Jingle Jackal: Max and Diane

The Jingle Jackal (Bradford Anderson) and Maxinista (Kirsten Storms) struck again during General Hospital’s Christmas episode, reuniting love lorn Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) and Max (Derk Cheetwood).

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    Best Christmas episode in a long time.. although i did miss the reading of the night before christmas at the hospital but i guess they don’t have anyone to play santa lol.
    Loved seeing Alan and Monica again.. it’s too bad natalia couldn’t have shown up a little early to play the ghost of emily.

    I love Maxie and Spinelli!!!

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    What a great show! No mob stuff. No one being killed. No Russians. No Carly or Claudia. ShrewLu was tolerable. Character driven stories and references to history (Filomina, Rick Webber, Laura’s angel).
    This is what the show needs to be!
    I missed the Christmas story but there’s no Tony Jones or Alan or Noah to play Santa.

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    This was one of the best Christmas shows on GH in a very long time….in fact, imho, it was one of the best shows in a long time! No mob, yeah, yeah, yeah! And tehre were sotries about people OTHER than Sonny & Jason! What a pleasure!

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    I agree. Best GH episode in like forever! Definitely the best holiday show we have seen in ages on GH. Finally, they focused on the true core families of GH, Quartermaines, Scorpios and Spencers. Give me more of this and I’ll start watching GH regularly again! As it is now, I’m only watching and waiting for Robin’s wedding…then I’m back on hiatus as the show will be turned back over to General Mobular!

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    Thank you, Thank you so very much for one of the best Christmas gifts I have gotten in a long time. Now only if GH could be this good all year round.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all at Daytime Confidential.

    Thank you for all your hard work keep us updated with all the news on GH.

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    We are going to pay, you know, for liking the Christmas show so much and wanting GH to be that good all year round. The Powers That Be are going to make us pay, and pay dearly. We are going to be subjected to more mobular crap. The Skank Squad rules GH and there doesn’t seem to be nothing we can do to make The Powers That Be understand that we do NOT like this sh*t!!!!! As Frons insists, fans can be trained to like garbage.

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    Today’s GH – I cant believe no one is dishing on today’s epi. Robin looked beautiful and how awesome were all those clips. Esp. liked the scene between patrick and robert. Add is a little LuSam (awwwww romance and a little light bulb for alexis), a little spixie (checking the grid, awww #2), Claudia playing crazy treasure hunt, and Sonny visiting Robin and I am ONE HAPPY CAMPER.

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    EET, Loved the flashbacks; hated that Sonny had to once again be featured as Robin’s “savior” – seriously, I realize he helped her through a difficult time, but come on, she has her dad, her mom and her uncle currently on the show for her wedding, can we just focus on them for a change? Sonny got more time talking to Robin than Robert did…that blows! Bot overall I loved the wedding stuff…hated absolutely everything else on the show…Monday better be ALL wedding or I’m going to be really ticked off!

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    Spixie were magic. I’ve always been on the fence about their potential pairing but the xmas ep I saw some convincing chemistry. If they do pair them with other people they best make sure they keep them tied to each other because romantic or not their scenes together are precious.

    Happy Holidays! I love you Daytime Confidential

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