EastEnders Preview: Can Sean Give Up Amy?

Sean (Robert Kazinsky) pays a visit to Roxy (Rita Simons). Will he be able to give up his ‘daughter’? Tune in to EastEnders on January 1 to find out.

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    I have always loved Sean, he is the “(TSJ) Todd Manning” of Eastenders imo, i mean he may beat women, but you feel sorry for him because he has stupid people in his life that keep screwing him up lol (Roxy, Archie, his dad, etc).

    Anyways thanks for commenting Daisy!

    A.K.A. ssjohn

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    Exactly John! That’s totally how I felt about Sean – he’s EE’s Todd, especially after he punched Ronnie! I used to Love to Hate him, but now I just feel so sorry for him. I mean, he was *finally* getting his act together!! Oh the irony, lol!

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    Have you noticed that every time someone says they are going to ‘leave’ a International soap, MOST of the time they are killed off? lol, its like killing any chance of them coming back. “Guess what Jase, you mite not like being stuck with that money grubbing cheeky cow Dawn, but you have to stick with it.” “I’m out of here.” “WELL THEN YOUR GOING TO DIE A PAINFUL DEATH! MAWAAHAHAHAH” lol, sorry but i mean look at it, Half of the exits I have watched have resulted in ‘deaths’ on EastEnders, and I have only been watching for 5 1/2 months -.-.

    A.K.A. ssjohn

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    Oh my poor beloved Jase *sniff* *sniff*

    Yeah, they’re not shy about killing people off – and the characters really are dead! Which is just *weird* heehee.

    The Christmas stuff was AWESOME!! Poor Sean! My heart just broke for him. And the actor did an amazing job!

    Get ready for this John: I actually enjoyed Stacey going all Scrunchy Face on the Mitchells :)

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    I love that DC is covering soaps from the UK. I’ve been watching EE for about eight years. I think I’m about four weeks behind — I get an omnibus every week on satellite. In any case, I’m looking forward to all of the revelations. I have such mixed feelings about Sean Slater, I guess that’s what has made him a great character.

    And about the “death” thing on EE. Yes, I have seen so many characters killed off the show, the majority of them in shocking ways LOL! Doesn’t bother me though. Actually, I like the fact that when a character is gone, they are really gone. They die, I get to mourn them (if I liked them) or get to cheer that they’ve kicked the bucket (if I hated them) and then, move on. It’s quite a contrast to the US soap that I watch where no one ever dies.

    I can’t wait for the Christmas episode.

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