Daytime Confidential’s Top 10 Newcomers of 2008

No. 10: Cornelius Smith, JR – All My Children

Sexy, confident-yet-sensitive Cornelius Smith Jr. made quite the impressive debut in 2008 on All My Children. As Jesse and Angie’s much recast son Frankie, Smith’s ready chemistry with Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams — the actors who portray his iconic parents— and his ability to seamlessly fit onto the Pine Valley canvas secured his place on our Top 10 Newcomers of 2008 List. Let’s hope in 2009, TPTB get over their desire to cash in on the popularity Beth Ehlers and Ricky Paull Goldin achieved on Guiding Light— sorry Fronsie, it ain’t happening— and play up Frankie’s organic chemistry with Ehler’s Taylor. Now that would be something to "gush" about.


No. 9: Kevin Schmidt – The Young and Restless

Not since Jason Cook assumed the role of Days of Our Lives Shawn Douglas from Colin O’Donnell has there been such a perfect SORAS’ing match as Kevin Schmidt‘s take on Y&R’s new Noah Newman. Schmidt thorougly embodies Hunter Allan’s mix of brattiness and charm. Like Noah’s mother Sharon (Sharon Case), one minute you want to slap the taste out of his smart mouth, then the next you want to hug him as he exhibits the pathos any child from a broken home can relate to. Now if they can just find him a suitable leading lady…

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    I like Elizabeth but that Daniel Kennedy kid is a waste of screen time, I rather they bring back that Dre kid from the band he was easy on the eyes and a blue collar character you could get behind, IDK what it is w/ AMC and thier black actors they are always shipping them off.

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    I am so glad to see Billy as number one. I enjoy his portrayal of Casey Hughes and am also scratching my head about the break-up of Casey/Emily (btw, has TPTB ever been intereviewed about why they decided to break up a pairing that was actually good for two lackluster pairings in Dusty/Emily and Casey/Allison?). Billy has done a great job. :)

    I am also happy Mark Lawson is on the list. I know people go on and on about his abs – and yes, they are nice – but his acting is watch truly captured my attention.

    I am unsure about Meredith Hagner. I think she’s doing ok but the character of Liberty is irritating to me. Or maybe it’s the Parker/Liberty storyline that irks me and that’s why I can do without her.

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    Maybe we’ll see Casey/Emily reuniting in 2009? According to the 2009 spoilers Emily won’t be happy when she realizes something is happening between Casey and Alison.

    Eric William Morris (Matt) is coming back so it’s possible he could end up with Alison (I think Eric and Marnie had chemistry). Billy has been great. I was not a fan of the Emily/Casey pairing, but he and Kelley have amazing chemistry so I was still interested to watch those two.

    Plus, I really like Casey’s friendship with Luke. A couple of years ago Will, Gwen, Maddie, Casey and Jade were all in the same stories while Luke was all alone on the backburner. The Luke/Casey (Cake :P) pretending to be boyfriends was the best part about the Ameera storyline.

    Like Bonobochick I’m not sure about Meredith Hagner. But it’s probably more that her character irritates me so much and she was on All. The. Freakin’. Time. Now that she’s hardly on I don’t dislike her as much as I used to in the summer. I do hope they will never go further with the Parker/Liberty pairing. They don’t have chemistry and it just creeps me out. They’re stepsiblings now. And all I see is a 21 year old actress in bed with a 15 year old. EEEEWW :D

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    What about Grady from “Guiding Light”!!!!!! Kane Manera has given that soap its bad boy edge. What does that say about Daytime Confidential and how much they hate America’s oldest show when the newcomer of the year there isn’t even on the top ten list. Kudos to Kane, the dynamic character he plays to shake up daytime and to “Guiding Light” for soldiering on. Both are number 1 on every list.

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    He was the son of a senate candidate that he was on the run from. He didn’t tap into his father’s money or ask for any handouts, the kid came to PV w/ Corrina and a few other bandmates living off thier own money, Daniel Kennedy if you notice has absolutely no solid role on this show, they have him chasing a Chandler when it doesn’t work they try to make him a ladies man and pin him w/ other characters and situations that make no sense, to think I read a spoiler that Colby is going to work in Fusion…Fusion really ? a Chandler at contrived and stupid does this sound, nevermind the fact that supposively Daniel’s character is working there to spy for Adam … I mean really ? Adam needs a teenager to spy for Erica… notice how nothing makes sense, comedic skills of DK ? it’s more like annoying right now. I hate to rip actors or characters but that’s what this kid comes off to me as.

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