Wishful Casting: AMC and Y&R’s Keith Hamilton Cobb as Donna’s Bold, Beautiful, Black Baby Daddy

With Owen (Brandon Beemer) mercifully being plucked from  Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and Eric "Honey Bear" Forrester (John McCook)’s orbit, to possibly be paired with Bridget (Ashley Jones) on The Bold and the Beautiful, Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and her desperately-in-need of lives offspring Thorne (Winsor Harmon) and Felicia (Lesli Kay) are going to have to come up with another stud to try to drive a wedge between Eric and his blow-up doll come to life. Enter Donna’s black baby daddy.

I commend B&B helmer Brad Bell for trying to make race a non-issue in terms of tying Marcus (Texas Battle) to the canvas, but let’s be for real. I don’t care how politically correct the Logans and  Forresters may be, a young black man showing up on their doorstep saying California blonde Donna is his mama is going to be a conversation starter. What if Marcus’s father arrives in SoCal in the form of Keith Hamilton Cobb?

Cobb shot to fame opposite Sydney Penny as starcrossed Noah Keefer and Julia Santos on All My Children, before steaming up the Jabot labs opposite Michelle Stafford on The Young and the Restless as chemist Damon Porter.  What if Damon grew up in the Valley and went to high school with the Logan girls and their creepy dead brother Storm? Maybe he and Creepy Dead Stormy were BFF’s and Creepy Dead Stormy got ticked off when he found out Damon was bagging his little sister? What if Damon then went off to college promising Creepy Dead Stormy he would never see Donna again? What if he became a chemist and later ended up in Genoa City making hair care products and perfume for the Newmans and Abbotts, never knowing that he left poor Donna preggers with Marcus?

Eric could bring Damon to L.A. to take over the perfume line Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) created for Forrester Creations, then— shocker of shockers— it would be revealed that Damon knows Donna (gasp!), allowing Gareis to do that half terrified/half constipated thing she does whenever Donna is significanty stunned.  

Once Stephanie and her minions figure out the connection, the fun would begin. It would even kick things up a notch if Damon sparked opposite the woefully-underused Felicia. Then, if Bell ever wants to do a Brian Frons and see if lightening can be caught in a bottle again, he can always bring Penny back as Samantha Kelly, the interior designer she played on B&B. Just a post-Christmas thought or three! Now go spend some money, the economy needs it.

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    Jamey, this is an excellent idea, but alas this is brad bell we’re talking about, this premise is sooo creative in its simplicity that it will most likely escape bradley’s imagination. And even if he does implemen this storyline, with the way B&B has been sucking for the past year, he’ll most likely screw it up and I am willing to bet money that he will sideline lesli kay in order to pimp the tacky tramp that is donna logan.

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    Jamey, that would be a great idea, but Donna would have to be killed off. I hate the character. She does nothing for me. I would love it if KKL and Keith characters would hook up. Brooke needs a new, different love interest. Brooke needs a little coffee with her cream, LOL.


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    I with you, jpp1975, B&B needs Jamey wits and humor that Brad and Co is missing. I don’t know wtf Brad is doing to the show that his parents created, but he is screwing it up big time and need new blood, asap.


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    If Keith Hamilton Cobb MUST cash a check with Bell Dramatic Serial Company, he should return to The Young and the Restless as Damon Porter. They could definitely use him (to pick up the pieces when Nick DUMPS Phyllis), he would be better utilized and he would, perhaps, enjoy greater job security.

    My suggestion for Marcus’ biological father? A high powered attorney, who is the son of Stephanie’s friend Ruth (from Stephanie’s days as a homeless woman) who comes to town to help Stephanie claim her rightful piece of Forrester Creations now that it is supposedly solely owned by Eric. Cast in the role would be Lamman Rucker and his bold, beautiful and bitchy wife Sasha would be played by Lisa Raye. The storyline possibilities would be endless. And it would be simply delicious.

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    This is a great idea Jamey. You had me till you mention Sydney Penny. lol. The good thing about Keith is that he has chemistry with anyone he’s with. He’s such a good actor. I hope that Bradley Bell is watching for this post.

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    Jamey, I had to interrupt my holiday vacation in, currently Turks & Caicos, to tell you this is inspired casting. It was so like Brad Bell to introduce Marcus, develop him for five minutes and then have him drop to fourth tier on the show’s canvas. Why even make him be a black man if there is not going to be any consequences or at least have one of the characters exhibit some racism. Yes, it’s all great to be color-blind and all but this is America, racism does still exist to a point and it would have made for a juicy, dramatic story much more so then what they did. It would be incredible for Stephanie and Felicia to decide to find Marcus’s daddy and have it be Keith Hamilton Cobb and have him be Ruth’s long, lost son at the same time. There would so many dynamics to play off of. He is such an excellent actor. He steamed up Y&R with Phyllis. He could do the same with Donna or Felicia, who could wind up falling for him after trying to use him to rid them of Donna. Great idea as always!

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    Jillian Bowe

    Jay, I know its a recession… Hell that doesn’t mean you see Tina Turner on the corner telling folk, “I’ll be your private dancer, dancer for money, do anything you want me to do!” If Keith comes back to the Bell company let it be Y&R….

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    Jamey Giddens

    B&B is in bad shape right now creatively, but it has always ebbed and flowed. Going on to the number 1 most watched serial in the world would not be considered a bad move for him. IMO

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    B & B’s main problem, in my opinion, is that it is on 30 mins so the cast size is smaller, which reduces the amount of families on the show. With that said, one would think that the producers and writers of the show would want what all of the characters they do have on the soap to be played by strong actors, which just isn’t the case right now. You would also think the stories could be a little less repetitive. Listening to Nick propose to Katie sounded very similar to the conversations he had with Bridget and Brooke. Anyhow, B & B really does need a shake up. Perhaps we could reduce the # of Logans and # of Forresters on the canvas to make room for new (or old) characters that do not have a blood tie to the existing core characters. I also don’t get why they keep Jackie around..she does nothing! My vote would be for Katie and Brooke to stay, but all the other Logans leave and Steffi needs recast or cut!

    Always soaptacular-


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    Even though the show is 30 minutes and cannot feature everyone, but B&B use to have great s/ls back in the day that made you tune in, now the show is becoming a joke. I feel that Brad don’t care about the core of what his parents legacy of what the show is about, but it is more becoming Jerry Springerish. I think that Brad is the blame for the destruction of the Forresters and Logans. It is his show and on his watch and he is responsible for what is going on there. Many of the actors have been vocal about the state of the show and very displease with it. Maria Arena Bell is married into the family and is bringing the essence of the Bell legacy than Brad, who is a Bell by blood. Something is wrong here and someone in the family needs a talk with Brad about the state of B&B.


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    Fox-z Kitty

    I think that the whole Donna Logan – black child script should be dumped and replaced with Storm Logan has a black child and hot black mother comes back into the story. Honestly, this whole white woman – black mandingo fantasy thing has been done to death. I have seen Mr. Cobb perform live and it would be a shame to waste so much talent as a sex victim to one of the whores-Logan.

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