Manipulating Mothers

I have always liked Kate’s (Lauren Koslow) manipulations on Days of Our Lives and I couldn’t help but smile today as she tried to manipulate Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and Dr. Daniel (Shawn Christian) together. I’m not sure what to think about a possible Chloe and Daniel pairing, but throw in Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) for a triangle and it could be good.

Would you like a Chloe and Daniel pairing?

Manipulating Mothers

  • Lucas and Chloe have a good thing going, don't mess it up with Daniel. (19%, 56 Votes)
  • Daniel and Chelsea need to be together, keep him away from Chloe. (36%, 108 Votes)
  • A Daniel, Chloe and Lucas triangle would be hot! (9%, 27 Votes)
  • Daniel and Chloe would be great! (36%, 107 Votes)

Total Voters: 298


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  1. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    OMG, I’m just mesmerized by their beauty, lol!!

    They’re lovely to look at and I actually think they do have some chemistry (I tuned back into DAYS just to check out their scenes together), but the writing…oh the writing!! :(

    I wouldn’t mind a Chloe/Daniel/Lexie triangle :)

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

  2. Profile photo of mrsnoahdrake

    Well, Chloe IS a lot closer to Daniel’s age than Chelsea (who is young enough to be his daughter) and Kate (who could be his mom’s age if they ever aged Kate).
    But Phillip & Chloe need to get back together – that needs to be choice #5.
    If Lisa Rinna came back as Billie Reed, then she and Daniel would be super hot together. (I know, dream on).
    We could do a chemistry test with Daniel and Amanda Cory (whatever her character’s name is).

  3. Profile photo of momsmistchief

    Why is it Daniel is the end all to be all when it comes to women or young girls? The man is sick and needs to get his life back in focus. Glad I don’t have a female dog as he would probably make eyes at her too. GMAFB!!!!

  4. Profile photo of joshua2854

    I agree . . . Daniel has become the new EJ, aka, the new man whore of Salem. Apparently, only one guy at a time can handle the gaggle of erotically enhanced females of Salem at one time. Why can’t Dena spread it around a little? Quite frankly, the one couple they haven’t tried that I think would be somkin hot would be Chole and EJ . . . All of that beauty in one s/l could quite possibly be delicious.

  5. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Daniel should be written out. Kate should be in a triangle with Victor and Roman. Chloe should be in a triangle with Philip and Brady. Rafe should be gunned down. Lucas/Sami/EJ/Nicole should be a quadrangle. They should bring back Abby for Max and cast Josh Duhon as Jeremy and have Stephanie and Chelsea battle it out for him. Molly should die from a bad batch of Gran’s donuts.

  6. Profile photo of season1217

    Age is nothing but a number….

    Isn’t that the slogan of the Pedophiles of America Organization?

    And I don’t think it was a coincidence that that is also the title of a song that was sung by a girl that was once married to the CEO of the PAO.

  7. Profile photo of KingTV

    This is a SOAP! There needs to be some conflict and we haven’t seen a classic triangle on one in a long time. Why not make it a Lucas, Daniel and Chloe triangle? There are all sorts of complications, first of which is that Dan slept with Lucas’ mother! I think it would be juicy and drama-licious. Daniel and Chelsea make me go to sleep. At least Chloe is more in his age range and she has chemistry with a toad. I do like Jamey’s ideas though. They are drama-licious but I like Daniel and think he could fit in there somwhere but, hell to the yeah, throw Melanie off of Salem Pier and be done with her.

  8. Profile photo of season1217

    Does that make him Pedophiles?

    If the ankle monitor fits…. It’s called a joke, zyona. Look it up! If two consenting ADULTS want to be together, whatever their age, it’s their choice. But age is not just a number.

  9. Profile photo of SafeFan

    I don’t where Daniel fits in anywhere at Days, nothing works for him. I think the casting department needs to find a good match for Lucas. I love Lucas, especially Bryan Dattilo, not with Chloe.
    And how in the world could Brady come back from Europe and be in the same city as Chloe and nothing happen but a short clip of everything’s okay between us?

  10. Profile photo of Scout

    Here’s a little Days holiday cheer, in case you missed it the first time around:

    Twas the night before Christmas
    And all through the town of Salem,
    Everybody on the block
    Knew their little show was ailin’.

    Bo was having visions,
    NuBrady was off the junk,
    EJ was getting dumber
    And Nicole was in a funk.

    Sami was eating pickles,
    Alice was offscreen chillin’,
    Max was hatin’ on his real family
    And Stefano was a cartoon villain.

    Corday hung the stockings
    by the chimney with little care,
    hoping that the few viewers left
    would, in ’09, still be there.

    Into Corday’s office came
    a man in red, his stomach jiggly.
    He dropped coal into Ken’s stocking
    and said, “I have one here for Higley.”

    “You’ve been a bad boy, Ken,” he said,
    “Your parents’ heads are hung in shame,
    Looking down from Soap Heaven,
    Wondering why their show is so lame.”

    Corday tried to defend himself,
    But the man told him, “Enough!”
    No Alice Horton at Christmas time?
    Man, that’s pretty rough.”

    “Where’s your head at, Kenny boy?
    Why’d you turn this show to trash?
    Where’s Tony and Anna?
    Where’s Kayla and Patch?”

    “We never see Julie and Doug,
    You’re dumping Marlena and John,
    The DiMeras are a freakin’ joke,
    And you killed poor Grandpa Shawn.”

    The old man threw his boots at Ken
    And said, “You’re just insane.”
    Ken offered a Jennifer recast
    And to kill Jack once again.

    “How about killing off that Melanie,
    the bloated baby doc or Rafe?
    Why are all the legacy characters
    feeling so unsafe?”

    The old man left the office then,
    He was much too tired to fight.
    “Merry Christmas, you silly jackass,
    There are no viewers in sight!”

  11. Profile photo of dmfj

    Daniel just needs to go. He is “in love” after a long conversation. Chloe needs to go too. Lucas/Sami/Nicole would be a lot better. EJ needs to go. He has done enough damage. Not that we need a triangle of people under 35. They have not made me care about any of them and they are on all the stinking time. Kate, Victor, Roman etc..can act circles around those kids but they have to be sacraficed for their idiot stories.

  12. Profile photo of kelligapeach

    Nope, Chloe and Daniel aren’t working for me! Just don’t see it going anywhere- its just lust and will be short lived! I prefer Daniel with Chelsea, they have HOT chemistry! I love this couple and that’s who Daniel needs to be with. As for Chloe, I’m game with Brady or Phillip- that triangle would be rather intersting!

  13. Profile photo of Nicki

    they should have just stuck with what works and that was Chelsea and Daniel. They had the chem and the heat the banter and the angst to make one hell of a soap couple and then one day their story just ended. I think people get scared of something that is outside the norm and so the age difference wigged people out. But if given the chance they could be written into one hell of a story. So here’s to hoping they get a round 2.

  14. Profile photo of season1217

    The funny thing about Chelsea and Daniel fans complaining about the abrupt end of the couple is that the two of them getting together was a result… well, the reason for the abrupt ending of Chelsea and Nick.

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