all the way across the world to be with her. But when Dante proposed marriage, Bridget wasn’t ready to go that far. Then the waffling began. Bridget and Dante broke up. Dante got together with Felicia, who met him over a drunken table dance she didn’t even remember. Bridget wanted Dante back. Dante proposed to Felicia but made out with Bridget on his wedding day. Felicia still wanted Dante, even though she caught him with her half-sister. But Dante wanted Bridget. No, he wanted Felicia. Or was it really Bridget? Round and round we went to the point that I was grateful when Antonio Sabato Jr. wanted out of his contract. I’m just sorry we never got any closure around his story, since he just up and went to Rome and never came back.

    There were some fun moments in the Bridget/Felicia rivalry over Dante, like Felicia putting baby oil in Bridget’s sun screen and then giving her some kind of botox based cream to heal her burns. But in the end, it was a lot of waffling that went nowhere.

    Still, I’d like to see a Bridget/Owen/Felicia triangle since I think both Felicia and Bridget are in different places in their lives and are ripe for a story. I just hope that if they go there, it won’t be another wafflefest.

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