Officer Goodbody to the Rescue?

Remember the good ole’ days when Jill Foster Abbott (Jess Walton) always had a man who had her sweating up the sheets? Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) had the right idea in mind for her daughter’s Christmas gift. She told her daughter to embrace life and find someone to share it with, instead of being the town’s Scrooge 365 days a year.

Now that TPTB have put it out there, maybe in 2009, Jill will again find that special someone to spend her nights with and to assist her in bringing down the Bardwell?

For everyone waiting for Jill to finally get her back blown, here’s a lil’ taste of what Jill was working with a few years ago.  Warning, this is not for the faint at heart.

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    Jillian Bowe

    LMAO. Jill can be Larry’s Mrs. Officer. That ran across my mind. We need to have Larry back onscreen. I betcha he can really get grimy and bring the WRATH upon the Bardwells for messing with Jill and her mama! Now I know what I’ll be saying in the next podcast…. BRING LARRY BACK!

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    I’d climb on top of that, too — can’t blame Jill. Remember when Warton was after Nick’s booty? LOL!

    BTW — Jillian you are the new naughty Nikki. This was way too steamy to watch before i had my morning java.

    Good digging though Jillian!

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    Jill got a letter from Larry not too long ago. I think he said he’s got a motorcycle repair shop in Montana or somewhere and is shacked up with a townie chick.

    Something like that…

    Oh, by the way, that clip was hella hot!

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    Jillian Bowe

    Nelson I have my moments. *LOL* Seasons, from what I’ve read, the actor is on recurring status. My BFF Maria needs to change that for me. Nelson when you speak to her again PLEASE ask her about David Fralick.

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    LOL! I almost believed Mike. I had forgot about when Nick went to prison. I wish they would explore that more, He had to have been someone’s girlfriend in the joint. Nick ain’t got it like his daddy. It’s a little soft, in my opinion.

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    Actually, I think Nick was Larry’s girlfriend in the joint. After Larry got out, he went looking for his sweet Nick but they became free-world friends when Larry saved Cassie from drowning.

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    After Larry got out, he went looking for his sweet Nick….

    :P That reminds me. I need to put Oz on my Netflix queue.

    I liked Larry a lot. I was glad when he became the hero after saving Mac from her nasty step-daddy! You’re right Jillian. They really should bring him back. He would scare the bejesus out of Jeffrey and Gloria.

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