Daytime Confidential’s Male Entertainers of 2008

No.10: Bradford Anderson – General Hospital

Entertaining is definitely a word that describes Bradford Anderson. He’s been entertaining General Hospital fans since his first day on our screens. Anderson’s chemistry with Kirsten Storms’ Maxie and Steve Burton’s Jason is undeniable and the endearing way he plays the lovelorn and loyal Spinelli has made this character, who has no real attachment to Port Charles, a fan favorite. Here’s to an equally entertaining 2009.

No. 9: Michael Graziadei – The Young and the Restless

Will he stay? Will he go? No one knows for sure, but we are certain of one thing, should Michael Graziadei vacate the role of Daniel Romalotti on The Young and the Restless anytime soon he will cause legions of viewers to go into mourning, especially the gang here at Daytime Confidential. Like Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Josh Duhamel before him Graziadei—"Graz" to close friends—is definitely destined for bigger things, but with his soap home fabulously revitalized, his character’s breakout romance with Amber (Adrienne Frantz) scorching up our screens, as well as he hilarious, authentic bromance with Greg Rikaart’s Kevin Fisher, we are hoping Graz decides to stick around.

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    fascinating that gh bookends the list, but not with the marquee players that the show would, and does, insist we are supposed to love. no offense to those fine actors, i just think it’s telling.

    also, what does it say that y&r dominates the list? bias? who knows, but every one of the actors as far as i’ve seen (haven’t watched the new billy too much) are fantastic. i love christian and graz in pretty much anything.

    and trevor st. john. what can you say? that guy walked into one of the toughest recasts ever, into one of the most hated roles on tv, and he comes out brilliant no matter what he does. you talked about his relationship with marty, but didn’t even touch on his calling cole a rapist, finding out star was pregnant, repenting of his actions, his relationship with blair, and one of the newer greater rivals: todd vs. john. we got to revisit his relationship with nora, marty, and blair, among others. this gut had meaty stuff all year and turned it out every time.

    maybe it was because he wasn’t on too much, but i am surprised not to see tuc watkins. that guy is gold no matter what he does.

  2. Profile photo of timepass

    what does it say that y&r dominates the list?

    It says that good writing gives you the material you need to shine and display all the nuances of your talent and abilities as an actor; that is what it says!

    I agree mostly with the people on the list. But since it is entertainer some don’t entertained me at all. To each their own and this is what make this world so fascinating!

    Strangely enough, I never thought of Victor as a good actor, for me he his often in the no expression category and so hard to understand.

  3. Profile photo of Tripp

    You didn’t include anyone from Days but if you did, I would have recommended Blake Berris. Nick didn’t have much story for the whole year but when he finally got one, people did pay attention (though the story over all sucked).

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    Luke Kerr

    Hey timepass! I think in another comment on another post you may have mentioned something about never being able to agree with our lists so I’m glad that you’re able to mostly agree with this one.

    Blackjack, timepass is right on the money as to why there are so many Y&R people on our list this year. This was Y&R’s year for male actors in our opinion but in 2007 only Peter Bergman made the list and there were a lot more ABC people on it. Isn’t it interesting how things shift from year to year?

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    Spinelli ROCKS!!!! He bring humor, freshness, and is so kind hearted. He is one of my top people on the show.

    He is to all of you in 2009 may you have peace, love, and happiness throughout the new year. Also, maybe some better writing on our show!

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    I agree with Spenelli’s ranking and Robert Scorpio’s ranking. Robert was one of my favorites back in GH’s heyday. My question is, were is John Paul Lavosier (Rex, OLTL)? JPL has proved himself this year turning into leading man material. When Rex first appered in Llanview, he was a con artist, trying to milk Jessica of her money, and with in this year, he’s become Bo’s “adopted” son, found his first love and learned that he was a dad. He has had the most positive change this year. I think you could have left Treavor St. John off the list and had JPL on the list instead.


    ***”Tick.Tick.Tick..The Hunt For Ron Carliviti Is On! REDEEM OLTL! LEAVE RON ALONE!”***

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    What can you say about Spinelli? When he first started I thought he was annoying and verging on cartoonish. Now, he (along with Maxie) is one of the main reasons I continue to watch the mess of the show that is called General Hospital. With any actor besides BA, Spinelli never would have worked.

    I agree with all of the Y&R actors as well, mainly because it gave their actors great material to work with.

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    timepass & luke – you are so right. the writing for most of abc has been awful, but y&r rocked. i can’t get to see all the shows all the time, but i definitely have my y&r favorites, including greg rikart, but he was relatively quiet this year. most of my faves are on the list.

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    TSJ in the Top Ten?! Have you ever seen Roger Howarth in the role? Never in my decades of watching soaps, has a recast totally ruined a character like TSJ has!
    Cancel my subscription!

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