2nd Annual Soap Opera Spirit Nominations

TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco published his 2nd Annual Soap Opera Spirit Award nominations with over 134 nominations in 23 categories ranging from Outstanding Drama series to Outstanding Younger Actor and Outstanding Costume Design. Jane Elliot and John-Paul Lavoisier, pictured above, were nominated in the Outstand Supporting Actress and Outstanding Supporting Actor categories respectively.

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    Congrats to Luke, Jamey, Tina and all my fellow DC cohorts….it’s nice to see this amazing site get the recognition it deserves. Pat yourself on the back chief you should be proud of all you’ve done here.

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    OUTRAGEOUS! Where is Mike’s nomination?! He continually has to work beside two hams, Luke and Jamey, and this is the recognition he gets! Shame!!!! Once again the Tom Pelphrey’s of the world win over the lovely understatement of the Van Hansis’ of the world.

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    Where is Bree Williamson(Jessica) nomination ? she was amazing this year but they nominated Marcie (Kathy Brier) who what cried a few tears over Starr losing her baby plezzzz :?

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    It’s pretty sad when all the ones from Days have ex in front of their names and there were only 3 of them at that. Come on Days get it together you are starting to look worse than Passions.

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    Congrats DC on your nominations! This is by far one of my favorite websites on the web and I especially enjoy the podcasts. I also like how interactive all of you are with your listeners. I look forward to what you have in store for us in 2009!

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    Good for Nelson for recognizing Kane Manera and nominating him. He plays a thoroughly complex, evil character so capably, the audience believes he is Grady. The boy has fooled viewers and in my mind, that means he has done an incredible job. I agree with Nelson, he is also a treat on the eyes.

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