The Young and the Restless: 2009 Promo

It looks like The Young and the Restless is going to prove why it is the #1 rated soap in the US. Does this promo make you get pumped for ’09? For those of you who do not watch Y&R or have not tuned back in, does this promo make you want to tune in? Post your thoughts in the comments.

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    Y & R has a new fan! For most of my life, I have been a NBC daytime soap fan. I watched DOOL, AW, and SB. Then, it went down to DOOL & AW. In 1999, AW was cancelled and I was down to watching just DOOL. Eventually, I followed Farah Fath (ex- Mimi, DOOL/Gigi, OLTL) to OLTL and began watching it right after Days.

    Unfortunately, the Days I have loved and supported for so many years is gone and what it on now is nothing but disappointment. Pointless characters, weak and overused stories, untalented actors. With Deidre Hall leaving, Kristian Alfonso, Mary Beth Evans, Renee Jones, Peggy McCay, and Suzanne Rogers will be the only contract actresses on the soap who have any real talent (and most of them are so underused). I couldn’t bare to watch anymore, so I quit in October.

    When I saw all the Y & R promos about Jeanne Cooper turning 80 and being in a front burner storyline (and reading Hogan Sheffer and Paul Rauch had joined Y & R behind the scenes). I got online, watched four episodes in one night and became instantly hooked.

    The show has a very talented cast, diverse characters, rich history, strong storytellers and a real devotion to veteran actors and characters. I’m thrilled to be cursing Peter Bergman’s Jack, rooting for Billy and Lily, wondering about Jill and Katherine’s reunion, and hoping to be hired as a poolboy for the sexy Michelle Stafford (Phyliss). Y & R is daytime at its finest.

    Always soaptacular-


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    Y&R just proves over and over again why it is the best soap on TV…its so horrible that no other soap on the US market can touch it…it has the best acting, writing and overall character driven storylines. Y&R will continue to dominate.

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    Y&R has returned to good old fashion soap writing. They don’t try to disgust us for the sake of being disgusting..yes OLTL and rapemance I’m looking at you.

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    eh…haven’t watch YnR in the longest time…but i’ve always been a Nick/Sharon supporter, so i might tune in to see them. My abc soaps aren’t doing enough to keep me tuned in that i’ve resorted back to watching the incestuous BnB again

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    This is one of the most riveting soap opera promos period that I have seen in a long, long time and nothing has me more excited to keep watching the classiest, most complex, poignant, character-driven, family-oriented, dysfunctional relationship marred soap opera for 30 years! Every single day has been a whole, complete episodes of drama, twists, humor, love and lies, everything that makes a soap so juicy and good. Besides that the acting/writing/production is so far superior to most of the other crap we loyal fans put up with everyday, this show uses it’s veteran, legacy characters in front-burner stories whether they are 80 years old or 22. This is THE daytime drama to watch and if you aren’t then you are missing out big time on what classic, great soap opera is supposed to be. Every other show should be furiously taking notes from Y&R, Ms. Bell, Sheffer and Rauch on how to do it correctly or they will all be gone and Y&R willl be the only one left standing. This promo gave me chills and showed me that they are ready and able to take on the entire industry for greatness. I liked the promo because it did not give too much away but satisfied the lust for more.

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    Looking forward to three things in 2009.

    Catherine and Jill mixing it up again

    Chloes’ baby daddy reveal, and Cane’s realizatiuon that he was played……again.

    The breakup of Nick and Phyllis marraige and Nick and Sharons reunion.

    Things I dread

    Tyra and Ana spending anytime on camera.

    More shenanigans from Gloria and Jeff Bardwell.

    Daniel being written off :(

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    I couldn’t agree more. This promo was the best I have ever seen for Y&R. I felt myself tingle inside watching it. I am sure a huge part of the excitement comes from the fact that, right now, this show rocks. This last month of storyline has been the best I have ever seen in my 10 years of watching the show. This talented cast has been performing at top level as well. Even the vets are doing some of their best performing I have seen. What a difference a year makes – Clear Springs to today- what an amazing transformation back to greatness. Thank you Maria Arena Bell. Seeing the names of her and her team flash on the screen in the opening scenes of each episode is a continued reminder that the show is now in good hands, and what you are about to see is the best of what today’s daytime has to offer.

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    Y&R has definitely improved but TPTB needs to work on getting rid of their hair models (Vail Bloom, Tammin Sursok, Christel Khalil).

    I, for one, would love to see Eric Braden leave… I can’t stomach his love scenes anymore and I’ve watched and loved him from his debut.

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    I really wish people wouldn’t refer to Vail Bloom as a hair model. She is extremely pretty and would be an amazing face model as well. Also, she is a really good actress, so I don’t get the put down.

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    “I, for one, would love to see Eric Braden leave… I can’t stomach his love scenes anymore and I’ve watched and loved him from his debut.”

    You mean you didn’t care to see Victor getting his halls decked by Ashley on the living room floor at Christmas? :D

    “I really wish people wouldn’t refer to Vail Bloom as a hair model. She is extremely pretty and would be an amazing face model as well. Also, she is a really good actress, so I don’t get the put down.”

    I’m right there with you, Alistair. I love Vail Bloom!

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    I stopped watching GH when the Scraps McCrawl whitewash started. Me and my sorority have all stopped watching as we’re working on tanking the ratings as long as they try and make us believe that Jason would ever look at that slut again. We’ll now be watching Y&R!!!

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    I have stopped watching GH. When you watch Y&R and see the storylines and the way most of the players have storylines instead of the same old people on everyday, it makes you realize Y&R is the best.

    I am a HUGE Billy fan. I wish Lilly could have inherited some of Dru and Malcolm’s tough DNA but sadly she didn’t but I still love Billy and Lilly.

    Victor and Ashley got me excited.

    Victor and Nikki reminds me of an older Veronica and Logan the way they are going back and forth like that with all that hatred. I just love it.

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    … its frickin SOAP not Benjamin Button.

    Well, excuse me, if I want to sit my black behind down for 40+ minutes and watch people w/ talent instead of being subjected to hair models who shouldn’t be allowed to act in a community center’s production of Hamlet let alone any where near a television!

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    Jamey Giddens

    I think the crappy term Hair model should be outlawed.
    I think crappy hair models should be outlawed. Anne Heche and Judith Light were on soaps too, and they weren’t hair models. The whole "it’s just a soap" argument is why the execs think they can bring Squeaky Malloy in from the bus stop and put them on television. They think the fans don’t care. Obviously, quite a bit of us do.

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    I think the crappy term Hair model should be outlawed.

    I honestly can take or leave to word.
    If an actor or actress sucks, I say they are a bad actor or actress, but I appreciate the term “hair model” (coined by Nelson Branco), b/c it’s my generations SORAS (thnxs Mimi Torchin). And honorable metion to Luke’s “Bitchy Bangs”. Jay you need to come up w/a term man.

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    What I hate more than hair model is want to be top model without an ounce of talent.
    Season1217, funny as ever!

    Vail Bloom is ten times more talented than the one playing Tyra, god she is so bad I cringe every time she is one, and the poor Devon working his ass off to create moment with that one, and she destroy every one of them!

    And can you please keep the crappy comment about GH out of Y&R article; I stop watching that disaster 7 months ago and don’t want to hear about it everywhere! Seriously!

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    Will they be having a DNA test to prove Katherine is really Katherine? I hope so—there’s no need to drag out this “mistaken identity” thing when modern science will prove who she is almost instantly.

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