Quote of the Day: “Merry Freakin’ Christmas”

Guiding Light’s Dinah (Gina Tognoni) gave the quote of the day when she and Shayne (Jeff Branson) decided  they needed to be apart, and she told him "Merry freakin’ Christmas!" What was your favorite quote today on soaps?

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    “Luke, you couldn’t have picked a better picture of the two of them together w/o it looking like Helen Keller: A Love Story?”
    I was trying to figure out why Kelly Cramer was sitting on Jonathan Lavery’s lap. Not that I fault her in the least! ;)

    My favorite quote today was GH’s Spinelli referring to himself as the “Jingle Jackal”.

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    It’s not from this week but last week. I loved the little shout-out to Another World on ATWT when Holden told Meg that Emma was in Bay City with her church group (and I’ve never even watched AW)

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