Days of Our Lives: Tuesday’s Preview

Here’s what’s coming up on Days of Our Lives tomorrow (December 30).

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    I will be watching Days tomorrow. I wanted to say that I have been adding comments on different Days related posts and am asking that you all are patient with me. All of the commentary that goes forth on DC from those who share on the podcasts and do regular posts is very smart, thoughtful, and respectful of the industry as a whole and I am striving to be linked in that way, as well. I have more to learn. I am very vocal in the privacy of my own home and the challenge to all of this is taking that energy and redirecting it in a constructive manner. I have no agenda. I will be hanging around for a while longer. I mostly tune in and read on DC because I like the format and you all have great personalities.

    Above all, I think that some feedback to Days is a world of difference as compared to not saying anything at all.

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    Did Nicole say “Unless you can find me a baby Like Now…”? Damn that’s good dialogue – Like NOT

    And this is what I want for Chloe and Daniel – hot nasty sex – Not Falling In Love. That’s just ridiculous. I want Daniel to just embrace his sluttiness and for Chloe to be a good girl that cares for Lucas but lusts for Daniel. To me that’s good soap!! I don’t want them to turn this into some gushy “I love you” nonsense because no one is going to buy it. JMO

    DaisyClover (aka SamBot #1)

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