Jingle Jackal: Quartermaine Christmas

General Hospital’s Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) helped Santa with some of his deliveries on today’s Christmas episode. Each of the stories was thoroughly enjoyable but I liked the Quartermaine scenes best. Seeing Alan (Stuart Damon) and Monica (Leslie Charleson) reunite, along with the always wonderful John Ingle and Jane Elliot as Edward and Tracy, was great. If only the Quartermaines were given actual storylines.

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    This Christmas episode for GH will go down as one of the best in a very long time. Spinelli & Maxie were wonderful as Santa helpers and each person home they went to there was special gift that they gave. Leslie and Stuart was so touching.

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    The TIIC throw us a bone today and confirmed to us that they are indeed idiots for not giving the Quartermaines a storyline and for killing off Alan in the first place. However, I’ll take this bone and any other they want to throw at us at the moment. This is an episode I’ve been waiting for since they made Alan a ghost or whatever he is (it seems to change depending on the writer). Leslie and Stuart are mighty fine in today’s episode. This Q fan was happy to see them interacting for the first time in 2 years. My gosh, how I’ve missed them. And didn’t Stuart look great?

    They’re bringing Natalia back as who knows who. If I’m to suspend reality and believe that Natalia is somebody else or Emily or whomever, I can believe any story that brings Alan back. GH gave us an alien, a weather machine, a psychotic Jerry Jacks and city entirely run by mobsters. I think I can believe anything. So please…please… resurrect Alan somehow. I promise to believe.

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    Oh how I have missed Alan & Monica and their unending bickering and their undying love. This episode just proved that the chemistry between Stuart Damon & Leslie Charleson has not withered in almost 2 years. They were wonderful. One can only wish that this were step one in repairing the biggest blunder ever made on daytime TV!

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    I loved Seeing Alan & Monica “together again” as well. I am still furious over their stupid wasted death of Alan.

    Why the heck can’t they just have a screen pop up on Jan 1,2009 (or ANYTIME for that matter)that says…. “Rebooting…..with this reboot, GH will now continue with Alan, AJ, Jason & Emily Quartermaine. There never was any mob in PC and Georgie Jones is alive and well.”

    C’mon Jingle Jackal…answer MY Christmas wish….yes… it is the season for miracles….like the one we had today!!

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    This scene also produced my favorite line of the day — Edward saying to Spinelli, “It’s your gift, you boob! You should know who it’s for.”

    Desertrose, I love your idea!

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    The Q fans have been waiting for this episode for almost two years. TPTB are finally trying to fix what they broke. They never should have killed off Alan in the first place and they knew the fans were outraged about this but they did it anyway. Then they try to pacify the fans by bringing Alan back as a ghost…or conscience…WHATEVER! I hope this leads to Alan “coming back from the dead” and returning to Monica and the rest of the Qs because if this leads to another scene where Monica has to lose Alan again or has to say goodbye to him, that would be a low blow and total lack of respect to the Q fans and the actors who portray the Qs. It was hard enough to watch the first time.

    Stuart and Leslie are always a joy to watch and they can pull off any storyline so whatever the writers have to do to miraculously bring Alan back, just do it because the fans will believe it. I know I will. ‘Tis the Season…for miracles.

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    Someone must have locked Frons and Guza in a closet as a Christmas present to us! How great was it seeing Alan and Monica together again? How great was it that this entire episode focused almost entirely on the core families of GH…Quartermaines, Spencers, and Scorpios. Ahhh, just makes me miss the good ol’ days that much more. Too bad it will be back to normal after the holidays. But I will treasure this episode as one of the best on GH in years!

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    I really loved seeing Alan and Monica once again. They were always fun to watch. The love and bickering go hand in hand.

    TIIC have no clue getting rid of such a great character such as Alan. That family will always be fun to watch.

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    I loved the whole episode. Alan and Monica was a great gift. though really why is Alan dead? Why didn’t they kill off Bobbie if they wanted a vet gone? We see more of dead Alan that live Bobbie anyway (sorry Bobbie I still love you, I’m just being logical you’re never gonna see significant screen time again anyway).

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    Alan’s death served no purpose at all. I could see if it led to a fantastic story about grief and self destruction with Monica, but they tried that and botched it royally, so it really did nothing except reinforce the fact that Guza has it in for the whole Quartermaine clan. Let’s hope he wasn’t just stricken with Yuletide spirit and is trying to undo this grievous wrong!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

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    Here is a thought! Maybe all of the ghosts of Daytime past came to haunt Guza and Frons and the ghost of Nurse Jessie locked them up in a closet and they wrote this episode! Loved it! Made me wish Alan was back. Monica and Alan will always be my favorite GH couple! For once I didn’t change the channel on GH!

    ***”Tick.Tick.Tick..The Hunt For Ron Carliviti Is On! REDEEM OLTL! LEAVE RON ALONE!”***

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    I completely agree with everyone’s comments. Might I just add how kick-ass both Leslie and Stuart look? Leslie looks so beautiful and youthful and its nice to see Stuart out of a tracksuit looking his handsome self. They don’t just look good alone, they look good together.

    How I wish we’d see more of this Q lovin’ in ’09.

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    MissAmanda, you are soo right. Leslie is gorgeous as always and Stuart, well, he just improves with time. He is sooo handsome and sure looks downright smokin in a suit!! They need to be back together!!! They are the best couple ever on daytime – I’ve loved them for 30 years and their chemistry together is just unmatched.

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