Classic “Restless” Episodes to Air Christmas and Day After

Fans of The Young and the Restless of ole’ are in for a treat this year. CBS will run a old episode of Y&R, on Christmas Day. The airing is a Christmas one dating back to 1989! For those new to watching Y&R, this is an event to tune into to get a gander at why yours truly along with her DC cohorts are fighting for the soap industry and why we’re also praising the gold standard of the genre.

If that isn’t enough, the day after Christmas, Y&R will also air a special Its a Wonderful Life type episode that is centered around super lawyer Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc). It seems like Aunt Maria along with her posse Hogan, Paul and Scott are trying to let the naysayers know that soaps aren’t dead, but just hibernating.

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    I am pretty sure the Christmas episode CBS is airing on 12/25 is from 1989, smack dap in the middle of the original Marge/Kay story line. Marge is learing how to impersonate Kay and plotting to replace her while the Newman’s are home together having a (somewhat) happy holiday. This ties in fabulously with what is going on in today’s Genoa City! Maria Bell even knows how to bring the holiday repeats. Work it, girl!

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    I saw a promo for the “Wonderful Life” stand alone episode with Michael and it looks fantastic! Christian LeBlanc is my absolute favortite on all of daytime so this episode will be a perfect Christmas gift for me!

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